Wood and Terrazzo: Natural and Timeless Elegance For Interior Design

Designing city spaces are continuing to see a shift from the minimalist to more detailed sophistication. In Australia, natural elements such as wood and rocks remain the materials of choice if the intention is to bring shapes and texture against plain backdrops or to break patterns. A great material to pair with wooden elements is Terrazzo Marble. Here are some of the easy combinations that can elevate your interior design with natural and timeless elegance.

  • Wooden dining furniture with Terrazzo flooring and countertop

The kitchen and dining room areas can have so many elements at play. The idea is to make sure the elements match and complement each other. With Terrazzo’s flexibility in colors and combinations, one can customize the color and match it with the brown wood. Either a lighter shade of brown or a total contrast. Do not be hesitant to explore terrazzo colors to match with wood, depending on the overall theme of your design and the tone of the wood. Some wood are treated with strong chemicals to bring out a darker tone and patterns. You may consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for the best kitchen tones to match your wooden dining furniture.

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  • Wooden Library Book Shelves in the living room with terrazzo flooring

One of the most unique yet underrated features of a living room is an organized library of books, magazines, and other reading materials. While many say that these libraries and shelves may only accumulate dust and take up space, this is a good storage of books and gifts kept and received over the years. Having wooden book shelves in one wall of the living room with terrazzo flooring leading to it is a little treat for the senses. As playful as terrazzo could be with patterns and colors, the solid book shelf can be a sturdy and solid fixture that makes an amazing conversation piece for any living room.

  • Bedroom part wooden floors and part terrazzo marble flooring

Make a statement in the bedroom by playing with your floor and space, combining wood and terrazzo to create distinction and sections. This expands the space and creates a fantastic personality for the bedroom.

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Terrazzo and wood will always be a timeless pair for interior design. This is perfect for suburban homes, bringing a contemporary feel with a natural comfort. Ask Terrazzo Australian Marble today for more info on how Terrazzo can be paired with wooden elements for interior design.


Bricks and Terrazzo: Industrial and Class Combined

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When creating the rustic look for your property, it is important to remember some key elements that can bring an authentic yet luxurious feel to interior design. Bricks are a classic material that has been used time and again to bring out the old industrial feel. How can bricks and terrazzo go well together in an interior design concept?

1. Brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matched with Terrazzo countertop

Having brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matches well with white terrazzo countertop. This balances the colors very well and having white terrazzo countertop sets a very clean finish which is essential for food preparation and storage areas. To further emphasize the details of the red bricks, one may add yellow spotlights and accents such as frames or other elements that is related to food preparation, such as metallic elements to complement utensils. An overall white light will bring out the cleanliness of the kitchen and the further illuminate the white terrazzo countertop.

2. Brick walls in the toilet area plus terrazzo walls for shower

One clever way to separate the toilet from the shower area is to make bricks as the backdrop in the toilet area, while have terrazzo marble for the shower area walls. In the toilet area, to bring in a sense of fresh elements, try adding hanging plants and some greens directly against the red brick wall. Some good contrasting elements to this natural hanging plants are the harder, more rustic elements for the shower area, such as stone soap holders or shower heads and faucets that have a less polished finish than the usual shower heads and faucets.

3. Brick walls in the bedroom plus terrazzo flooring

Another great combination would be to have brick walls in the bedroom combined with terrazzo flooring. It is best to put the walls on the side of the room without the bed. The crevices of the bricks can accumulate dust, so it is better to have it in an area where it will be easy to clean without the need to move furniture or the bed around. The terrazzo flooring should have a warmer color tone versus the plain white terrazzo in the kitchen. This gives a calming and cozy feel in the bedroom.

There are many other ways to combine bricks and terrazzo in interior design. To learn about these options, you can consult the top terrazzo suppliers in Australia today.

Terrazzo Marble and Artisan Home Style

Artisan is a word that is worn and used in marketing and building identities across different industries. It can be an artisan gelato, an artisan scooter, an artisan clothing line, and so much more. In the lifestyle scene, artisan is almost always used in design – whether designing physical space or a new latte variety for the restaurant’s menu, artisan can be embodied in a lifestyle that is closest to being full of passion and heart. For someone who wants to fully imbibe this style, designing one’s home or personal space is always one of the primary goals. While this seems to be a low-lying fruit which can easily be carried out and obtained, choosing between Terrazzo Marble or a Wooden varnished flooring may not be as easy as it sounds. So how does one convert a typical home style to have a genuine “artisanal” vibe?

1. Start with a passion in mind

Awakening the creative and genuine taste starts with a deep passion for something. The best concepts in spatial design always come from genuine and deeply-rooted inspiration. As the designer for your own space, it is important that you bring your passions into the concept for it to feel and look genuine, and not too “manicured”. Having a place that looks like you simply mismatched elements from different concepts do not give justice to the life style that you want to achieve.

2. Identify a color or tone

Once you’ve identified a passion, narrow down further to pick the main colors that you want to see in your space. Artisan crafts and design almost always has a very tight and well-defined color scheme, that the finer details become more a luxurious investment, rather than simply an “add-on” to an established concept. Buying random and beautiful piece of table centerpiece sounds easy – but matching this to the color of your flooring, let’s say Terrazzo Marble that is dominantly green than blue – makes the task more challenging, therefore more genuine. This point drives back home to the authenticity of living an artisan lifestyle.

3. Do not aim for spotless perfection (Do not!)

A common mistake for many design-from-scratch or “redesign” projects is when the concept-provider aims for “spotless” perfection. A tile without any discoloration or any side chip is perennially desired by most designers. Yet, having an artisan home style, actually, means embracing imperfection as part of the style. Related to the first point, a person living the Artisan home style does not necessarily have the time to tidy up or fix the immediate surrounding. Thus, the designer has to think of ways to integrate “chaos” and “uncertainty” into the design, to give a little elbow room for imperfection and make it part of the overall design.

For any further inquiries on how Terrazzo Marble can be your choice of flooring for your Artisan home style, call the Australian Terrazzo Marble company today for guidance and consultation.

Top Five Interior Design Trends with Terrazzo 2019

Terrazzo toilet partitions

The new year has just started, and new projects are coming through. It’s time we give the top five trends for designing your home or office space witTerrazzo flooring and partitions that will get the most thumbs up this year.

Connect with Nature  

There will surely be more greens and plants indoors this year, and it is best to adopt this trend and experiment with the wide array of plants that can be used for your indoor theme. For the busy, high-traffic spaces, best to put in low-maintenance indoor plants such as a Bonsai tree, Pothos, Iron Plants, Succulents, Snake plants, or the lucky Bamboo. Putting greens against light-colored Terrazzo marble tiles will light up a room instantly, appearing vibrant and brighter with stark contrasts all around.  If the flooring has already been laid out and decided, one can also use terrazzo pots for plants.

Responsible and Sustainable  

As awareness increases about sustainable practices in design, more clients are ensuring their visions for interior design are executed in the most environmental-friendly approach, as much as possible. With the least carbon footprint and polluting by-products, designs considering the environment’s status is surely a hit this year. From incorporating energy-efficient lighting, to sourcing natural and renewable resources such as bamboo or natural stones, employing the most responsible practices is marked “hot” and classy this year.  

Femme Rules  

Feminine colors are taking over. Even the most sophisticated spaced which only used to have greys, whites, and blacks will level up using femme colors, tones, and softer elements. Terrazzo marble for flooring will definitely match elegantly with light tones. Rose colored walls would match with pearl white and light grey Terrazzo colors. Or even smaller elements such as gold and white terrazzo kitchen countertops will bring out the femme glam of spaces.

Maximal Vs. Minimal Art 

Minimalist art is slowly taking a backseat this year to give way to vivid, vibrant, concrete, and maximalist art pieces. Spaces will be revived with art pieces that has bold details and colors. This will be matched with smaller pieces such as floor lamps and throw pillows that will take color cues from the same center art piece for the room. Terrazzo’s simple and subtle tones will allow these colors to pop in the room.


Plain walls are also going to be obsolete and out this year. Wallpapers are back and will revive the classic and playful era of shapes and patterns. Designers will have more options for wallpapers now, given the capacity to customize and print designs on-demand, unlike in the earlier decades where wall-papers are usually off-the-shelf and limiting.

Maximizing Terrazzo partitions and flooring with these trends will be a smart choice for your home or office space. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to get the best Terrazzo recommendations for your design vision.

Integrating Terrazzo with Permeable Pavements for Urban Design

National Portrait Gallery Canberra – Supply and installed external paving.
National Portrait Gallery Canberra – Supply and installed external paving.

Sustainable design continues to take center stage in 2019 for building physical objects and creating spaces. Practitioners in urban development are accelerating in adopting materials that have minimal environmental impact, if not eliminating negative effects, from sourcing to polishing. The root is not solely on acquiring and using the materials, but the bigger weight is put on design. Whether it be terrazzo, wood, or asphalt, the materials’ components and structure would be useless if the design does not put its strengths into play.  

Across the globe, sustainable outdoor and urban designs are being highly incentivised by the government to encourage local public and private entities to push the standards higher when creating infrastructure and construction projects. One of the most common upgrades to urban space is the reconstruction and redesign of walkways and pavements to answer several challenges brought about by natural elements (e.g. heavy rainfall causing floods) or human requirements (e.g. safer and more accessible walkways for persons with disabilities). In Australia, a Water-Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) approach is the lead practice to ensure urban water cycle and water supplies are integrated into urban design to achieve minimal damage, improve aesthetics, and overall appeal of the space.  

This approach, when applied to pavement and sidewalk design, continues to use permeable (or porous) pavements among other materials.

Terrazzo Pavers

Why Permeable Pavements 

In urban development groups, permeable pavements have been known for more than three decades. It is used as an alternative to more common materials such as cement or asphalt. It is mostly used as part of an overall water management strategy. It helps manage stormwater and other urban water surplus by allowing water to drip through it into the soil. Given that this material answers several environmental benefits, the challenge for urban designers is to use this material and still execute a design objective.

Design and Functionality 

Identifying materials that can withstand and function perfectly with outdoor elements may seem easy for urban developers. But when faced with design challenges, many find it challenging to find other elements that may complement the functional strengths of permeable pavements. This is where terrazzo comes in. With flexibility in terms of colors and finish, Terrazzo becomes the ideal element to complement permeable pavements. Whether it is having cohesive patterns running through street walkways or creating functional elements such as benches and counter tops, Terrazzo will surely be an element of choice to put urban design visions into reality while keeping sustainable design practices in check through permeable pavements.

Timeless design leaves lasting impact. Combining elements which are highly functional, sustainable, and aesthetically sound creates livable spaces for generations to enjoy. To know more about Terrazzo and how it can be integrated with outdoor designs which also maximize permeable pavements, talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today.