Complement Your Style With Terrazzo

Your individuality sets you apart! Be yourself. Be unique. Design boldly or design simply. Let the creative juices flow when using terrazzo as your building and construction medium of choice. Complement your design concepts with exceptional intentions that separate you from the rest of the pack!


Terrazzo is one magnificent building and designing material that is as flexible as one’s own imagination. There is literally nothing wrong that any perceptive and forward looking architect, interior designer, homemaker or anyone sensible enough can do with it. Terrazzo is so strong and resilient it will last ages, beautiful and stunning everybody will look twice at it and extremely versatile one can build and shape many things with it. And, to top it all is as easy to keep clean throughout its entire lifetime.

Terrazzo comes in various building materials and components that can come as indoor tiles, outdoor pavers, precast elements, in-Situ, and as partitions or engineered stone partitions which are all available in various colours, designs and finishes depending on your specific requirement. As we have explained it is a highly flexible building material that is why it will work to your advantage in complementing your own unique style whatever route you make take in your projects!

Contemporary homes or specialty shops and modern day buildings and business offices can benefit the greatest with the use of terrazzo, as this most versatile and luxurious building material can be used as the main highlight in your design or as a simple linear scheme in a home or building project. Imagine the beauty and durability of terrazzo tiles in your receiving and living room areas that are coupled with terrazzo functional benchtops in your kitchen areas and terrazzo engineered partitions and vanity plinth and basin in your luxurious bathroom area. You can even specify all weather anti-slip outdoor pavers in your swimming pool areas and outdoor porch. And remember all these terrazzo building materials can be designed down to the minutest detail and colour coordinated to your own special requirements to exacting standards. The tiles, pavers, in situ and the various precast elements (Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and including Public Furniture) are all yours to plan and design according to your purposes. With all these in mind, Terrazzo Australian Marble is in the forefront of providing you only the best and the finest materials and craftsmanship to see your dream house, specialty shop or business enterprise to the fore. We pride ourselves in controlling all aspects of the terrazzo manufacturing process. From the sourcing, cutting, installation and polishing! Terrazzo Australian Marble owns and operates 5 marble quarries in western NSW and manufactures its precast elements in its modern factory in western Sydney. The factory has been furnished with the latest equipment from around the world including tile presses, 5 axis CNC processing machines, CNC edge polishers and saws that enable the company to have the capability of always producing materials of exacting standards.

Now go ahead and match your style with terrazzo as your construction material of choice.

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