Great Looking Terrazzo Benchtop Designs for your Home

“Design” is the key word here. The right benchtop design choice makes your kitchen interior look more sophisticated and your kitchen area looking great! A terrazzo benchtop style right in the middle of the modern interior of your kitchen works very well in a home that has small spaces as a general rule. The “optical illusion” this kind of design eludes is a beautiful concept which projects an impression of a larger space even if you have limited space in your kitchen. It tricks the eyes because the benchtop usually has simple lines that do not disrupt the simplicity of the area.


Advantages of Terrazzo benchtops for modern home interior

It’s Flexible. Terrazzo modern benchtops can be precast and shaped to exacting specifications and easily installed on site. A 5 axis CNC machine enables Terrazzo Australian Marble to achieve complex benchtop shapes and sizes that meet challenging standards and come up with remarkable design results. If you can think and come up of a unique benchtop design or anything in between, we can manufacture it and install it in your kitchen!

It’s Hygienic. Terrazzo benchtop is waterproof and has the non-porous qualities of acrylic solid surfaces. No worries if you accidentally spill water, wine or even fruit juices! Unlike other benchtop materials, solid surface benchtops are stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The non-porous system does not support any microbial growth and does not permit the accumulation of moisture. In addition, this lack of water absorption and porosity results in a surface area needing only little cleaning. Continue reading “Great Looking Terrazzo Benchtop Designs for your Home”

Terrazzo Trends in Australia

Woodland greens, earthy blues, woody hues and colours and imperfect stone designs are today’s major trend, together with the worldwide fondness to large format terrazzo-tiled kitchen benchtops and walls that complement an added design dimension to the house or building which is absolutely perfect for Australia’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle terrazzo australian marble.

terrazzo australian marble

Big tile format continues to be the “in” thing in interior design with a modern design twist. Advanced and imaginative developments in terrazzo tile technologies have allowed these tiles to penetrate the exclusive art world, pushing the limits of what terrazzo can do and become in the near future. Colours from bold to soft greys and neutral tones, Terrazzo makes a bold statement bringing back old to new, flexible to use for floors and walls, kitchen benchtops and splash backs adding that exclusive touch. This brings about a shade of natural variation with the intense mix of organic materials and distinct designs. Bring unique style to life, combining geometrics, pattern, colour, structure, shade and texture. The year sees the seeming appearance of the perfect square (20mmx20mm) decorative tiles, embracing designs across the board from retro, funky 70’s as well as geometric, heritage, metallic and encaustic cement. This resurgence of Terrazzo and the square format decoration together with the appreciation of organic imperfections in the terrazzo finish itself creates a distinct taste in the design outcome of this amazing construction material to the interior and exterior design of a place. Continue reading “Terrazzo Trends in Australia”

Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Modern home interior design focuses more on having clean lines. It focuses on using basic geometric shapes. It does not utilize traditional decoration and uses simple materials such as glass, concrete and chrome. This guide will help select the perfect Terrazzo benchtop for your modern home motif.

The design philosophy of modern home is less is more. This design leverages mainly on white, grey and wood.  Minimal furniture and art pieces are displayed so as not to disrupt the simplicity.


What are the ideal places to have an urban interior design?

Ideally, this motif works very well with space with smaller interior (apartments, condominiums). Because the focus is having less decorations/furniture, this projects an illusion of a larger space. Busy professionals adore this motif since it is easy to maintain.


Terrazzo Benchtop Specifications

The specifications of the precast for Terrazzo benchtops are usually 38mm thick and has a maximum length of 1000 mm. The precast is made from Portland cement. It is mixed with sand, marble and mineral pigments. This produces the desired colors and textures perfect for the urban interior motif you have been dreaming about.

The different Terrazzo benchtops textures suited for urban interior

Black & Greys– Modern interior is dominated with white or light colors as its wall. Black and grey cast works very well on this. This projects bold contrast that is very appealing to the eye.


Whites– a darker shade of white can also work with this motif. The darker shade provides a subtle accent to the surrounding and blends very well with the theme.


Neutral – this can also work however you need to balance out the colors emitted. Colors should be vibrant so as not to disrupt the clean flow of the design


Colors– for sophisticated people, Terrazzo benchtop also offers different kinds of colors that will fit their modern home inspired themes.  Bold contrast using red and green can be used. This helps emphasize lines of furniture pieces.


What are the advantages of using Terrazzo benchtops for modern home interior?

  • Easy maintenance– The marble texture is very easy to clean. If dust and dirt are accumulated, you can wipe it clean with rug and water. The material used dispels stains better compared to wood.
  • Durability– unlike wood, our precast can withstand water. There is a tendency for wood to be damaged by water droplets over time. Glass can dispel water however it is not as durable compared to marble. This is built to last.
  • Elegance and sophistication– the texture and colors the desire of the owner to have a free and uncluttered environment. It creates an impression and atmosphere of simplicity and calmness. Combining it with your modern home makes your residence more relaxing.

Hope this guide enlightens you on the different benchtop motif you can use for your modern home. Terrazzo benchtops offer a wide array of precast themes. Feel free to browse around and find the perfect one for your lifestyle.

Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Terrazzo Benchtops

Urban interior lifestyle is a mix between industrial and contemporary design. You can see mix of bare concrete floors/walls, exposed wood, metals and unfinished surfaces.  Selecting the right components to get the urban atmosphere is very essential.  This guide will help you select the perfect Terrazzo benchtops.

Mix it with the right elements such as tufted rugs on a bare floor, artworks on a plain white wall and eclectic lighting fixtures. You can get a very warm and artful urban ambiance. Continue reading “Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia”