Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot: Odette

Image source: dezeen.com

Blushing in pink, this interior design matched classy terrazzo flooring with marble, wood, and grey velvet elements. Odette is an elegantly-designed restaurant located at the historic National Gallery in Singapore. Named after chef Julien Royer’s grandmother, this restaurant delights customers by serving Modern French Cuisine and a lavish and immersive environment.

One key feature of the interior design is the glass-enclosed kitchen where diners can get close to the chefs and witness the craft and talent put into every dish prepared. Designed by Sacha Leong of Universal Design Studio, the muted tones of all the elements coming together are complemented by the irregularities of the patterns on the terrazzo flooring and the stronger metallic elements such as plant pots, wall lamps, etc. The drinks bar is also blushing in pink, making the experience of getting drinks and being served with fine wine and cocktails very light and enticing, versus the dark designs of typical bars serving drinks.

There are several approaches in using terrazzo in order to achieve a similar theme or feel. It is important to establish the core colors of the design and determine the terrazzo aggregates that would bring out the right shade to match the identified colors. Talk to a Terrazzo expert today and learn how your terrazzo can achieve a light and soft color finish for your design project.

Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot: White Rabbit House

Image source: cargocollective.com
Image source: dezeen.com

Restorations and renovations are some of the most exciting tasks for interior designers and architects. This task was taken with much gusto by Gundry & Ducker when they restored a 1970s house in London. Created with chequerboard terrazzo patterns, touches of a vibrant green, and wood, this restored terrace of White Rabbit House is a “modern interpretation of a Georgian house”, according to the architects featured in this Dezeen.com article.

Georgian revival architecture was the most commonly-emulated styles between 1900 to 1950, especially in New England where colonial heritage was most evident. This project to revive the White Rabbit House was a colorful and lively take on Georgian architecture. The black and white terrazzo flooring and the grey terrazzo exteriors brings a genuine and elegant feel to the space, while the uncommon green walls matches the natural lighting that floods into the room from the windows. The green chosen for the interiors isn’t too bright or pale, but also isn’t too dark. This crisp color brings the modern take on interior design to life.

Image source: dezeen.com

Aside from the design, functionality was important for the owners. And this was where the architects made clear that their vision of this renovation was worth executing. They’ve managed to meet the owner’s requirements in terms of number of rooms, storage, etc. But what stood out was the cantilevered pill shaped staircase that started out with terrazzo steps which turned into wood landings. Complemented by smooth wood handrail that elegantly curves as one traces his way up or down the steps. Even though the it was built on site and appeared contemporary, the architects built it the same way a Victorian or Georgian staircase would’ve been built. The architects also engaged terrazzo experts to use both in-situ and precast formats.

Inspired by this beautiful renovation? Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to learn how you can integrate Terrazzo into your interiors.

Shopping Malls – Improving Shopper Experience to Survive the Online Shopping Era

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Terrazzo Flooring for Shopping Malls

City-dwellers are preferring the experience of online shopping now more than ever. With the convenience brought about by free deliveries, and the savings from constant discounts and promo codes from online stores, shopping malls are now slowly being perceived as simple grocery stores and hardware shops. The trips to shopping malls are now reduced to necessary visits to get the essentials. But the brick-and-mortar shops continue to be an essential distribution channels for many industries. How, then, can shopping malls improve the shopper experience so that even shopping for the essentials become a pleasant experience?

1. High ceiling for an outdoor experience while indoor

Old buildings and shopping centers tend to have the standard ceiling height. Restructuring old buildings can be a challenge and raising the ceiling from its original height can be a renovation nightmare. But why would it be worth going through this restructuring? Bringing the feeling of being outdoor even inside a closed structure creates a more relaxed and easy shopping experience. Living in cities can sometimes feel too cramped and tight. High ceilings in shopping malls can give a sense of open air, reducing the feeling of being closed in with other mall-goers.

2. Wide and clean walkways for comfortable strolls

Another consideration for shopping malls would be to have spacious and clear shopping mall walkways. Shopping mall flooring could be made of different materials: marble tiles, terrazzo tiles, or granite tiles. Choosing the right colors to have clean, neat-looking walkways is vital for high-traffic areas of the mall. Terrazzo comes in as the top material of choice when color flexibility is considered, given that one can literally choose from a wide range of colors for the base resin and aggregates for terrazzo. The idea is to have wide aisles which are easy to keep clean, to make the shopper experience consistently easy and comfortable.

3. Signage and wayfinding to aide ease of shopping

A common challenge for mall goers is the difficulty of locating the different areas and facilities of the mall. This is where signage and wayfinding play a crucial role. Having signages in highly visible areas, in legible fonts and right colors is a job that needs to be done with shoppers in mind. Like software and online services which have to be designed with user experience in mind, putting the signs and wayfinding markers as part of the design requires deep understanding of shopper demographics and behaviors.

terrazzo australian marble

There are more ways to improve shopping experience, retaining shopping malls as key distribution channels. When thinking of flooring, understanding marble or terrazzo tiles and how these can be incorporated in the renovation, talk to our Terrazzo experts to get the right recommendation and execution. 

Terrazzo Flooring for Co-working space: Serving Creatives with Comfort and Function

Image Source: https://officesnapshots.com/2018/07/24/campus-warsaw-coworking-offices-a-google-space/

The chaos of today’s nonstop internet era can be disconcerting for many young professionals. The creative industry has seen a rise in stress levels among designers and artists. Many of these young professionals are choosing to work from home in the hopes of finding a comfortable and less distracting space where they can free their minds to focus on the design process and on creation. There is currently a worldwide growth in demand for co-working spaces as they provide a middle ground for home and work space. From bean bags, to hammocks, to terrazzo floors and wooden bar chairs, the variety in co-working space designs have continued to offer a wide range of “comfort and function” for many young professionals not only in Sydney but across Australia, Asia and Europe.

How can co-working spaces be more conducive for work for young creatives?

  • Interior colors can keep things easy on the eyes.

With the digital nature of most design and creative work these days, creatives can get pretty glued to their screens. The effect of having easy-on-the-eyes interior design makes the creative process easier throughout the day. Since some co-working spaces run 24/7, having cool colors in the day and warmer tones at night can make the space comfortable for designers. From floor to ceiling, choosing the right color of materials is key. Best to consider lighting along with colors such as getting lights that can be dimmed if the flooring is Terrazzo marble with white aggregates. Mint green walls can also be matched with warmer lights at night to help lessen the impact of white light being emitted from screens.

  • Cushion plus electrical sockets always save the day.

Young creatives now have different styles of working. Comfort remains a common denominator. With laptops as the main gadget, it is important to have as much cushion on chairs or on the floor as possible, while keeping electrical sockets nearby and less obstructive. Phones and laptops require charging throughout the day. Having cushioned chairs or areas to lounge in and electrical sockets without having to switch areas consistently makes the work space functional and comfortable.

  • Ergonomic as much as possible.

To match the comfort of cushions, co-working spaces can also offer ergonomic furniture to encourage movement and mobility in the work space. Standing tables encourage people to leave the cushioned chairs and floor bean bags to stretch their legs and promote correct posture. Ergonomic chairs also prevent unnecessary body pains caused by the dormant nature of digital work.

There are many other ways these co-working spaces can be designed to create environments that stimulate creativity and productivity. When talking about flooring for co-working spaces, interior designers can talk to Terrazzo experts to see the range of colors to achieve the ideal flooring for sections of the co-working space.

Black, Cement, and Wood – Matching Terrazzo Flooring with Black and Accents

Interior design in the 21 st century continues to push the boundaries of color – or the lack of it. Many designers and architects have adopted darker shades – deep blues and shades of black – to carry out a neat and minimal finish to the space. Finding the right flooring to match this strong color is a common challenge that can be solved with the flexibility of Terrazzo flooring. One fantastic feature of Terrazzo is its capacity to make the color black retain its original state, while adding glamour, style and sparkle to it. Two complementing accents that can further enhance the state of black is cement and wood.

Terrazzo Flooring

Smooth finish cement as kitchen island top
A very modern take on kitchen island top would be to have a plain cement finish to it with stainless sink, faucet, and other food preparation fixtures. Match this with a black and gold Terrazzo flooring to counter the simple and industrial design of the cement counter top. This brings a fantastic contrast of elegance and rugged feel to a space that is central to communal conversations in any household.

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