Dead serious about terrazzo design and artistry

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you about the headline above! We are dead serious when it comes to design terrazzo and the artistry that is involved in its manufacture, application and installation! There’s no room for the littlest of errors or even second guessing once a project is on the drawing boards and ready to take flight and be realized! It almost always is a work of exquisite art which is painstakingly fashioned by highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their works.


Original designs are hewn out of ordinary terrazzo to make it into something that is out of the ordinary and simply finished products that are beautiful and a sight to behold or to be walked upon, seated upon, or worked upon such as a kitchen benchtops and other work preparation areas, or as wall panels, steps and risers public furniture, columns, coving, skirting, partitions in bathrooms and lavatories and as vanity tops and urinals and more recently as fashionable terrazzo home decorative art pieces!

Could you imagine the most recent development in Australia where even a Terrazzo BBQ benchtop was recently installed? Surely, something such as this type of first of a kind out-of-the-box idea would open innovative and exciting new dimensions to terrazzo ’ already many applications! It’s unquestionable that there are still a lot of novel ideas out there waiting to be discovered in terrazzo treatment. Only one brave and innovative and inspired new designer or a new building design movement who has the vision to break new barriers in modern terrazzo applications! That unique and bold individual prepared to risk his name or a bull strong company willing to stake its reputation and take that unknown step towards uncharted terrazzo territory and break new barriers in the building industry. Continue reading “Dead serious about terrazzo design and artistry”

Terrazzo inspired award winning designs

Terrazzo has always been a popular choice in a lot of floor projects in shopping malls, airports, shops, hotels, restaurants and public areas. Now, there are terrazzo-inspired award winning designs as recent winners for the best use of interior materials at Castello Bondi project and is a recent big winner at the inaugural Luxury Builders Awards.


Belle Luxury Home Building Awards showcases the state-of-the-art and most elite designs and building workmanship from around the Australian continent. Only the most sophisticated materials, superior finishes, and incomparable artistry best describe the outstanding projects that got the coveted nod at the inaugural Belle Luxury Home Building Awards. The winners are considered the best of the best in their categories!

While terrazzo tiles and pavers and its pre cast products are known and recognized as a stunning and durable building material it is also acknowledged as extremely versatile in the construction industry. Terrazzo has become a popular choice for upscale residential designs. It has been widely installed in high-impact flooring ventures, splash backs and more recently for decorative purposes in the interior design industry with great promise! It is now well appointed that renowned and well respected interior designers now use terrazzo based decors and centerpieces in their grand designs and building projects. Now, that is the workings of a creative mind! Continue reading “Terrazzo inspired award winning designs”

Creating grand lobbies and shopping mall flooring

When you enter most of today’s shopping malls, business office lobbies and hotel grand entrances or upscale restaurants it is almost a given that the first thing you will notice are either their fabulous facades or their intricate flooring! And, there is a large chance their flooring is made from terrazzo tiles and their steps and stairs and furniture are surely to be terrazzo pre casts too!terrazzo

Contemporary Terrazzo tiles and numerous pre cast products add that different kind of sophistication to a shopping mall, specialty shop or office building it is installed in. Most Terrazzo tiles are laid, grouted and machine polished on the site to create a seamless floor with the grout at level with the tile enabling easy daily upkeep. It is manufactured from the highest quality materials that are mixed together. Innovative and eye-catching designs can be produced to your liking by the best artisans around.  If you’re walking into a first class hotel lobby or a high end-establishment such as a shopping mall, an eye-catching floor hits your senses right away and gives you that sense of luxury! Since Terrazzo tiles and pre casts has a wide selection of finishes and innate and elaborate designs, one is provided with a lot of flexibility with its special and durable finishes.

A Sealed Polished Finish is ideal for high traffic areas such as shopping malls and restaurants because of its well accepted durability and strength. Sealed Polished Finish–the standard finish recommended for commercial retail projects.  The terrazzo floor is ground on the site and a protective shiny sealer is applied to the surface floor. The sealer is maintained to ensure that the glossy floor always looks like the day it was first handed over. Machine Polished Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied for durability. This finish is suitable for low foot traffic areas. Honed Anti Slip Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If a non-slip finish is the required one, non-slip additive is added to the manufacturing process which will not wear off even with an extended period of time. Continue reading “Creating grand lobbies and shopping mall flooring”

Terrazzo Vanity Tops By Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo toilet partitions are very popular nowadays. A lot of construction projects have applied this material due to its durability, exquisiteness and versatility. In this article, Terrazzo Australia Marble will discuss a special type of terrazzo partition, the San Marco stone.

San Marco Stone Partition

The San Marco stone is considered to be the best in class when it comes to kitchen benchtops and commercial areas. Terrazzo Australian Marble has introduced the San Marco Stone partition range to extend this remarkable product to the partition market. The San Marco Stone is perfect for vanities and urinal screens.

Why San Marco Stone stands out from the rest?

Terrazzo Australia Marble prides itself with providing the finest material for construction projects. San Marco stone partitions are considered its best product yet. Here are the reasons why

Exquisite design– you can have a lot of colors you can choose from. Whether you are planning to create a modern interior or urban interior, there are wide arrays of texture selections you can use for your interior design.

Waterproof – San Marco stones are immune to moisture. Because of this it does not leave grout or stains when water is applied to the partition. This makes the material very easy to clean in the long run.

Hygienic – The material used is completely seamless and smooth. It has almost a glass-like surface making it impossible for mould and bacteria to grow on.

Vandal proof– if you are operating a public toilet, you will love this particular property of San Marco partition. Stains from pentel pens or paints can be easily removed. Say goodbye to vandalisms, your toilet will forever be clean like the first time it was first installed.

Scratch proof– San Marco Stone is virtually scratch proof. Terrazzo Australian Marble structured this material to resist dings and scratches. This is very beneficial to home owners and business owners who want to maintain a level of perfection to their establishments.

Strength– San Marco Stone is around 30mm thick. This makes it very strong and durable. In the history of Terrazzo Australian Marble, we have not yet replaced a broken panel in over 7 years of installations. This is a testament on highly dependent this material is.

Warranty– Home owners or business owners who avail the San Marco Stone partition will have a 10 year warranty. Terrazzo Australia Marble will furnish a written guarantee against defects due to improper and/or defective materials and/or workmanship. You can be assured of a peace of mind that your partition will last a decade.

Easy to Clean– Simply use any suitable solvent. Terrazzo Australia Marble recommends using solvents that are not acidic and have a PH value of 5. You can simply use a squeegee to remove dirt and gunk.


If you are looking for the best material for your toilet partition, Terrazzo Australia Marble recommends the San Marco Stone. This is the best of its class in the industry. We guarantee that your toilet will stand out.