Matching Terrazzo and Chairs for Living Room

terrazzo australian marble

The modern family’s taste for their dwelling continue to evolve and shift with design trends. Furniture pieces are definitely a critical decision point when dressing up their abode. One of the most important pieces of furniture in any family’s home is the chair. While this piece seems trivial and unimportant versus the conversation art piece in the middle of the room, a piece as chunky and as huge as a chair cannot be left unnoticed. Picking the right chairs to match terrazzo flooring becomes a challenge on its own. Before you get overwhelmed with the array of types and choices of chairs, here’s a quick rundown of the types you can choose from:

  • Living Room Sets

Starting with the complete package, the Living Room Sets usually come in 3 pieces including 2 identical piece and one larger piece. This is a fantastic choice to set the overall tone and design of the living room. To match the terrazzo flooring, a 3-piece set could have the colors close to the tones of the terrazzo tiles. For example, if the tiles is dominantly white and grey, the Living Room Set could be a tone between pure white and a dark grey. Because this is a huge set, matching the color with the flooring can surely create a clean and unified theme for the living room.

  • Sleeper and sofabeds

For smaller spaces or for homes with the need for a double-purpose furniture, sleepers and sofabeds surely makes it to the top chairs to pick. Because sleepers and sofabeds are close to living room sets, matching this with the tones of the terrazzo tiles will also be ideal. If a custom cover can be made for sofabed, the cover can have a slight contrast to the flooring to set it apart from the rest of the pieces of furniture once it turns into a bed.

  • Ottoman

These tiny yet functional chairs can add a fantastic deviant piece and texture to the living room. It is best to make the ottoman a bit more edgy and non-monotonous, to make it stand out against the span of the flooring. Rugs may be added beside or under the ottoman to make clearly occupy a certain area of the floor, with designs and colors that can bring out the perfect contrast for the room. One fantastic thing about this piece is that it can also double as a storage. Usually a storage for reading materials or additional puff pillows for the couch, ottomans surely add function and flair to any space.

There are more types of chairs to choose from to match the terrazzo tiles. If the chairs are acquired first before the selection of flooring, ask Terrazzo Australian Marble for the best pick of terrazzo flooring to match your furniture pieces in the living room.

Top Bathroom Brands for Contemporary Design Needs

Terrazzo toilet partitions

Consumers and property owners across Australia are becoming more demanding and sophisticated when it comes to designing powder rooms, toilet and bath areas. Gone are the days of standard rounded faucets and basic toilet bowls. The game’s up and charging for the bathroom brands, and the challenge is to find the durable and stylish fixtures and match them with the complementing wall and floor materials. Terrazzo toilet partitions are becoming another go-to element in the design, matching with terrazzo flooring and similar materials. Below are three of the best bathroom brands for the sophisticated Australian designers and owners out there.

terrazzo australian marble

  • Caroma

Caroma is a standard top-of-mind brand for quality, stylish bathroom products. Hitting close to home, this Australian brand has been in business for over 75 years and is surely not going away any time soon. Their designs continue to match the contemporary concepts of both small and large-scale buildings.

  • Toto

Employing cutting-edge technology and design isn’t always the route of many fixtures suppliers. Yet, Toto paved the way and intertwined technology with design manifested through their sophisticated, sustainable, and and trusted bathroom products. Personal care and cleaning has never been this fancy.

  • Studio Bagno

Countering the well-established brands is a market disrupter. Studio Bagno has only been in the market for 8 years and yet, their brand has been made known not only in Europe but in other regions of the world as well. Studio Bagno’s Italian inspiration has resulted to durable and well-crafted fixtures which surely become conversation pieces for any new visitor to the bathroom.

Terrazzo Colors for the Minimalist Lifestyle

terrazzo australian marble

There is a global lifestyle that is unconventionally booming among young and old people. Living-with-less means so much more to people these days than it did a few huindred years ago. As humans tend to accumulate more and more possessions, the challenge of space, actual spending, and storage is hitting too prominently close to home. People are then shifting from a lifestyle of plenty to a lifestyle of few, with every choice of building and purchase defined by how “less” cluttered it is or it would be. 


But, having less doesn’t have to be plain and boring when it comes to flooring design. In fact, there are several perfect combinations of Terrazzo Colors to choose from. From light and bright terrazzo tiles, to solid and monochrome terrazzo insitu, there’s an array of hues to choose from, leaving a vibrant minimalist finish.  

  • White and Greys 

The most common hue dominant in minimalist settings is white and grey. These colors for flooring allow significant furniture pieces to stand out once laid across the space. The white and grey colors also show a neatly finished surface, making it easier for cleaning and maintenance as well due to the visibility of dust or any form of dirt on the floor.  

  • Solid color with hues of a similar shade 

With little presence of other hues aside from white and grey, some minimalists turn to a dominant second color for the flooring. The green hues of Terrazzo which appear emerald-like can bring a stunning nature finish to the floor. The idea is to keep the colors as light and close to a washed out or white feel so as not to defeat the main theme of minimalism and open spaces. A darker shade can look like shadows or can make huge spaces appear smaller. Depending on the design objectives, a solid light shade can add a nice mix to the white and grey Terrazzo Tiles or Terrazzo In-situ. 

  • Dark contrast 

Contrary to the second recommendation, a dark color such as black or deep blue colors can also be a strong choice for a minimalist set-up. Ideal to partner with “hard” elements such as concrete and metal, dark Terrazzo tiles or in-situ can bring out a good toned-down contrast to the usual whites and greys of the minimalist lifestyle. Either wait, depending on the design objective, strong and darker colors for terrazzo flooring can provide distinct segments and divisions for the space. 

Whichever the choice may be, Terrazzo tiles can perfectly complement the minimalist and contemporary styles of buildings today. You may consult top Terrazzo Companies in Australia to get professional guidance on the correct color picks for your minimalist style.

Matching Rugs for Terrazzo Flooring

One of the most commonly missed or unplanned element after finishing the flooring and interior design of a space is the rugs. For places with Terrazzo flooring, the misconception is that the flooring is good on its own and there’s little to no use thinking about the design of rugs to put in, as it need not be aesthetically matching with the flooring anyway. This is far from true. Rugs can, in fact, add to the finishing touches which can also highly complement the beautiful terrazzo flooring.  

Below are some of the interesting finds for rugs to pair with your Terrazzo flooring.

  1. Stepevi’s Handwoven Rugs 

If you think rugs don’t need to be designed, think again. You’ll be blown away with the level of sophistication applied by Istanbul-based designer of fully customizable rugs, Stepevi ( The most recent collection, according to an article published in, says his work found inspiration from the natural world. Cutting-edge production techniques brought about a fantastic set of rugs, mimicking natural elements and events such as spring and the cracks in the earth’s surface, among others. Such beautifully designed rugs will stand out against the clean and minimalist finish of an off-white terrazzo flooring. 

  2. MargretheOdgaard Pebble Rugs 

The Danish Textile designer Margrethe Odgaard released a set of rugs for the design brand Muuto. With a finish that feels like pebbles, the pattern of the rugs creates a repeating texture, creating a comforting and clean feel to the floor. The rugs are hand-woven with 100 per cent New Zealand wool, while the just is from 100 per cent vegetable fibres. This rug would put a nice contrast to more fluid and colorful Terrazzo floor designs.  

  3. PatriciaUrquiola’s Optical Illusion Rugs 

Another set of well-designed contemporary rugs is this series created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Because of the outlines and patterns to the rugs, they create fantastic optical illusions once laid out and matched with minimalist furniture pieces. The space looks bright and alive with the choice of colors as well, bringing depth and structure to any space. A two-tone terrazzo flooring would be a good complementing accent to the structured illusions.  

For more information on matching Terrazzo floors with rugs, you may consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for recommendations.  

Building Distinct Partitions as Alternative Business Model for Property Leasing

For the growing real estate leasing business, the most common business model is a property being fully leased to a single lessor. One opportunity that many real estate owners are missing is offering the single property to several renters, with distinct benefits for every individual, despite having some common areas to share.

terrazzo australian marble

One of the most common approach to “dividing” the property is creating distinct partitions. The most common issue of shared property is the lack of privacy and limitations. When landlords are too intrusive and interfere by setting too many rules and standards for shared properties, the renters somehow get “rebelious” and may do some actions which can result to inconveniences for other renters, or the owner himself. Below are some ways for property owners to to establish some “house rules” without being too privy in the affairs of the renters. These rules can be set through creating clear divisions in most, if not all, areas of the property.

  • Kitchen Area

Kitchen storage and dining areas are the most common source of overlaps when spaces are shared. One approach is to add labels to shelves, while making sure they are of equal space and dimensions. Labeling shelves for tenant 1 and tenant 2 ensures that each tenant only occupies the designated shelves for them. Each one does not spill over their things to other areas of the kitchen. For dining area distinction, the property owner may opt to have separate chairs and tables for each tenant, again, labeled properly. Or, the property owner can at least label the chairs if they’re all sharing one table so that each tenant would feel responsible for the area immediately surrounding his / her chair.

  • Bedrooms

Separating rooms may be the easiest task for the property owner, as walls clearly set divisions per room. But, dividing rooms doesn’t mean each room will have to be feature-less and run-of-the-mill. In fact, playing with Terrazzo tiles and terrazzo flooring can show personalities in rooms. This is where Terrazzo‘s wide array of colors to choose from come in useful. Each room can have a different Terrazzo color to bring out a theme or a distinct vibe which can be matched with the right furniture pieces. Again, Terrazzo flooring is more ideal for low maintenance issues in the long run.

  • Living Room

Dividing the living room can also be challenging as some properties don’t really have much space for this area. Divisions can be made by putting in single-seat couches instead of the long ones. This limits the space consumed to just single seats, while maintaining comfort and style.

Implementing divisions can make the property equally profitable or even more productive. It will take some creativity and planning, but ultimately, a property that is made available for comfort and style always wins the deal.

Implementing divisions can make the property equally profitable or even more productive. It will take some creativity and planning, but ultimately, a property that is made available for comfort and style always wins the deal.