Great Looking Terrazzo Benchtop Designs for your Home

“Design” is the key word here. The right benchtop design choice makes your kitchen interior look more sophisticated and your kitchen area looking great! A terrazzo benchtop style right in the middle of the modern interior of your kitchen works very well in a home that has small spaces as a general rule. The “optical illusion” this kind of design eludes is a beautiful concept which projects an impression of a larger space even if you have limited space in your kitchen. It tricks the eyes because the benchtop usually has simple lines that do not disrupt the simplicity of the area.


Advantages of Terrazzo benchtops for modern home interior

It’s Flexible. Terrazzo modern benchtops can be precast and shaped to exacting specifications and easily installed on site. A 5 axis CNC machine enables Terrazzo Australian Marble to achieve complex benchtop shapes and sizes that meet challenging standards and come up with remarkable design results. If you can think and come up of a unique benchtop design or anything in between, we can manufacture it and install it in your kitchen!

It’s Hygienic. Terrazzo benchtop is waterproof and has the non-porous qualities of acrylic solid surfaces. No worries if you accidentally spill water, wine or even fruit juices! Unlike other benchtop materials, solid surface benchtops are stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The non-porous system does not support any microbial growth and does not permit the accumulation of moisture. In addition, this lack of water absorption and porosity results in a surface area needing only little cleaning.

It’s Seamless. With terrazzo benchtops the joins look seamless and virtually invisible to the naked eye. It looks like your terrazzo benchtop is one solid piece of beautiful finished product.

Choice of designs and colours. Whether you want a customised design to fit a complicated layout or a large island benchtop to provide a big seating capacity or to simply upgrade your kitchen, terrazzo offers you a choice of numerous colours and shapes to match your requirements.

Black & Greys– Modern wall interiors are usually painted with white or light colours. The contrast of black and grey is perfect for this. The bold distinction it affords appeals to the eye.

Whites– Dirty whites also works well with this theme. The darker shade provides a delicate accent to the background and easily blends with the theme.

Neutral – this choice can work wonders whenever you need to balance out the colours. Select those that are vibrant so that it does not interrupt the clean flow of the design.

Colours– for classy individuals, Terrazzo made precast benchtops offer a wide variety of exciting colours that benefits modern inspired themes. Bold contrasts can be utilised to help emphasize the lines of furniture pieces and interior centerpieces.

While your kitchen benchtops are conveniently useful during food preparations, it should also offer a touch of beauty and sophistication in your kitchen setting. You may come up with grand designs for your benchtop but ultimately it is its usefulness that which determines its true purpose. And, once you have achieved that then your terrazzo benchtop has achieved its purpose.

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