Top Five Interior Design Trends with Terrazzo 2019

Terrazzo toilet partitions

The new year has just started, and new projects are coming through. It’s time we give the top five trends for designing your home or office space witTerrazzo flooring and partitions that will get the most thumbs up this year.

Connect with Nature  

There will surely be more greens and plants indoors this year, and it is best to adopt this trend and experiment with the wide array of plants that can be used for your indoor theme. For the busy, high-traffic spaces, best to put in low-maintenance indoor plants such as a Bonsai tree, Pothos, Iron Plants, Succulents, Snake plants, or the lucky Bamboo. Putting greens against light-colored Terrazzo marble tiles will light up a room instantly, appearing vibrant and brighter with stark contrasts all around.  If the flooring has already been laid out and decided, one can also use terrazzo pots for plants.

Responsible and Sustainable  

As awareness increases about sustainable practices in design, more clients are ensuring their visions for interior design are executed in the most environmental-friendly approach, as much as possible. With the least carbon footprint and polluting by-products, designs considering the environment’s status is surely a hit this year. From incorporating energy-efficient lighting, to sourcing natural and renewable resources such as bamboo or natural stones, employing the most responsible practices is marked “hot” and classy this year.  

Femme Rules  

Feminine colors are taking over. Even the most sophisticated spaced which only used to have greys, whites, and blacks will level up using femme colors, tones, and softer elements. Terrazzo marble for flooring will definitely match elegantly with light tones. Rose colored walls would match with pearl white and light grey Terrazzo colors. Or even smaller elements such as gold and white terrazzo kitchen countertops will bring out the femme glam of spaces.

Maximal Vs. Minimal Art 

Minimalist art is slowly taking a backseat this year to give way to vivid, vibrant, concrete, and maximalist art pieces. Spaces will be revived with art pieces that has bold details and colors. This will be matched with smaller pieces such as floor lamps and throw pillows that will take color cues from the same center art piece for the room. Terrazzo’s simple and subtle tones will allow these colors to pop in the room.


Plain walls are also going to be obsolete and out this year. Wallpapers are back and will revive the classic and playful era of shapes and patterns. Designers will have more options for wallpapers now, given the capacity to customize and print designs on-demand, unlike in the earlier decades where wall-papers are usually off-the-shelf and limiting.

Maximizing Terrazzo partitions and flooring with these trends will be a smart choice for your home or office space. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to get the best Terrazzo recommendations for your design vision.

Blend Style and Permanence with Terrazzo

The latest in terrazzo flooring evolution easily blend style and resilience plus easy maintenance in every single property development it is applied to; reason enough why it is the most preferred flooring by the best architects and interior designers today. Terrazzo makes picking a design scheme and colour for your flooring and similarly for your precast elements extra easy!

terrazzo flooring

The kind of flooring one chooses to install on the area to be constructed already says a lot about the building or business enterprise in terms of magnificence and perception. Let us face the reality that elegance and splendor are not simply measured merely through grandiose and grand designs but also through simple yet unassuming building ideas which can offer functionality as well. To come up with different design elements within a living space is easy and stress-free with a renowned terrazzo flooring system on hand due to its unique ability to pick up on innumerable colour combinations to complement any design theme. Continue reading “Blend Style and Permanence with Terrazzo”

Terrazzo ventures to see is to believe

Yes! Your eyes are certainly not deceiving you, what you see are luxuriously beautiful and can definitely stand the test of time! These Terrazzo-inspired flooring ventures and some precast element creations will simply leave you speechless every time walk on it or see it. You will certainly appreciate the innovation that went into its development.  

terrazzo flooring

Some of them have simply become works of art or the center of conversations because of its concept design or innovativeness. These building projects and various flooring ventures show the wide ranging applications terrazzo can be utilised as flooring systems or as pre-fabricated elements. A few of these beautiful projects include Westfield Miranda which is a shopping centre in the suburb of Miranda in Southern Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It’s located near Miranda railway station. It is located about 30 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District in the city’s southern suburbs. It is the largest shopping centre in this area. Westfield Miranda is home to many of Australia’s famous retailers including David Jones, Myer, Big W, Target, Coles, Woolworths ALDI and Apple as well as a broad mix of various retailers including apparel, footwear and accessories stores. Stockland Townsville Shopping Centre is centrally located in Aitkenvale within the urban area of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This shopping centre is Townsville’s largest shopping centre to date. The centre is home to Townsville’s first Big W store. Stockland Townsville Kmart Centre (previously known as Kmart Plaza & Centro Townsville) was acquired in March 2012 and includes Kmart, Coles and 25 other well-known specialty stores. Wellcamp Airport- is an airport in Wellcamp, a few nautical miles west from the Central Business District of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. The airport was previously known as Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport until November of 2017. It is the very first major Greenfield public airport development in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened during the 1970’s. It is also the first privately funded major airport project in the country. Mount Gambier Marketplace is the major shopping centre destination in Penola Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia and includes Big W – the only store within a 300 km radius, Woolworths Supermarket and with over 25 specialty stores in its premises. Mount Gambier Marketplace has an on grade car parking area for over 1200 cars with shade protection to over 200 of the spaces it provides, a Bunnings Warehouse and a Woolworths petrol station.  Castle Hill Homemaker Centre is situated in the middle of the Castle Hill Bulky Goods precinct on Victoria Ave. The centre is on Gladstone Road and Victoria Ave, Castle Hill. The centre has around 16 Homemaker Retailers with well over 274 convenient parking spaces. Castle Hill Homemaker Centre carries major brands such as Fantastic Furniture, Rays Outdoors, and Seconds World together and about 13 other specialty retailer stores. Continue reading “Terrazzo ventures to see is to believe”

Terrazzo is naturally perfect for outdoor installations

Yes terrazzo is picture-perfect to use for your outdoor flooring and precast furniture! Because terrazzo is impenetrable to water and other liquids, it is completely watertight which makes it a great construction material for outdoor use. Terrazzo tiles, pavers and precast elements effortlessly combine durability, strength and design in its numerous open-air applications.

Let your creative imagination soar high outdoors whenever you use terrazzo materials. You get flooring that is extremely beautiful, strong and durable. Terrazzo Pavers that can stand any weather conditions come rain or shine or even sleet and with a honed finish that are anti slip at the same time for everyone’s safety. Now, the more amazing and unbelievable aspect of terrazzo comes to fore, it is when you use it as outdoor precast building components such as public furniture that are custom built and factory-made in any design concept that one can think of and come up with! Practically anything can be manufactured, just provide us a design concept and leave the rest to us! What more one of the many benefits of terrazzo is colour choice, which is endless to say the least especially with the different aggregates used and pigments applied to the finish! You can even specify a particular colour scheme of your own if you are looking for something quite different, a representative will be happy to work with you to come up with a personalized mix specifically intended for your project. Continue reading “Terrazzo is naturally perfect for outdoor installations”

Flooring so good to be true

Have you walked on an impressive looking floor and simply can’t believe your eyes about its intricate details and great-looking finish?

Terrazzo is one of the most beautiful and safest flooring, steps and stairs and riser systems available for indoor and outdoor use for residential and commercial applications. So durable, beautiful and colourful it is one of the handiest building materials available! As many would dare say, it’s so good to be true! Terrazzo Tiles and pre cast stairs and risers are attractive and exceptionally luxurious. What more, Terrazzo is so durable and tough it is known to outlast even the building it is installed in!  Plus, to make terrazzo even more your choice in flooring, steps and stairs and risers systems, this material is so easy to clean and maintain: simply use a damp mop or cloth and effortlessly wipe away everyday accumulated dirt and grime. You can easily apply a polishing agent and simply let it to dry for a shiny new finish that looks like the day it was handed over perfect when cleaning and maintaining large or spacious areas.

Elaborate and sophisticated details and designs can be embossed or combined with your terrazzo floor. One can start by choosing the aggregates to be mixed (A mixture of cement or epoxy terrazzo, marble aggregates, various colors of recycled and virgin glass can now be fully utilized, including but not limited to recycled mirror glass, bottle glass, plate glass and recycled porcelain and pigments it is mixed in). Continue reading “Flooring so good to be true”