Terrazzo is a hygienic flooring material for bathrooms, pools and indoor spaces.

Cleanliness is very important and should be a homemaker’s number one priority in every home especially when you have small kids around! With Terrazzo’s non-porous quality, it is the safest, most hygienic flooring material for bathrooms and other indoor living spaces everywhere. But, truth to tell cleanliness should also be observed in any indoor and outdoor place where people often converge.

terrazzo australian marble

Hygiene and sanitation is also a major consideration when selecting flooring and cladding materials in a number of industries. Most particularly prominent here is the use of the right hygienic construction material in the food and restaurant business, cafeterias, research and development (RD) areas in laboratories and hospital and the hospice care industry due to the high risk of bacterial growth / infection and contamination in these supposedly very clean places. This is a major issue that is basically addressed by new terrazzo products out in the market today because of its non-porous quality.  The non-porous system does not support any microbial growth and does not permit the accumulation of moisture. In addition, this lack of water absorption and porosity results in a surface area needing only minimal or negligible cleaning processes, without the need for use of any harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals. Cement based and thin set epoxy terrazzo systems are normally comprised of zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials. A lot of people spend most of their time indoors – at home, school and work. This makes the quality of the indoor air you breathe very important. VOCs are chemicals that easily enter the air as gases from some solids or liquids. They are ingredients in many commonly used products and are in the air of just about every indoor setting. Terrazzo shows little or no off-gassing over the life of the treated floor. Again, it is very important to emphasis that this non-porous, cleanable terrazzo finish does not support any microbial growth, or permit moisture to accumulate, facilitating and maintaining a mold-free environment with improved indoor air quality. Since terrazzo is used in food preparation areas, it meets all requirements in accordance with safe green ecological guidelines. You are reassured by the knowledge that your terrazzo flooring passes green efforts of companies. Being green can mean different things to different people. Being green here means an eco-friendly initiative a company or individual embarks on and takes a step toward protecting people and our planet.

By using terrazzo in your bathrooms, pool and kitchen indoor spaces it assures you of a more sanitary and easy to clean areas even with every day use. Admittedly, it should be clear to everyone that almost all building materials such as floorings and walling, PVC cement and primer, various adhesives, contact and model cement, personal care product such as nail polish, nail polish remover, colognes, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, hair spray, new furnishings such as carpets or furniture, slowly release VOCs over time and is a large part of the indoor air that we normally breathe. What is important here is that terrazzo enthusiasts are assured that all safety measures are being employed to achieve clean, hygienic air whenever terrazzo materials are used indoors.

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