When Terrazzo is Considered Great Terrazzo

When something or anything is set apart from the rest that only means that it may be made from a far better material or of superior craftsmanship or of the highest quality. It is by far distinct from the rest simply because it stands out on its own merits! Terrazzo with its many varied qualities is one of those exceptional building materials and elements that stand out in its uniqueness.


In addition to its very distinct look, terrazzo is highly durable, very low-maintenance and it arbitrarily adds a very luxurious feeling and modernity to one’s living space. But, what really makes the material special and great is its acknowledged customizability in any endeavor it is utilized. The diverse style of character it exudes and the undue permanence it affords the structure stand out as its most exceptional and salient feature when it comes to it being used as flooring or precast material in modern construction projects. Today terrazzo has been used to make furniture, lighting, and decor. Forward looking designers and architects have come up with their own special creations that are clearly inspired by the unlimited inspirations that can be embraced out of the material. Now, there’s GREAT terrazzo indeed! Continue reading “When Terrazzo is Considered Great Terrazzo”

When an Eco-friendly Choice and Safety is Top Priority

Terrazzo is widely considered as an eco-friendly or green building choice. To manufacture and create terrazzo, manufacturers use recycled materials as composite elements. Of the available construction materials in the market today, terrazzo is recognized as one of the more sustainable and environment-friendly. This is because of the various aggregates that make up the terrazzo. Terrazzo is typically made with cement with the addition of materials such as discarded marble bits, quartz, porcelain, granite chips, crushed rock, river pebbles or post-consumer glass. Terrazzo provides a unique and beautiful solution for any surface. The use of these post-consumer composites makes terrazzo an eco-friendly mix because nothing is wasted and much of everything is recycled. A combination of these various scrapped material are processed and added into the terrazzo mix to create a uniquely designed pattern in a wide mix of colours for any project scheme. The product’s exclusivity is also what makes terrazzo one of the most design-flexible materials available to builders, interior designers and home makers alike. Terrazzo materials boast of high sustainability and proven durability without any problems arising that cannot be dealt with regarding its design.

terrazzo australian marble

Nearly 500 years ago, early stone skilled workers accidentally discovered terrazzo as a building material in Venice, Italy when these resourceful Venetian workers were left with huge piles of unusually shaped fragments of marble cut from the conventional shapes made from marble slabs from the construction of “Venetian Terraces.” This is where the word “Terrazzo” in Italian was derived from as we use it today. The discarded marble bits and pieces were “recycled” by the workers and artisans to cover their earthen clay living quarter’s floors. While the fragments may be rough at first, in time as the fragments set in the earthen floor, the labors decided to smooth the irregular edges with hand stones making for a more comfortable level walking surface. This essentially was how the now highly sought after and vastly regarded terrazzo tile was discovered and put to good use in the annals of the construction and building industry today, hundreds of years later.   Continue reading “When an Eco-friendly Choice and Safety is Top Priority”

Complement Your Style With Terrazzo

Your individuality sets you apart! Be yourself. Be unique. Design boldly or design simply. Let the creative juices flow when using terrazzo as your building and construction medium of choice. Complement your design concepts with exceptional intentions that separate you from the rest of the pack!


Terrazzo is one magnificent building and designing material that is as flexible as one’s own imagination. There is literally nothing wrong that any perceptive and forward looking architect, interior designer, homemaker or anyone sensible enough can do with it. Terrazzo is so strong and resilient it will last ages, beautiful and stunning everybody will look twice at it and extremely versatile one can build and shape many things with it. And, to top it all is as easy to keep clean throughout its entire lifetime.

Terrazzo comes in various building materials and components that can come as indoor tiles, outdoor pavers, precast elements, in-Situ, and as partitions or engineered stone partitions which are all available in various colours, designs and finishes depending on your specific requirement. As we have explained it is a highly flexible building material that is why it will work to your advantage in complementing your own unique style whatever route you make take in your projects! Continue reading “Complement Your Style With Terrazzo”

What More You Can Ask For Terrazzo

So beautiful, so durable and so versatile that is what terrazzo can be for you. Terrazzo is one of the more popular choices for building materials, construction products and precast elements for highly urbanized residential, commercial and institutional spaces. It is now widely utilised for high-impact flooring, pre- fabricated elements and bathroom partitions and in more recent times for interior decoration purposes.


Creativity sets the standard and with terrazzo sky is the limit! Design flexibility is one of the very many concerns when one decides to use terrazzo for any of their building or construction projects. Truthfully speaking terrazzo is one very beautiful and amazing building material and designing element for those with a keen eye for creative design and permanence.

Terrazzo offers many countless uses. Terrazzo is highly flexible with its many valuable uses. Use it as tiles (terrazzo tiles which is laid and grouted or in-situ which is poured on site or beautiful and safe non-slip pavers used in walkways) or as precast (exquisite applications that include stairs, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms or lavatories and general work areas, columns, shower partitions and more recently as public furniture in parks and walkways). Terrazzo pre casts are available in attractive finishes according to your requirements. Remember, the precast method of application lessens the work time required significantly as your precast elements are fabricated at the factory prior its on-site installation! Continue reading “What More You Can Ask For Terrazzo”

High Foot Traffic Areas is No Problem with Terrazzo

So what if your establishment, shop or business has one of the highest foot traffic around. That poses no problem with your durable Terrazzo floor. Terrazzo floors are highly versatile and strong solid surface floor material invented by ingenious Venetian mosaic workers during the 15th century. Traditionally, Terrazzo is mix of marble chips embedded into a cement base, then ground flat and coated with a topical sealer. While it is true that modern terrazzo today can be made from a wider range of materials and polished without using coatings, the craft of installing it basically remains much the same.

terrazzo australian marble

Nowadays it is a given that the toughness and durability of terrazzo can outlast even the structure or building it is installed in, today’s current terrazzo is made with either Portland cement or epoxy as its base. The Terrazzo is then combined with some type of aggregate that provides its unique one of a kind appearance. Although marble is still the hands up aggregate of choice for most applications, Terrazzo can also be made from natural stone chips, granite and quartz are the obvious choices for Terrazzo finishes, but not to be left behind are other types of aggregates which are also used, including glass pebbles, synthetic chips, recycled glass, metal and silica bits that offer an endless display of colours. Terrazzo can also be creatively set into precision cut forms to create company logos, artworks, text or any other abstract pattern one can imagine.

Recent advancements in terrazzo technology have provided methods for finishing terrazzo without the use of coatings and sealers. Modern terrazzo can now be mechanically polished to a high-shine without the use of any chemicals. For this added reason, terrazzo is also environmentally friendly and requires very little maintenance in the long run. Terrazzo usage today has been said to be “rediscovered” by contemporary architects and interior designers as the material of choice due to its timeless beauty and versatility. Not only does terrazzo make for an impressionable floor, but it can also be used in the fabrication of beautiful precast products, it can be manufactured into tiles, benches, room partitions, pavers, pre casts, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, benchtops coving, bar tops, lavatory, columns, public furniture and a lot more with different colours to choose from, plus an endless assortment of designs only your creative mind can imagine. Continue reading “High Foot Traffic Areas is No Problem with Terrazzo”