In Situ Terrazzo

The premium flooring product on the market, insitu terrazzo is poured on site for a true seamless finish.

This is the traditional terrazzo finish seen in shops and houses throughout Venice, the birthplace of terrazzo.

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Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes terrazzo precast is perfect for a range of applications including.

Insitu floors are poured in maximum 1500mm x 1500mm bays separated by brass or zinc strips. With waterjet technology, insitu terrazzo is also perfect for terrazzo art, incorporating logos, shapes and colours.



  • Sealed Polished Finish – standard finish to commercial retail projects. The floor is ground on site and a protective shiny sealer applied to the floor. This sealer is maintained to ensure the floor always looks like the day it was handed over.
  • Machine Polished Finish – Floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied. This finish is suitable for low traffic areas.
  • Honed Anti-Slip Finish – Floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If non slip finish is required a non slip additive is added to the manufacturing process that enables the floor to achieve at least an R10 finish that will not wear off. We do not recommend light colours be chosen for this type of finish.

Insitu Terrazzo Samples by Terrazzo Australian Marble