Maximizing Terrazzo in Public Facilities

Sustainability and longevity are prioritized in creating facilities and infrastructure which cater to public needs. For government buildings and public facilities which are intended to last generations, it is crucial to select and build with the most durable and efficient materials. Terrazzo continues to be a material of choice when needed for longevity with minimal maintenance required.

Terrazzo flooring in train stations and subways
Public train stations and subways need to survive high traffic and a multitude of elements. In train stations and subways, it is important that the flooring can withstand the pressures of high foot traffic, with little to no maintenance required. Hindering traffic with floor maintenance works can be costly and hazardous in train stations and subways. It is, therefore, beneficial to layout the flooring right the first time. Government-run stations consider terrazzo for flooring in train stations and subways to answer these requirements.

Terrazzo counters and dividers in Public Hospital Toilets
Public hospitals, like train stations, have high foot traffic. The challenge in public hospitals is keeping cleanliness and sanitation to prevent spreading bacteria and diseases in different part of the hospital. Terrazzo comes in as the material of choice for toilets and lavatories in public hospitals for its easy-to-maintain surface. Cleaning and maintenance staff usually face challenges in keeping the sink and dividers clean. With Terrazzo, maintenance and cleaning is faster and hassle-free.

Terrazzo pavers in public parks

Public parks are more prone to faster wear-and-tear. These spaces need to be designed to be clean, safe, and welcoming to be enjoyed by the communities surrounding it. Terrazzo pavers, such as those from Terrazzo Australian Marble, should be hermetically pressed to produce a durable tile that can withstand harsh outdoor elements while being anti-slip. These are ideal for public parks to create a clean, sturdy, and safe pavement for park visitors.

There are other uses of Terrazzo in public spaces. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to learn how Terrazzo can best support your public building projects.

External Pavers at National Portrait Gallery Canberra

Renowned Terrazzo pavers by Terrazzo Australian Marble are the perfect and beautiful solution to your outdoor applications. Just recently the National Portrait of Gallery Canberra commissioned Terrazzo Australian Marble to supply, fabricate and install its external paving requirement. The stunning outcome of this special project has received numerous accolades for its functional yet simple eye-catching design. It was completed with a honed finish just like any other project as its standard finish. It is hermetically pressed for durability so water and other liquids will not seep into the material.  And to reaffirm there is no other external paver out in the market that is as easy to clean and maintain as terrazzo pavers.

terrazzo pavers

For all intents and purposes, Terrazzo Pavers are extremely hard-wearing and can easily handle all types of extreme weather and outdoor conditions effortlessly while at the same time offering easy cleaning and maintenance to its owner. Terrazzo significantly provides a classy look to any property, one of the many reasons why most high-end establishments utilise this specific flooring system for their outdoor spaces. Terrazzo Australian Marble, one of Australia’s well-known marble and terrazzo supplier and fabricator has been in the forefront of coming up with new approaches for the uses of terrazzo and have come up with a wide range of external terrazzo paver designs which are hermetically pressed to come up with a highly durable tile that will surely withstand the onslaught of the elements; come rain, sun or snow for years and years to come. Unique and colourful, Terrazzo Pavers unanimously add a touch of difference unique in every installation it is applied to big or small. Continue reading “External Pavers at National Portrait Gallery Canberra”

Terrazzo Pavers by Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo pavers are considered the best when it comes to the outdoor environment. It is robust. It has a lot of design flexibility. It is less costly to maintain in the long-run and it is considered safe for high foot traffic.

terrazzo australia marble

Terrazzo pavers are the preferred materials by builders for patios, gardens, walkways and other outdoor amenities. In this article, Terrazzo Australia will share insights about this material. It will share why terrazzo pavers is the best choice per outdoor area.

Swimming Pools
Terrazzo pavers are extremely elegant. It has color tones that make the environment look premium and high-end. This makes it the ideal material for swimming pools. Anyone can have a resort feel if they combine greenery, rattan furniture, and these tiles. White and grey tones work very well, promoting a minimalist feel for the pool.

It is best practice to make the surface anti-slip. Since the floor will be splashed with water, the anti-slip surface helps make it safe for swimmers and passersby.

Another reason why these tiles should be considered is its durability. Terrazzo pavers are not prone to cracks and erosion due to water. As long as the PH value is not acidic, it can handle any liquid.

Patios/ Gardens
Terrazzo pavers thrive in minimalist and zen-like garden themes. The neutral tones of pavers work hand in hand with the color of wood, greeneries and dark tones. The photo above shows a classic example why terrazzo makes these types of garden stand up. You can also use plant boxes that are composed of terrazzo similar to the image below.


Since terrazzo pavers are built tough, it works very well for walkways. It can be used for parks, harbors, side streets, entrances to buildings and outdoor staircases.

A best practice when using this material is to make it anti-slip. Walkways are prone to rains since these are outdoors. Hundreds and even thousands of people will pass by the area. Making it anti-slip ensure their safety.
Terrazzo pavers work very well with greeneries. It can have a marble or concrete texture making it easy to blend with most outdoor elements. Maintenance for this material is very minimal.

Artistic Murals


Terrazzo pavers offer a lot of design flexibility. This can help make outdoor environments become works of arts. A good sample of this is the photo above. The floors appear to look like a 3-dimensional stairs. The mix of grey, white and dark grey terrazzo made the illusion possible.

The design flexibility of terrazzo is outstanding. A lot of commercial and government establishments use this for emblem designs. The tiles can be crafted to specific geometric shapes. The color tones help define the logos and emblems.


Terrazzo pavers are indeed good materials for outdoor projects. Compared with other stones, it is built to last. If you need help about terrazzo feel free to contact us. We would be happy to be your guide in exploring the wonderful world of terrazzo.

Different Types of Pavers and their Applications

There are different pavers that you can apply for your outdoor works. These pavers are designed to be durable and robust, ideal for outdoor environment. In this article, Terrazzo Australia will discuss the different types of pavers, their pros and cons and how you can apply them for your construction projects.

What Constructions Projects can Pavers be used?

Before we delve in on the different types of pavers, we need to understand what are pavers and what projects can we apply them. Pavers are flat pieces of stone that are usually group together. They are used to cover a path or area.

Sample construction work of pavers. Image from The Concrete Network

Pavers are also referred to as paving stones. These are considered a popular outdoor flooring option. Very similar with tiles, they are manufactured in factories and comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. These are installed on site. Pavers are usually installed in compact base soil and sand.

Pavers do not have grout between joints, it offers a more permeable surface allowing liquid such as water to easily pass through. Pavers are being utilized for patios, driveways, walkways, swimming pools and gardens.

Different Types of Pavers

Brick Paver– real bricks that are made up of clay and cured by baking inside a kiln tend to be more expensive. These material is extremely tough and durable.


* Very tough and durable.


* Limited colors and patterns that can be used.

* If you are looking for a generic brick look and would like to make it very tough, this material will work well with your project.

brick paverExample of Brick Paver photo:  Landscaping In Melbourne

Concrete Pavers– the type of pavers are the most commonly used. They are made up of cement and aggregates. These are compressed and air cured to increase their strength. These type of pavers are ideal for driveways. If you are on a budget and require mass implementation of pavers, this is a good option to explore.