Designing Your Office with Terrazzo

Running a company is not easy despite having all the processes in place. One of the most important things that you need to consider is your employees’ productivity that’s affected by numerous aspects.

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You can help increase your employee’s productivity with how you design your office. An old and boring office should no longer be tolerated. Having a brighter or minimalist office became part of the changing landscape when designing your office space. Hence, you need to consider pros and cons an office space before you buy or rent it. If you do not help boost your employee’s productivity, then they might fall behind in completing their tasks.

Consider the layout.

Ensuring that your design will allow you to boost the morale, productivity of your employees, and business objectives will come from a good office plan. You can always hire architects who are specialised in office designs. By taking time in understanding your needs and requirements and applying their knowledge in the field, they will help you come up with an office design layout that will help you reach your business objectives.

For example, companies that require a lot of collaborations might have an office layout with a lot of space. They might not also have cubicles for their employees, but rather tables and pieces of furniture that promotes agile working. Remember that an effective office design will allow you to meet your business objectives, improve productivity with lower costs and less time.

Visual is key to productivity.

An visually appealing office have proven to affect your employees’ brain activity. Adding a bit of color to your office will have positive effects on your employees, making them more productive with their tasks. This reduces stress, increases creativity, enhances morale, broadens their appreciation, and many more.

Choosing colors is not the easiest tasks, but you can always choose a theme for your office, which you can base from your logo or your company’s color palette. To emanate your company’s spirit, you can do subtly do this by having these colors on your walls, floorings, and counter tops with terrazzo tiles. This will allow you to mix in the colors that you want but still looking modern and sophisticated.

If you want to make your office design more elegant, then you can maximize the versatility of terrazzo tiles. A customizable material, terrazzo can be used for your office’s walls, floors, and countertops. If you want to know more about it, you can reach Terrazzo Australian Marble by calling 1300 903 082 or visit

Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot: Parc Hadau

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If improvements are to be made with how people live, it must start at home. This is the reason why residential buildings continue to be at the forefront of priorities for innovations when it comes to finding ways to lower carbon emissions. From building efficient homes by using passive design principles, to selecting sustainable materials, such as bamboo, timber, stone and terrazzo, the climate crisis demands for more conscious and immediate answers to be used and implemented today onwards.

This Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot article presents a residential development in Wales that has responded to the call for carbon neutral residences for the future.

To expound a bit on zero-carbon housing, these are single family dwellings which are designed to have very efficient use of energy (also more commonly called “energy efficiency”.) Think about a single unit conceptualized and designed to use the least energy possible, from construction to actual use. An architect and the builders may feel a real sense of achievement by having produced a climate-responsive unit. But imagine the impact of replicating this efficiency across a community of houses – you have a community of people living responsibly by limiting their carbon emissions daily.

Parc Hadau was designed to be a carbon neutral neighbourhood in Wales. Having received the Welsh Government’s Innovation Housing Programme fund, this community intends to battle the climate emergency by employing a passive design approach and renewable energy technologies. Passive design means the design of every house ensures a correct balance of daylight, heat loss, and thermal efficiency so that the dwellers need not use more energy to live more comfortably.

The beauty of Parc Hadau’s community is that efficiency does not stop indoors. Residents will also be encouraged to travel more sustainably with the provision of electric car charging ports and storage areas for cycles for every residence. Car club facilities will also be available for residents to also reduce the demand for private car ownership.

The demand for efficient and responsible homes and communities will continue to soar as people become more conscious of their lifestyle’s impact to the environment. Preparing and building the dwellings of future generations is the responsibility of architects and designers today. There will never be a better time to aim for responsible lifestyles across countries and around the world.

Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot is a series of articles featuring noteworthy spaces, created with ingenious architecture and interior design from around the world. To learn about Terrazzo and how it can be incorporated in your design and projects in Australia, talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today. 

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Terrazzo and 3D Printing: Mixing Traditional and Contemporary

There are now so many resources available to designers about 3D Printing and how it can be incorporated into everyday design. From fashion, to architecture, to interior design and even healthcare, 3D printing is becoming a standard as an easily accessible manufacturing approach for highly customized design.

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Terrazzo and marble, on the other hand, have been known and established in the interior design and architecture space as go-to materials when achieving a classic yet playful look. It has been used for exterior or outdoor functional areas such as pavements and walkways, and in interior spaces such as having a terrazzo kitchen countertop or a terrazzo marble divider in the washroom area. The traditional uses of terrazzo have seemingly limited its attractiveness and capability as a material. But, modern designers are not yet giving up on this material and continue to seek its unique texture and finish to complement many design perspectives and objectives. One approach to maximizing the good old terrazzo is to match it with contemporary approaches to design, such as 3D printing.


A company like Aectual is an example of a company that is pushing the boundaries of traditional and modern by combining 3D Printing and Terrazzo. By digitizing design in the building and architecture industry, the company can bring about endless possibilities, giving designers total freedom in creating ground-breaking and sustainable solutions for different space requirements. Designers can, then, create massive patterns to occupy large floor spaces which could have been impossible to fill in with terrazzo without the pattern base. In the past, terrazzo would be poured on site to fill a large space without much innovation aside from the way it is finished and the color combinations. Aectual, using bioplastic made from plants as their material for 3D printing, not only gives designers a base framework of pattern to fill terrazzo with, but also does it in a sustainable manner.


This is just the beginning of combining 3D printing and Terrazzo. The opportunities to adapt the design to challenging spaces have just become easier to explore given the flexibility of 3D printing. Combining this with Terrazzo and marble for flooring may just be the start of another genre of interior design. Talk to our Terrazzo experts today to understand how terrazzo can fit your design project.



Terrazzo Flooring for Sustainable Construction

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Sustainability has penetrated a wide spectrum of professional practices from engineering, medicine, art, business, and construction. The idea of creating things that can have minimal to zero impact to the environment has become a noble goal for practitioners across different sectors and professions. In architecture and design, materials sourced responsibly with minimal impact to the source and best outcome for the end users is highly preferred for all size of projects. Terrazzo, with its composition, installation, and lifespan, has become a material of choice for flooring requirements.

Reusing materials remain at the core of Terrazzo
From as far back as 1,500 years ago, Terrazzo as a material was built around the concept of maximizing scraps to build something durable yet attractive. Creating beautiful pieces from marble scraps and cement was the foundation of today’s more forward concepts of Terrazzo. The most skillful designers know that creating the most effective designs does not necessarily mean creating from scratch. Terrazzo’s composition can use recycled glass and other materials, making it one of the primary choice for sustainable flooring designs.

Longevity prevents constant replacement
Constant replacement means constantly sourcing materials which in turn depletes natural resources. Terrazzo flooring can be kept and maintained to at least 50 years with the right maintenance and care. Sustainable design allows generations to use the space as intended, without the need for constant repairs and replacements.

Minimal Maintenance mean low impact
With minimal maintenance required, Terrazzo flooring requires less energy and toxic products. It can be easily maintained with environmentally-safe products, at very few instances, compared to other flooring options which require high maintenance to retain its original look and feel.

Promoting and advocating sustainable design can define the future of infrastructure and construction. It is important for the experts to always, or as much as possible, integrate sustainable materials and practices into their design, as any space built today can establish the lifestyle of city and rural dwellers in the next few decades. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble to integrate Terrazzo into your sustainable construction and design concepts.

Greens in Architecture: Plants as Part of Urban Space

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Cities are getting more crowded and urban planners are scrambling to understand how spaces can be developed to balance healthy spaces with rising demand for convenience and comfort. Integrating greens into design does more than just achieving a balanced theme of concrete and nature. It enhances the concepts of spatial distribution, expansion of sight and freedom of space.  

How can plants be part of urban space and what can be their purpose?  

  1. Shrubs for edgings – When using Terrazzo External paver, shrubs can be used for edgings to foot paths or outline the space to create lines and borders between sections. Shrubs can even further define the theme of the space through the type of shrub one will choose for edging. Contemporary designs can use pointy or clean-cut plants that can make the design sleek and well-defined.  
  2. Trees as barriers – When trying to separate one view from another, or even covering up unpleasant views, trees can be used as barriers. It gives emphasis to the area where the elements are more coherent with the plants. If, for example, one tries to separate the plain parking space from the rest of the amenities, trees can serve as barriers to take the view away from the parking space and refocus it to the amenities area. This can be further guided by the correct flooring design.  
  3. Climbers as accents – Climbers can definitely add effects to a rather plain space. If parking spaces are plain, but the designer’s objective is not to separate it from the rest of the structure but to make that space a part of the experience, climbers can definitely give accent to a plain wall. Bamboo and other sleek trees can also be lined on the wall to give the same effect. Adding a small flooring segment, terrazzo tiles floor or paver, to emphasize the climbers can also be considered.  

Planning to integrate plants into the design is a fantastic option to bring out the personality of the structure. Choosing the right flooring will surely have an impact to the design. Consult providers such as Terrazzo Australian Marble to provide the best recommendations for flooring to match your choice of plants for your designs.