Terrazzo Upkeep

Minor upkeep to say the least! Like eating delicious Aussie meat pie! Terrazzo is so easy to maintain and clean all you literally need is a mop or a cloth rag and a good cleaning solution to do the job and presto you’re done! With the widest range of beautiful and durable and long lasting terrazzo products available around that can be manufactured such as Tiles, In situ, Pavers, Precast such as Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Coving, Kitchen and Work Area Benchtops, Columns and Public Furniture, Engineered Stone Partitions and Terrazzo Partitions for Toilet and Shower, Vanity Tops and Urinal Screens, certainly a fast and easy and inexpensive way to clean and maintain terrazzo is a most welcome development any way one looks at it.  

terrazzo floor

Well known terrazzo building materials or precast elements effortlessly bring out the elegance in the creative design it has been applied to in a building, now keeping that in mind it is assuredly a great consequence that with the kind of magnificence that it brings out to the building or house, maintaining this wonderful material like new is just as easy as it can always be with just a sweep of a mop or a swipe of a handy cloth rag!

The wide acceptance of terrazzo materials as a preferred flooring system and indoor and outdoor precast element come as a result of architects, homeowners, interior designers, builders and business owners realizing that its easy care and maintenance makes it the most cost-effective and excellent choice to other flooring systems and precast materials out in the market. A plus factor here is the fact that terrazzo is also acknowledged by many as one of the most durable flooring and pre cast systems to date. Now, to avoid ruining your precious terrazzo it is important that you know the correct way of preserving and cleaning it. Comparable to any other building material, your prized terrazzo floors and precast elements should be properly cleaned and cared for, if not it would of course eventually show the usual signs of regular wear and tear in due time if not earlier. Even terrazzo that are regularly waxed and buffed are prone to damage and deterioration if the wrong kind of wax stripper is used.  Keep in mind that it is best to use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for your precious terrazzo; after all it does the same job of cleaning just the same as regular cleaning solutions. As a general rule of thumb, one should never use ammonia and acid-based detergents and cleaning solutions, abrasive scouring pads and alkaline strippers in cleaning terrazzo. These household cleaning products highly contribute to the deterioration of the terrazzo stone chips that produce the colour and design of your terrazzo. There are great cleaning products that are best for cleansing and maintaining your terrazzo’s natural luster and beauty, just be sure to read the instructions on the label to be sure that it is safe to use for terrazzo.

Remember, maintaining terrazzo is so easy it’s just a mop or rag away with the right cleaning solution on hand!

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