Colors and Terrazzo for Restaurant Interiors

Studies have shown that colors influence appetite. Research backs up that certain colors suppress appetite while other colors stimulate it. But while these color standards have been known to designers as go-to shades when creating restaurants, the booming food industry continues to seek unique interiors that make the dining experience more memorable and pleasing to customers.



With the advent of social media, picking a restaurant is now not just about the food, but the elements that “compose” the restaurant. From the history of the shop, to the interior design, to the owners and the people running the restaurant, to the way food is plated and how that “matches” the interiors, every element should now make a social-media worthy experience. Thus, playing it up with colors and the interior design of your restaurant requires more thought, even professional advice, now more than ever.

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Black, Cement, and Wood – Matching Terrazzo Flooring with Black and Accents

Interior design in the 21 st century continues to push the boundaries of color – or the lack of it. Many designers and architects have adopted darker shades – deep blues and shades of black – to carry out a neat and minimal finish to the space. Finding the right flooring to match this strong color is a common challenge that can be solved with the flexibility of Terrazzo flooring. One fantastic feature of Terrazzo is its capacity to make the color black retain its original state, while adding glamour, style and sparkle to it. Two complementing accents that can further enhance the state of black is cement and wood.

Terrazzo Flooring

Smooth finish cement as kitchen island top
A very modern take on kitchen island top would be to have a plain cement finish to it with stainless sink, faucet, and other food preparation fixtures. Match this with a black and gold Terrazzo flooring to counter the simple and industrial design of the cement counter top. This brings a fantastic contrast of elegance and rugged feel to a space that is central to communal conversations in any household.

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Why Modern Spaces Incorporate Terrazzo Marble

Terrazzo is a classic material that is most commonly associated with more traditional designs and architecture. Design is thought to have shifted from the old styles with numerous elements to more sophisticated less-is-more approach. But, with the global landscape opening up to more possibilities through information sharing and the internet, design will now be ever-fluid, shifting depending on desires and necessity of the end-users. While the end results continue to be highly-driven by the budget and the designer’s ingenuity, many of the elements that are timelessly incorporated are defined by style, durability, maintenance, and flexibility.

Photo: Michael Moran

1. Style – Classic is always in-style

Terrazzo Marble’s finsh can fit any design objective, which highly complements the elements surrounding it. It is oversimplifying if one says that a space is defined only by the flooring. While Terrazzo flooring contributes largeley to the grandeur of a place, it is an enabling element that supports the details of the design. Modern spaces incorporate multi-function and artistic furniture pieces or fixtures. These pieces plus Terrazzo’s classic glam will always be in-style because it complements different elements, which can be tapped by the designer to execute a timeless feel.

2. Durability – Standing the Test of Time

Modern spaces are intensely shifting to sustainable and durable. The longer a structure stays highly-functional and good-looking, the less resources it needs for rennovation and re-polishing. Modern spaces incorporate Terrazzo into the design precisely because it is a durable material that stays structurally functional and durable despite more rigorous wear-and-tear situations.

Photo: Kyle Johnson

3. Maintenance – Low effort and efficient

Related to the second point is the fact that modern designs aim to require minimum maintenance. Modern lifestyles demand so much from people. Especially in cities where work and life are supposed to blend seamlessly, spatial design can dictate the long-term behavior and practices of people occupying the space, which can then affect their overall well-being. Terrazzo requires minimal maintenance especially if used as a flooring material.

4. Flexibility – Customizable to carry vision

Lastly, modern design requires flexibility. Either to match existing materials and elements, or to dictate the major theme of the design, Terrazzo can be customized to carry out a precise creative vision. Unlike materials that are standardized for industrial and commercial distribution, Terrazzo’s customizable mix goes beyond the basics of any development requirement.

To explore how Terrazzo fits your next modern space project, get in touch with the Terrazzo experts from Terrazzo Australian Marble today.

Wood and Terrazzo: Natural and Timeless Elegance For Interior Design

Designing city spaces are continuing to see a shift from the minimalist to more detailed sophistication. In Australia, natural elements such as wood and rocks remain the materials of choice if the intention is to bring shapes and texture against plain backdrops or to break patterns. A great material to pair with wooden elements is Terrazzo Marble. Here are some of the easy combinations that can elevate your interior design with natural and timeless elegance.

  • Wooden dining furniture with Terrazzo flooring and countertop

The kitchen and dining room areas can have so many elements at play. The idea is to make sure the elements match and complement each other. With Terrazzo’s flexibility in colors and combinations, one can customize the color and match it with the brown wood. Either a lighter shade of brown or a total contrast. Do not be hesitant to explore terrazzo colors to match with wood, depending on the overall theme of your design and the tone of the wood. Some wood are treated with strong chemicals to bring out a darker tone and patterns. You may consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for the best kitchen tones to match your wooden dining furniture.

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  • Wooden Library Book Shelves in the living room with terrazzo flooring

One of the most unique yet underrated features of a living room is an organized library of books, magazines, and other reading materials. While many say that these libraries and shelves may only accumulate dust and take up space, this is a good storage of books and gifts kept and received over the years. Having wooden book shelves in one wall of the living room with terrazzo flooring leading to it is a little treat for the senses. As playful as terrazzo could be with patterns and colors, the solid book shelf can be a sturdy and solid fixture that makes an amazing conversation piece for any living room.

  • Bedroom part wooden floors and part terrazzo marble flooring

Make a statement in the bedroom by playing with your floor and space, combining wood and terrazzo to create distinction and sections. This expands the space and creates a fantastic personality for the bedroom.

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Terrazzo and wood will always be a timeless pair for interior design. This is perfect for suburban homes, bringing a contemporary feel with a natural comfort. Ask Terrazzo Australian Marble today for more info on how Terrazzo can be paired with wooden elements for interior design.


Bricks and Terrazzo: Industrial and Class Combined

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When creating the rustic look for your property, it is important to remember some key elements that can bring an authentic yet luxurious feel to interior design. Bricks are a classic material that has been used time and again to bring out the old industrial feel. How can bricks and terrazzo go well together in an interior design concept?

1. Brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matched with Terrazzo countertop

Having brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matches well with white terrazzo countertop. This balances the colors very well and having white terrazzo countertop sets a very clean finish which is essential for food preparation and storage areas. To further emphasize the details of the red bricks, one may add yellow spotlights and accents such as frames or other elements that is related to food preparation, such as metallic elements to complement utensils. An overall white light will bring out the cleanliness of the kitchen and the further illuminate the white terrazzo countertop.

2. Brick walls in the toilet area plus terrazzo walls for shower

One clever way to separate the toilet from the shower area is to make bricks as the backdrop in the toilet area, while have terrazzo marble for the shower area walls. In the toilet area, to bring in a sense of fresh elements, try adding hanging plants and some greens directly against the red brick wall. Some good contrasting elements to this natural hanging plants are the harder, more rustic elements for the shower area, such as stone soap holders or shower heads and faucets that have a less polished finish than the usual shower heads and faucets.

3. Brick walls in the bedroom plus terrazzo flooring

Another great combination would be to have brick walls in the bedroom combined with terrazzo flooring. It is best to put the walls on the side of the room without the bed. The crevices of the bricks can accumulate dust, so it is better to have it in an area where it will be easy to clean without the need to move furniture or the bed around. The terrazzo flooring should have a warmer color tone versus the plain white terrazzo in the kitchen. This gives a calming and cozy feel in the bedroom.

There are many other ways to combine bricks and terrazzo in interior design. To learn about these options, you can consult the top terrazzo suppliers in Australia today.