Why Terrazzo Flooring Works Best For Hospitals in Australia

A hospital is one of the most important establishments in any city. It is considered a safe zone that can welcome and hold people from all  walks of life, 24/7. Because this building hosts such an important role in society, designing it and ensuring the structure can perform at its best while keeping the people within and surrounding it safe and comfortable is a task that is not taken lightly by the construction team. Deciding on the flooring is one of many decisions that need to be made whenever a hospital is being built from the ground up, or a portion of an existing building is being reconstructed or remodeled. Here’s why Terrazzo Flooring works best for hospitals in Australia.

Terrazzo floor provides safe mobility

Modular flooring, or those that are pieced together such as tiles, carpets, wood parquet, can create uneven groves, cuts, and surfaces that prefent mobility of staff and patients within the hospital’s premises. These uneven surfaces pose hazards in high traffic areas such as the emergency facilities and wards. Terrazzo floor, since it is poured to create a single and even surface, filling the space required, provides safe mobility in the hospital.

Cleanliness achieved easily

Terrazzo floor is also easy to maintain making cleaning and polishing easy for maintenance staff. When liquids are spilled on the floor, from water, to soda and drinks, to hazardous chemicals and waste, it is important for maintenance workers to quickly clean up the area to prevent potential spread of any harmful substance in other areas of the hospital. Airborne diseases are easily spread and can be worsened by an unhygienic environment. Terrazzo floor allows quick response for cleaners and maintenance workers.

Making creativity easier with flexible color combinations 

While hospitals usually create facilities in basic white and light shades, designers have recognized the effects of colors and visual variance for patient moods and recovery. Interior designers and architects are faced with the challenge of creating spaces that influence moods to fight loneliness and despair in a place that’s usually filled with circumstances that create a negative ambiance. Terrazzo flooring’s flexibility in color combinations and graphics integration make this task easier for designers.

To learn more about terrazzo flooring for hospitals in Australia, talk to experts from Terrazzo Australia Marble today and get guidance on flooring options.


Up the Game – Redesigning Traditional Retail Stores for Men


When we talk about shopping, women almost always dictate the experience which everything else is built around. From shoes, bags, clothes, cosmetics, and other consumer products, stores are built and designed to attract and retain female shoppers. While men are traditionally associated with quick shopping trips, younger consumers are redefining the experience for gentlemen. So how can traditional retail stores for men be redesigned to catch up with the preferences and desires of younger male shoppers?

There are many interior design hacks that can be taken into consideration. Below are just three items to consider to make the shopping experience easy, delightful, and spot on for men.


1.  Complement the brand for gentlemen starting with the right interior theme and colors
Masculine brands have to acknowledge that men, in general, still do not want the “attention” when they go shopping for themselves. Bright, sparkly lights and neon colors just won’t make the store encouraging. But this doesn’t mean we’ll have to abandon the light. Start with earth tones and warm colors, down to greys and blacks. An easy hack would be to choose warm and dark shades for the flooring to make the store less intimidating. Terrazzo tiles are the easiest pick for flooring that can offer a wide range of colors to match your brand and theme.

2.  Create separate spaces for different items
If the retail store sells several categories of products, it is best to create clear sections to make the store easy to navigate. Depending on the categorization, sections can be created by using different interior design materials such as wood flooring or wall panels, or terrazzo tiles for shelves and counters. The idea is to make sections distinct and easy to identify. Putting different items on similar-looking shelves is a thing of the past. Be more inventive with your interiors to match different male items for clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, etc.

3.  Signage and wayfinding elevates shopping experience for men
Last but definitely not the least, signage and wayfinding efforts will always be appreciated by the male shopper. Male shoppers usually go to the store with specific items in mind. Upon entering the shop, having clear overhead signages can surely improve the shopping experience for gentlemen.

There are many other hacks to incorporate in redesigning shops specifically targeted to male customers. Consulting interior design experts can help bring to life ideas. If you wish to start with the basics, you can start by getting expert advice from flooring suppliers. Contact Terrazzo Australian Marble for Terrazzo tiles today.





Making Terrazzo Work for Modern Drinking Pubs And Night Restaurants

The night life continues to be a vibrant scene in cities across Australia. In between the offices and the outdoors, going to drinking pubs and night restaurants has become the quickest option for unwinding and a brief escape from the chaos of daily life. In Sydney alone, restaurants and pubs continue to introduce new experiences, tastes, and sights and sounds to their customers. If you are about to open doors to a new restaurant or are thinking about redesigning your interiors, below are some quick terrazzo and interior design tips to help you make that drinking pub and night restaurant inviting and worth returning to.

1. Escape the blue light and warm up with warm lighting paired with beige and yellow terrazzo marble
Screens and digital devices expose people to blue light throughout the day. Make your place warmer and more inviting by installing warm light and matching it with beige and yellow terrazzo marble flooring. If your pub is going for the rustic look, pair these with wooden furniture and no-fail cushions and couches to make it comfortable.

2. Add the classy touch with Terrazzo bar top accentuated with bronze glass rack and drinks arrangement
If your pub will surely include a bar, never miss the chance to use Terrazzo for your bar top and pair it with bronze accents such as your glass rack or bottle holders. Depending on your restaurant’s theme, you can pick colors for your terrazzo bar top that would best complement your bronze accents.

3. Keep the sink and toilet areas easy to maintain with Terrazzo partitions and sink counters
People get creative when drunk. Vandalism may be inevitable for many drinking pubs. Using terrazzo as your partitions makes it easier to maintain and clean up after-the-fact. Putting Terrazzo as your sink counter also adds to the ease of maintenance as it is easy to wipe off and clean up for busy pub and restaurant staff.

4. Green it up with plants in Terrazzo pots
Air in drinking pubs, especially those with indoor smoking areas, can become too heavy. For restaurants with no outdoor access, it is best to get some help from plants to serve as your natural air filters and purifiers. Plants in night pubs may look odd, but if you match your existing terrazzo elements, such as your flooring, your bar top, your toilet partitions and sink counters, with terrazzo pots to hold the plants, it would surely blend in with your pubs’ interiors.

Terrazzo is your ideal pick to keep your drinking pub and night restaurant warm, inviting, and modern. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to check how you can incorporate Terrazzo into your pub and restaurant.

Terrazzo at Home – Shake Things Up

In households where design and interior layout falls in the hands of the homeowners instead of a typical interior designer, deciding how to shake things up can either go beautifully surprising or oddly confusing. So how can simple homes be turned into a space that has personality and style, without confusing the eyes and any person’s sense of design? Integrating terrazzo in parts of the house can indeed shake things up and introduce a different tone to any household.

1. Use terrazzo countertops to glam up the bathroom sink.

In small homes, bathroom sinks would normally be hanging against a wall with exposed pipes. This is a lowcost build that mainly comes as the standard for many households. One easy way to shake things up is to have the sink sit on top of a terrazzo countertop. It adds personality to the bathroom — make sure to select a terrazzo color combination that matched the existing wall paint in case you do not plan to repaint the walls of the bathroom.

2. Create walls in the living room that mimic texture with terrazzo.

terrazzo flooring

The terrazzo finish mimics texture and adds depth to a space. Panels or walls in the living room may introduce some texture instead of painting them plainly by having terrazzo marble tiles as the wall design. This does not need to be the whole panel of the wall. In fact, it could be sections like the back panel of your entertainment system or the wall against the mini bar just near the kitchen where your wines and glasses sit. The idea is to find distince elements that make your space a “living” space and add texture to a wall section to define it.

3. Extending the indoors outside.

terrazzo australian marble

The fascinating thing about interior design these days is it aims to extend the interiors to the exterior areas of a home for continuity and flow. A trick to do this is to extend your terrazzo flooring to meet your cement pavement coming into the house. Be playful by carving up shapes such as curves and lines to show the divide between the cement and the terrazzo but do not make it abrupt and predictable like cutting the division through a solid horizontal divide from the outside to the first step into your house. Create a flow and let terrazzo fill the idea for you.

There are so many other ways to shake things up at home with terrazzo. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble today to more about this material and how it could match your design visions and bring it to life

Colors and Terrazzo for Restaurant Interiors

Studies have shown that colors influence appetite. Research backs up that certain colors suppress appetite while other colors stimulate it. But while these color standards have been known to designers as go-to shades when creating restaurants, the booming food industry continues to seek unique interiors that make the dining experience more memorable and pleasing to customers.



With the advent of social media, picking a restaurant is now not just about the food, but the elements that “compose” the restaurant. From the history of the shop, to the interior design, to the owners and the people running the restaurant, to the way food is plated and how that “matches” the interiors, every element should now make a social-media worthy experience. Thus, playing it up with colors and the interior design of your restaurant requires more thought, even professional advice, now more than ever.

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