Being Eco-friendly and Sustainable with Terrazzo

Terrazzo, has always been a sustainable material since its origins. Originally made of small chips of marble and stone dipped into a cement paste, terrazzo was created as a way to reuse stone offcuts. Now more materials can be reused, it has made an even bigger impact in the industry. And since its comeback on-trend, it continues being an example of creative and sustainable use of resources.

As environmentally-friendly architecture becomes more and more crucial, here are the features of terrazzo that makes it sustainable and continue to be a huge advantage today:

  1. Durability

Going green is supported by practicing and promoting sustainable construction. Terrazzo floorings have an outstanding record of durability dating back when it was first discovered. These floors will usually last the life of the structure. In fact, there are buildings with terrazzo floorings that can be restored to their original luster at an affordable cost.

Both types of terrazzo – cementitious and epoxy, have low maintenance costs. The stripping and resealing that you need to do annually utilizes environmentally friendly water based-products. Then you just need to dry, damp mop, and an occasional spray buffing to maintain its quality. Which proves to be more efficient compared to carpet that requires daily vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning.

  1. Composition

Terrazzo is composed of naturally occurring aggregates, recycled glass, or plastic and these are the most common source of recycled content. Approximately 25 to 30 percent of t

he mixture is composed of the base of the terrazzo floors; the rest are already composed of aggregates, pigments, and fillers.

Post-consumer recycled glass aggregates are being supplied by glass companies in the marketplace. Marble and granite slabs from quarries are being supplied from post-industrial processing. And the plastic chips are usually around 20 percent from recycled plastic. Then the aluminum divider strips may also have recycled metal, which are also sourced from post-industrial processes.

  1. Low VOCs

Terrazzo has minimum to zero VOC or volatile organic compounds due to its natural composition. VOCs emit substances when vaporized by temperature change and high vapor pressure causing air pollution, harming our environment. Terrazzo goes through extensive testing to guarantee its claims of sustainability and to meet a particular standard that promotes high indoor air quality.

With the evolution of the terrazzo, it can be used more than just a flooring material. You can even use it for your walls, countertops, and all kinds of furniture. Hence, building with terrazzo is a great way to promote green building. By keeping your indoor air quality clean with a durable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance material, you are not the only one benefiting from it.

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Terrazzo and Marble – Which One Should You Choose?

One of the biggest decisions you will have to do when you are designing your home is the type of tile to be used. Being two of the most durable materials, you can use as tiles when designing, terrazzo and are both great options. However, it is still good if we take a look into their differences. Here are some qualities of terrazzo that outweighs marble.

Thinner but Stronger

As mentioned, both materials are strong and durable, but terrazzo, despite being thinner, is still stronger. Marble’s thickness ranges from 3/8” to 1/2” while terrazzo is just 1/4” thick, making it the thinner material. Aside from its durability, if you take care of your terrazzo tiles, it can last up to 75 years, with minimal repairs. While marble tiles, on the other hand, might experience some chipping and breaking. When this happens to your marble tiles, it will be hard to repair and restoring this material is not cost-effective. In fact, Rodman Primack designed two baths at his home in Manhattan entirely in terrazzo. According to him, aside from the material being a staple of 18th-century Venetian architecture, the material is also “…waterproof, wears well, and can be easily patched if it cracks.”

Flexibility in usage

It’s true that both terrazzo and marble can be used in a lot of things such as floors, walls, sinks, bathtubs, and many more. However, terrazzo is more flexible simple because of the material’s capability to be formed into any shapes, which is perfect for designs that require intricate details, allowing you to make the most out of it. For intricate designs such as sigils or logos, marble wouldn’t be the perfect materials because of its lack of flexibility which will limit your use of this material to certain shapes to say the least.

More color options

One factor that supports the materials’ flexibility in usage, is their flexibility in colors and design. Let’s face it, when you are designing your home, office, or any other locations, you would want the color of your walls or tiles to be in synced with the overall design. With a cement base and pieces of broken colorful materials of your choice, terrazzo has the capability of controlling the color that you want. It comes with a great selection of aggregates and epoxy to match the design that you desire. On the other hand, marble is only limited to its natural neutral stone color.


Compared to marble, terrazzo is regarded more sustainable and environment-friendly simple because of how it’s made and the materials used, such as recycled materials. This allows us to preserve Earth’s natural resources. On top of that, terrazzo tiles are VOC-free that will help improve the quality of air around us. While marble is only limited to its resources which will require a lot of energy to produce. Although marble is quite a beautiful flooring option, terrazzo can achieve similar results while providing a sustainable environment.

Terrazzo floorings boasts high sustainability, longevity, and durability. I hope you were convinced on why you should choose terrazzo.

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Why Choose Terrazzo Tiles?

Exuding excellence in both design and function, terrazzo tiles is a sight patrons of the design and architecture admires.

Uniqueness of Terrazzo Tiles

Bound by cement a mixture of marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips produces an eco-friendly material, terrazzo tiles, which make it attractive and is one of the toughest tiling materials in the industry. With the mixture, terrazzo floorings retain the aesthetic qualities of non-cement additives achieving a stunning look almost similar to pure stone or ceramic tiles.

Versatility is key in making this tile unique. Since terrazzo tiles are manufactured by mixing different elements, you can almost customize how yours would look like. You will be able to control the design and color of your tiles to achieve the design that you want.

Being one of the most durable tiles in the industry, like cement floors, it is impermeable to water and stain damages. Since these tiles do not chip like the other materials available in the market, applying it for both your interior and exterior floorings is possible.

Installing Terrazzo Floor Tiles

These tiles can be applied like traditional tiles or they can be mixed, poured, and completed directly on site. This gives you more flexibility in terms of your design and preferred installation method.

When installing, make sure that the tiles are laid onto a concrete subfloor. You may install a concrete board before tiling, if your subfloor is made out of wood. Make sure that the adhesive product you will be using is suitable for the surface where you will be applying the tiles to.

Take note that for every type of surfaces, a different kind of adhesive is required. To make sure that the terrazzo tiles are installed, it is good to note that each stone should be embedded in the adhesive. After installing, you will need to grout between the lines. Then polish and crystallize your terrazzo tile the same process you do with your marble or natural stone floors.

Cleaning and maintaining your Terrazzo Floorings

Just like any tiles, terrazzo tiles needs to be cleaned. You may always use a natural soap and marble cleaners can be easily purchased from your local supermarket. However, for cleaning a very dirty floor, a buffing machine and fiber disc would make it easier for you. Enhancing the beauty of your terrazzo tiles can be achieved by regular waxing.

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Where can You Use Terrazzo?

The features and qualities of any architecture materials are important. They need to be durable, design flexible, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. One of the well-known materials in the industry is terrazzo.

Terrazzo is usually used as tiles for floorings or installed in large, but that is not always the case. Made with chips of marble or granite that’s set in concrete and polished to give a smooth service, terrazzo can be used for other things aside from floors. Let’s take a look at places where terrazzo can be installed and how it can be an alternative for hardwood, carpet, and other tiles.

  1. Homes

Let’s not go any further because terrazzo can be installed for your house. You can add unique design to any room that is easy to maintain such as countertops, floors, tables, and walls. By installing terrazzo at home you will be upscaling the design of the rooms you choose but still be cost-efficient.

A room with a large mirror

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Terrazzo walls, floors, and countertop

  • High Foot Traffic Places

Terrazzo is the perfect material for areas with high foot traffic. Aside from the material’s durability, which can last any airport’s 24/7 schedule, you can also add design elements that best represent your city.

You don’t have to worry about the scratches and abrasion from a number of wheeled suitcases and trolleys because terrazzo tiles made out of thin-set epoxy will make it last for years.

A group of people sitting at a table in front of a building

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Gander International Airport, Photo by Simon Nofolk

Aside from airports, universities and primary educational institutions also use terrazzo, specifically for their logos. The handcraft method of creating terrazzo tiles is perfect for these kinds of job to address even the finest details of the logo. Additionally, since schools also have high foot traffic, terrazzo tiles would be perfect for classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways.

You can also use terrazzo in retail design. The design of your chosen terrazzo tiles can enhance a customer’s experience more memorable, especially if it stands out.

  • Health Care

Terrazzo is not just scratch and abrasion resistant. In fact, it’s also bacteria resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  • Offices

Whether you’re designing for a private company or a government office, by installing terrazzo, you’ll will be having a great and professional look. You can use more neutral colors like black, white, gray, and beige as your base but maximize your color choices with the bits that you will be choosing.

A picture containing indoor, table, small, room

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Terrazzo table for your reception area

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Terrazzo’s Comeback in Architecture

When interviewed about her new house back in 2018, Mandy Moore said “Terrazzo is a dying art, costly, and laborious, but so worth it,” proving the beauty and elegance of the material.

As you may already know, combining a cement base and a mixture of ground minerals – marble, granite, or quartz will allow you to create terrazzo. The technique and hand-crafted method, contributed to the durability, resistance to water abrasion, and easy maintenance made it the top of mind material when creating floorings for houses, malls, and offices.

Experiencing its upward trend now, it has already been integrated with contemporary architecture. With terrazzo’s wide range on size, type, and colors it is versatile allowing you to customize it based on the design you desire. Here we will show you the different ways on you can use terrazzo in different projects.

1. Floorings

You can control the color of your terrazzo floorings that will be suitable for the theme of your room. You can also adjust the size or customize it by creating words or letters on your floor. If you are doing this at home like Mandy Moore, let out the creative side of you and experiment. If this will be installed in an office or a common area of a public place, you can opt for neutral colors to make it look more professional and classic.

2. Walls

If you want a more subtle way of having your terrazzo tiles you can have install it to your walls. This will allow you to design smaller portions making it more affordable. By installing your terrazzo tiles as walls, you can even have a half an inch of epoxy terrazzo for this so it will be stronger and less susceptible to scratching, fading, cracking, or staining.

3. Other surfaces

Being a versatile material, you can also make countertops, tables, or fences using terrazzo. In fact, you can even create a bench for a park made out of terrazzo, or a chair for your porch with a seat from the material.

With the flexibility of terrazzo, you just have to tap your creative nerves to come up with an out-of-the-box idea on where you can install it. When you’re ready to install your terrazzo, all you need is a company that will provide your needs. If you are living in Sydney, Australia, Terrazzo Australian Marble has been in the industry for over 40 years, ready to provide your terrazzo needs. You can contact them by calling 1300 903 082 or visit