Greys and Marbles: Minimalist Glam using Terrazzo Precast


Grey is a safe color – an absence of the color spectrum, yet with a tinge of black and white and some hues of deep tints. Some may say that grey is an anonymous color. But in an article by Kyle Chayka of Racked emphasized Grey as still a color that can define characteristics and even an identity. In the article, it says “Sameness of color, whatever the color, creates solidarity; a collective identity within a group.”  

In today’s interior design practice, grey is treated as the base color that can be expanded by adding different elements and colors. Combining it with the pearl or ceramic white and swirls of glossy grey present in marble brings out a glamorous look that many designers employ. This glamorous grey look can be carried out with Terrazzo Precast.

  • Toilet and Bath lather with gold – Adding a tinge of gold, either on the terrazzo precast grey color or to the details such as the faucet or shower heads accentuates and complements the grey perfectly. Other smaller details such as the door handles or the curtain rods can also be made in gold. These details will surely pop against the terrazzo tiles or marble.  
  • Kitchen beam with white – To complement with grey and marble in the kitchen, the ideal elements to incorporate are white ceramics and white furniture. This brings a neat finish which is always a plus for any kitchen. White connotes hygiene and  cleanliness which rightfully represents the kitchen and food preparation areas of a home. 
  • Living room class with glass – To reinforce class and sophistication, glass fixtures are ideal elements to match grey Terrazzo Precast and marble flooring. It illuminates the room especially if windows are part of the design, allowing natural light to bounce of mirrors, and shine on the subtle grey and marble flooring.

There are other approaches to glam up a space with Terrazzo precast. Consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for implementation solutions today. 

One Level Up On Solo Living Using Terrazzo

terrazzo australia marble

A big step for a young professional is moving out of a common house – either the parents’ home or a room shared with friends, to a more independent lifestyle. Getting one’s place can be a little tricky especially when one wishes to live a lifestyle that suits the daily routine of work while incorporating some elements of play in the space. Terrazzo Australian Marble has been redefining spaces with their top-grade terrazzo tiles, giving every square foot a personality. Here’s how terrazzo can push solo living one level up from the common designs young professionals usually see and get in their first pad.  

  • Kitchen top dress up

One of the changes in lifestyle for young professionals living alone would be having to spend some time in the kitchen to prepare their meals. Getting the right “feel” for the kitchen makes this chore an exciting one. Precast Terrazzo can be the material of choice to dress up the kitchen top while making it easy to maintain.  

  • Flooring sections to divide space

Given the continuous rising property value not just in Australia but globally, young professionals are sometimes limited to a small space for their first attempt in solo living. Using terrazzo tiles to divide the floor area into functional spaces is an approach used by many interior designers. Dividing the workspace from the living room helps these young professionals set the mood for work, especially these days when people are allowed the flexibility to work from home. Dividing space can also set the mind up for the tasks needed to be accomplished.  

  • Toilet and Bath with personality

For some young professionals, this area of the home may be seen as a basic necessity space which don’t need any dressing up. This is far from the truth. The toilet and bath area can be with personality by simply switching to the right colors of terrazzo tiles. With a luxurious finish and an array of colors to choose from, this flooring and wall material can make this basic space a kickstarter for the young professional’s mood for the day.  

Matching with the right furniture and lighting, Terrazzo can be a that piece of the interior design that’s worth investing in. Maintenance is easy while durability is unquestionable, characteristics that would surely benefit the young professional who’s establishing his lifestyle through solo living.

Reviving Luxury – Terrazzo in Home Interior Design

Understanding luxury isn’t just about mimicking magazine or Instagram designs, incorporating different metals with cushions at home, or entertaining subtle colors with gold. Luxury becomes more valuable and distinctly upscale because of its originality. Terrazzo in interior design provides just the perfect combination of style and originality.  

How can one revive luxury just by incorporating terrazzo into the interior design of your home?

1. Accentuate with natural elements

Stone is a cold, rigid element in design. Without the right accents to the terrazzo floor, the space may look too industrial. To compliment the gloss and shiny finish of terrazzo, one can add accents which are earthy and natural such as wood, wool, greeneries, and rocks in various shapes. These accents can be furniture pieces or rugs, or table accessories.

2. Pick the right lights

A commonly forgotten element to bring luxury to life at home is light. While furniture pieces and flooring are the big-ticket items to bring luxury to life, picking the right lights bring out the distinct colors of terrazzo. White lights over black terrazzo with crystal-white chips make the crystals glow brighter and appear sparkling as you walk across the floor. Warm yellow light, on the other hand, gives white terrazzo tiles the right warmth to match wood.

3. Balance rugged finishes with smooth defined edges

While it is tempting to stick to minimalist styles and singular themes to make the design feel more recognisable and familiar, it is striking the balance between edgy and rough that makes the luxury style stand out. Matching a typical rectangular dining table with a wave-shaped bar top, finished with precast terrazzo is an example of balance.

There are many other ways to achieve the luxurious design at home. Matching Terrazzo with luxury need not be a task for designers alone. Check Terrazzo Australian Marble for your terrazzo options today. 

Executing Geometric Designs for Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo

Architectural designs for toilet and bathroom areas are becoming varied and sophisticated as more options are introduced through the availability of different materials and accessibility of inspirations. Minimalism and clear, edgy styles are being preferred by many designers as urban homes and lifestyle centers develop across the region.  

Geometric design for walls and floors is a classic take on “creativity and sophistication”. Instead of plain and flat colors, geometric shapes and patterns provide depth and levels to space. Here are different kinds of geometric patterns which can, then, be combined with the colors and styles of precast terrazzo.

  1. Simple rectangular patterns for a straightforward style
Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Designed by INT2 Architecture.

This design appeals to the minimalist and straightforward style that’s perfect for urban spaces. While this style looks plain and unassuming, the texture of precast terrazzo tiles will surely add texture to the rectangles. 

2. Triangular Patterns for calculated creativity

Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Interior design by Christopher Polly. Photography by Brett Boardman Photography

Deviating from the plain and usual can be a bit scary for many first-time designers with demanding clients.  One simple and calculated move would be to explore triangles as a pattern. Triangles may seem simple to execute but the varying sizes of the three sides can be the deviation from the ordinary. Different colors from terrazzo can add playfulness to the design. 

3. Hexagonal patterns for the eccentric and daring

Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Designed by Emilie Bédard and Maria Rosa Di Ioia. Photography by Adrien Williams.

Deviating from the standard squares and rectangles would mean more challenges in terms of execution and even maintenance. The combination of complex design and execution makes hexagonal patterns more eccentric and daring. Precast Terrazzo can add more personality to this creative take on wall or floor patterns. With the right color combination and correct implementation, this design brings sophistication and function together. 

There are several other geometric patterns that may be explored with precast terrazzo. It’s best to get advice from leading Terrazzo providers in Australia to get the best options for your design requirements. 

Enhancing Kitchen Vibes with Marble Tiles


terrazzo australian marble

For many families, the kitchen and dining room is considered to be the most important common room in the house because it is where the family’s daily nourishment and meals are prepared and consumed. It is even where guests gather to socialize and cook together during visits to a family’s house. How can the choice of flooring and countertops enhance the overall vibes of the kitchen to make it stylish, clean, and enticing, in parallel with all the action that takes place in this space on a day-to-day basis?

1. Keep the colors straightforward and clean
There are hundreds of combinations to choose from when it comes to picking the colors of your terrazzo marble tiles. From dark-colored chips against a plain vibrant color to light-colored chips against a brighter shade, terrazzo marble tiles can define set the vibe of your kitchen. For the kitchen area, it is fantastic to go minimalist and choose light-on-light combinations. But, for the more glamorous and sophisticated finish, one can also choose darker colors or deep hues.

2. Add accent elements to contrast with your marble tiles
Adding Wood to the kitchen design is a fantastic way to accentuate the elegant terrazzo marble tiles. Including other elements such as a rough cement finish or matte metal handles for the storage and cabinets are quick and easy to implement additions to enhance and complement the marble tiles in your kitchen.

3. Contrast and complement with fine kitchen equipment
Now, this may sound too fancy, but there’s no doubt that picking the right kitchen equipment and appliances definitely will make your kitchen pop and stand out while matching your terrazzo marble flooring and countertop. For example, quality drop-in induction appliances such as ranges and griddles can and will make your marble countertop look classy and spot on. On the other hand, titanium finish for refrigerators and sinks sets a clear division from the “random” terrazzo patterns on the floor and the clean spotless finish of this equipment and fixtures.

There are surely other ways you can enhance the vibes in your kitchen such as adding greens and planters or choosing the complementing sets of cutlers and plates, and these three items above are just some of the big elements you can consider to liven up and recreate your kitchen space.