External Pavers at National Portrait Gallery Canberra

Renowned Terrazzo pavers by Terrazzo Australian Marble are the perfect and beautiful solution to your outdoor applications. Just recently the National Portrait of Gallery Canberra commissioned Terrazzo Australian Marble to supply, fabricate and install its external paving requirement. The stunning outcome of this special project has received numerous accolades for its functional yet simple eye-catching design. It was completed with a honed finish just like any other project as its standard finish. It is hermetically pressed for durability so water and other liquids will not seep into the material.  And to reaffirm there is no other external paver out in the market that is as easy to clean and maintain as terrazzo pavers.

terrazzo pavers

For all intents and purposes, Terrazzo Pavers are extremely hard-wearing and can easily handle all types of extreme weather and outdoor conditions effortlessly while at the same time offering easy cleaning and maintenance to its owner. Terrazzo significantly provides a classy look to any property, one of the many reasons why most high-end establishments utilise this specific flooring system for their outdoor spaces. Terrazzo Australian Marble, one of Australia’s well-known marble and terrazzo supplier and fabricator has been in the forefront of coming up with new approaches for the uses of terrazzo and have come up with a wide range of external terrazzo paver designs which are hermetically pressed to come up with a highly durable tile that will surely withstand the onslaught of the elements; come rain, sun or snow for years and years to come. Unique and colourful, Terrazzo Pavers unanimously add a touch of difference unique in every installation it is applied to big or small.

The countless terrazzo pavers are made with various hard aggregates such as granite, river pebble, quartz and basalt combined with a cement binder to provide every project a wide array of colours to choose from and to let you play on with the concept of the special design using the aggregates in the final step of the construction project. These special pavers are honed in a factory and shotblast to give the tiles an anti-slip texture in order to be slip resistant for everybody’s safety when walking on it in the outdoors come rain or shine. Each tile is individually chamfered or cut in a groove or bevel for that distinct and impressive look plus adding that non-slip safety factor to the product.

Terrazzo Australian Marble engineers, craftsmen and marble layers did the excellent job of installing the external Terrazzo pavers of the National Portrait of Gallery Canberra with only the very best terrazzo materials around so you can readily see the expert difference in the quality of work and design plus the merit of the installation and of course the ultimate cost of the flooring system.

If you have seen and liked what the National Portrait of Gallery Canberra external pavers look like then you know who to contact to do the right job if you are thinking of building or improving the way your company/ office pavers looks like. Simply specify using terrazzo pavers and you’re on the right path!

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