Greys and Marbles: Minimalist Glam using Terrazzo Precast


Grey is a safe color – an absence of the color spectrum, yet with a tinge of black and white and some hues of deep tints. Some may say that grey is an anonymous color. But in an article by Kyle Chayka of Racked emphasized Grey as still a color that can define characteristics and even an identity. In the article, it says “Sameness of color, whatever the color, creates solidarity; a collective identity within a group.”  

In today’s interior design practice, grey is treated as the base color that can be expanded by adding different elements and colors. Combining it with the pearl or ceramic white and swirls of glossy grey present in marble brings out a glamorous look that many designers employ. This glamorous grey look can be carried out with Terrazzo Precast.

  • Toilet and Bath lather with gold – Adding a tinge of gold, either on the terrazzo precast grey color or to the details such as the faucet or shower heads accentuates and complements the grey perfectly. Other smaller details such as the door handles or the curtain rods can also be made in gold. These details will surely pop against the terrazzo tiles or marble.  
  • Kitchen beam with white – To complement with grey and marble in the kitchen, the ideal elements to incorporate are white ceramics and white furniture. This brings a neat finish which is always a plus for any kitchen. White connotes hygiene and  cleanliness which rightfully represents the kitchen and food preparation areas of a home. 
  • Living room class with glass – To reinforce class and sophistication, glass fixtures are ideal elements to match grey Terrazzo Precast and marble flooring. It illuminates the room especially if windows are part of the design, allowing natural light to bounce of mirrors, and shine on the subtle grey and marble flooring.

There are other approaches to glam up a space with Terrazzo precast. Consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for implementation solutions today. 

The Makings of a Perfect Terrazzo

If you want to own a perfect terrazzo whether it is a flooring system or any pre cast terrazzo element you have to start by looking for a good and reputable and highly experienced company with the right approach with working on terrazzo and one that literally knows their way in the “ins and outs” and all around terrazzo production from start to finish and through the ultimate care and restoration needed through the years. Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited fits the bill to the hilt with more than 40 years of experience in the marble and terrazzo business, owning and operating five marble quarries in western New South Wales and a factory that manufactures its terrazzo pre cast elements with the most modern equipment such as tile presses, top of the line 5 axis CNC processing machines, CNC edge polishers and saws which enable the company to have the ability to produce terrazzo materials and elements of exacting standards.

terrazzo australia marble

Now, with the company to undertake the project taken cared of, you now have to think honestly with the monetary part, your estimated budget (or a ball park figure of it) and an expected time frame for the completion of the undertaking. Then and only then will you have to discuss the design and plan that you envision and the colour scheme together with your architect or interior designer and the manufacturer or maker of the terrazzo and also most especially with your family if you are thinking of using terrazzo floor or pre cast elements for a house or if it’s a business venture with your business partner naturally. Once a design has been preferred and agreed upon, the aggregate mix and binding material and finish has to be carefully selected and dealt with as well because technical specifications play a lot on where and how you want your terrazzo to be located. For sure you will be informed forthright that there are different binding materials and finishes which are the best suited in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic and the best for avant-garde colour choices where Terrazzo Australian Marble can achieve more colours that can be custom made for your particular taste. There are terrazzo paver finishes that are excellent for external use and come with anti-slip properties for safety. Then again there are finishes that are environmentally-friendly and hygienic for those areas that need to be extra clean and sanitary such as pool areas, restaurant kitchens, hospitals and in Research and Development laboratories and facilities. As for precast elements, terrazzo can extensively be used to come up with beautiful hard wearing construction materials. The terrazzo pre cast applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and Public Furniture in parks and walkways. These terrazzo precast elements are uniquely versatile and the design intentions are practically limitless. Continue reading “The Makings of a Perfect Terrazzo”

Some Differences between Terrazzo and Marble

When deciding for the right floor choice to choose from between terrazzo and marble there are some features of terrazzo which surpass the qualities of marble. Marble is a great choice but terrazzo offers some options not readily appreciated against that from marble.

terrazzo australian marble

Here are some five distinct qualities terrazzo outweighs marble as a flooring system.

Terrazzo provides more colour options on the table. Terrazzo’s colour possibilities are limitless and its design capabilities are without compare. Terrazzo comes with a great selection of aggregates and finishes to match the colour and pattern that is desired by architects, interior designers and homeowners alike. On the other hand, marble is limited basically to its natural stone colour and shade.

Terrazzo is thinner and stronger. Terrazzo is by far a stronger material than marble. While marble tiles can range from 3/8″ to 1/2″ in thickness. Terrazzo can go as thin as 1/4″ making it the thinner material for designs. Due to its well accepted toughness, terrazzo can last up to 75 years with negligible repairs. With marble tiles, you worry about chipping at the edges. And, once it breaks, it is close to impossible to properly repair marble floorings. As a consequence of this, restoring marble floors is not cost effective.

Terrazzo is More Flexible. Terrazzo as pre cast elements can be pre formed in a factory to any shape and size imaginable allowing you to get the most out of your design intentions while Marble is inflexible when it comes to design which sad to say limits your use of this material to certain shapes to say the least. Continue reading “Some Differences between Terrazzo and Marble”

When you’re out to impress

If your goal is to amaze and impress people use the beauty of terrazzo tiles, pre cast elements and other construction materials when you specify it in today’s homes, retail establishments, restaurants, shopping centers, specialty stores, railway stations, business offices or airports. Terrazzo affords that different kind of effect to your projects and intentions.

terrazzo australian marble

Terrazzo designs that have been used in buildings and construction projects have been making heads turn and people notice its beauty whether it was designed simply or ostentatiously. Reason enough why renowned architects and well respected interior designers are seeing to it that the many exceptional possibilities which terrazzo offers to the building and construction business are maximized to the fullest!

Terrazzo Tiles are manufactured from the highest quality materials. It comes with innovative designs which are crafted by the best skilled workers around. If you place a premium on style and function then terrazzo should be your natural choice. Terrazzo tiles evoke that kind feeling that one is walking into a first class hotel lobby or ritzy establishment. Terrazzo tiles have been extensively used in high foot traffic areas such as airports and shopping centers proving durability even in the toughest surroundings. Terrazzo Marble Tiles are manufactured in the factory to make on-site installation faster and easier. Continue reading “When you’re out to impress”

Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo Australian Marble has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing functional terrazzo counter tops. Take your pick from a large variety of colored resin or marble aggregate blends to start off your beautiful journey to the unknown yet surprising intricacies of terrazzo elements.  Allowing one to create a unique kind of countertop experience!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

Aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability are just some of the wise considerations when you opt for a countertop. Going green with terrazzo countertops, the early concept of terrazzo floors is built on the idea of being green; this applies to terrazzo countertops as well when Italian marble craftsmen came up with terrazzo, it was a way to reuse leftover materials. The excess marble chips from their projects was carted from the terraces and combined with concrete and coated with goat’s milk to give it shine. The idea behind terrazzo countertops is the same. Besides using concrete, bits of marble and glass are mixed to make terrazzo countertops. Heat resistant countertops that do not conduct or maintain heat is very important. Marble has a tendency to maintain heat for a period of time. Terrazzo countertops do not conduct heat. Terrazzo countertops will not burn and darken if you set a hot object directly on the surface without a heat pad. Scratch resistant terrazzo countertops withstand scrapes. Sliding pots and pans over the surface or dropping utensils on it will not cause scratches to appear. When scratches do appear you can buff most of them out with a cloth. Stain resistant terrazzo countertops stain just like all other materials but they stand up longer than the others. One has to seal the countertops correctly in order for them to maintain their resistance to staining. Continue reading “Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops”