Top Five Interior Design Trends with Terrazzo 2019

Terrazzo toilet partitions

The new year has just started, and new projects are coming through. It’s time we give the top five trends for designing your home or office space witTerrazzo flooring and partitions that will get the most thumbs up this year.

Connect with Nature  

There will surely be more greens and plants indoors this year, and it is best to adopt this trend and experiment with the wide array of plants that can be used for your indoor theme. For the busy, high-traffic spaces, best to put in low-maintenance indoor plants such as a Bonsai tree, Pothos, Iron Plants, Succulents, Snake plants, or the lucky Bamboo. Putting greens against light-colored Terrazzo marble tiles will light up a room instantly, appearing vibrant and brighter with stark contrasts all around.  If the flooring has already been laid out and decided, one can also use terrazzo pots for plants.

Responsible and Sustainable  

As awareness increases about sustainable practices in design, more clients are ensuring their visions for interior design are executed in the most environmental-friendly approach, as much as possible. With the least carbon footprint and polluting by-products, designs considering the environment’s status is surely a hit this year. From incorporating energy-efficient lighting, to sourcing natural and renewable resources such as bamboo or natural stones, employing the most responsible practices is marked “hot” and classy this year.  

Femme Rules  

Feminine colors are taking over. Even the most sophisticated spaced which only used to have greys, whites, and blacks will level up using femme colors, tones, and softer elements. Terrazzo marble for flooring will definitely match elegantly with light tones. Rose colored walls would match with pearl white and light grey Terrazzo colors. Or even smaller elements such as gold and white terrazzo kitchen countertops will bring out the femme glam of spaces.

Maximal Vs. Minimal Art 

Minimalist art is slowly taking a backseat this year to give way to vivid, vibrant, concrete, and maximalist art pieces. Spaces will be revived with art pieces that has bold details and colors. This will be matched with smaller pieces such as floor lamps and throw pillows that will take color cues from the same center art piece for the room. Terrazzo’s simple and subtle tones will allow these colors to pop in the room.


Plain walls are also going to be obsolete and out this year. Wallpapers are back and will revive the classic and playful era of shapes and patterns. Designers will have more options for wallpapers now, given the capacity to customize and print designs on-demand, unlike in the earlier decades where wall-papers are usually off-the-shelf and limiting.

Maximizing Terrazzo partitions and flooring with these trends will be a smart choice for your home or office space. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to get the best Terrazzo recommendations for your design vision.

Terrazzo Toilet Partitions By Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo toilet partitions are the most sought after material nowadays. Almost all bathroom projects consider this material due to its beauty, toughness and easy maintenance. In this article, Terrazzo Australia will be sharing its experience using these partitions. We will discuss why many Australians are using our systems for their projects.

San Marco Stone Partition

This is the most popular line of terrazzo toilet partitions being offered by Terrazzo Australia. San Marco Stone is perfect for vanities and urinal screens to complement to any partition installation. Many of our partner architects and engineer regard this as a very remarkable product for their works.

terrazzo australia marble

What Makes This Terrazzo Toilet Partitions Special?

Durability– The terrazzo toilet partition is around 30mm thick. This makes the San Marco Stone extremely strong and durable. Throughout the 7 years we deployed that this has been deployed to the market, we haven’t replaced any panel at all.

Clean – The material used is completely smooth. It has almost a glass-like surface that no mould and bacteria can grow on.

Waterproof – this terrazzo toilet partition thrives in moisture. It doesn’t leave grout or stains when water is applied to the partition. This makes the material easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

Vandal proof– if you are operating a public toilet, you will love this particular property of San Marco partition. Stains from Pentel pens or paints can be easily removed. You can use any suitable solvent (use solvents that are not acidic and have a PH value of 5). It leaves no residue when being cleaned.

Scratch proof– unlike other partitions, the terrazzo toilet partition is made to resist scratches. This is very beneficial to home owners and business establishments. Scratches often lead to grout. It also makes the toilet unpleasant to the eye, making it appear unmaintained.

Warranty– anyone who avails this terrazzo toilet partition can enjoy a 10-year warranty. Terrazzo Australia will furnish a written guarantee against defects due to improper and/or defective materials and/or workmanship. You can have a peace of mind with your bathroom project.

What are the processes when deploying terrazzo toilet partitions?

* First step would be to engage Terrazzo Australia and come up with a layout from the team.

* Next step is to choose a colour for the terrazzo toilet partition. The team will provide you with color palettes so you can decide which ones you like. You have various tones and textures to choose from. Each can be aligned for contemporary, urban or modern interior themes.

* The fourth step is to choose the type of door. You can choose a laminated door, solid core timber or compact laminate ones. Each door has its own pros and cons. Make sure to check which fits well for your project.

* Last would be to select the correct door furniture. The team highly recommends Metlam to compliment your terrazzo toilet partitions.