4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Terrazzo Flooring

Different types of clients have different preferences when it comes to designing Terrazzo Flooring. They can use different materials, such as Terrazzo Tiles or Terrao Pavers, and approaches to achieve a design that would fit their objectives and match the structure’s overall architecture. The conceptualization for a household project may be different for a public construction project, but there are 4 major tips for creating the perfect Terrazzo Flooring for any project that could ensure an elegant design for your project.  

terrazzo australia marble1. Have an open discussion with other stakeholders in your project. 

Having an open mind about the design should be your priority. You won’t be able to come up with a fantastic design if you stick to singular concepts and be set on implementing those same designs. Having an open discussion with your project partners and other stakeholders of the project is a good starting point to conceptualize the right design fitting your theme. 

 2. Visualize your colors 

Thinking about your colors and having them ready for your consideration is another important tip when designing your terrazzo flooring. Terrazzo makes your design extra flexible with the wide array of colors you can play with and choose from. You should not be afraid to explore the different hues available for you. Hues matching different designs make the Terrazzo flooring even more visually appealing. Except for minimalist designs where hues are limited to singular colors, Terrazzo should be maximized to create combinations of colors and execute a prime design.   

 3. Get inspiration from things around you 

There is no better inspiration than the things immediately surrounding you. If you’re inside a newly built structure, the pieces surrounding you in that structure could be an easy source of inspiration. Or, go outside the structure and soak in the elements surrounding it. If your structure is in the middle of natural elements, take inspiration from these and think of ways to bring those outside elements into your space. The flow from outside to inside could be easily established by a flooring, well designed to integrate the outside space into your structure. If your structure is in the urban jungle, surrounded by solid urban elements, take inspiration from this as well and highlight these elements in your floor design or color.  

 4. Always plot your control joints in the design and don’t let them ruin or define your design 

If you’ve previously designed Terrazzo flooring, you would know that the control joints are difficult to deal with especially if the design is more “flowing” or irregularly shaped. The last thing you want to have is a control joint that “breaks” the design unnecessarily, making it look like it’s cracked in the wrong places, or cutting through important elements. This is especially crucial if you have elements such as logos or brands on your floor design. Having control joints are crucial and needs to be plotted accordingly. 


Having these tips in mind will surely help you design that perfect Terrazzo flooring for your structure. Keep in mind these guidelines and you’ll surely come up with fantastic results in no time. 

The Many Kinds of Terrazzo and Finishes

Ahhh terrazzo! Have you ever been mesmerized by walking on an intricately and exquisitely designed terrazzo floor in a posh hotel lobby or a swanky department store or even a business office front atrium. A beautifully designed terrazzo installation can leave one breathless with this experience. Nowadays large shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, homes and other structures use terrazzo to create one-of-a- kind and imaginative designs that bespeak of their own distinct branding. Terrazzo uses have come a long way since its early beginnings as a crude flooring material in old Venice. Now it is extensively used as pre cast elements with useful applications which include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms and Lavatories, Shower Partitions, Columns and Engineered Stone Partitions and in more recent times as Public Furniture in parks and walkways.

terrazzo floor

For everyone to understand, terrazzo here is used to describe both the material that is in the mix and the method that it is manufactured. So we talk about the terrazzo mixture used and the finish of the terrazzo itself.

Cementitious terrazzo is also the traditional terrazzo that most people know. This type of terrazzo is heavy and requires a thick cement subflooring or foundation to start with. This terrazzo is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, especially in areas where there is heavy foot traffic.

Polyacrylate terrazzo is a type of terrazzo that uses a combination of cement and latex which helps in strengthening the mixture whereby allowing a much thinner spread which “cures” much quicker than cementitious terrazzo. This type of terrazzo flooring is actually the most desired for use in homes which already have existing level floors.  It also offers more design flexibility compared to traditional terrazzo and often include post-consumer glass in the mixture.

Epoxy terrazzo is the most versatile, strongest and most commonly used type of terrazzo in the market today.  It is practically impermeable to scratching, fading, unsightly stains and cracks. It is usually installed in structures which have multiple levels. But sad to admit, this kind of terrazzo is not advisable for outdoor installations due to its non-porous quality and the fact that epoxy does not do well under long exposure to sunlight. Continue reading “The Many Kinds of Terrazzo and Finishes”

Upgrading Urban Space with Terrazzo

Cities around the world are booming with new landscapes and urban requirements as economies continue to grow. Designers, architects, and engineers alike are faced with the challenge of not only developing the space they are contracted for, but also upgrading the community surrounding the space. In Australia, given the wide spaces and extensive development, upgrading doesn’t necessarily mean redevelopment or restructuring. Sometimes, it could be as simple as improving the flooring, the main pathways around the space. One fantastic material to upgrade urban space with is terrazzo marble.   


Terrazzo marble is a good material that could match a lot of the surrounding elements of any urban landscape. The colors of Terrazzo can match existing buildings and infrastructure in the city. A brick red hue can match buildings made of old style bricks, while a black tint for Terrazzo could match steel materials such as bridges and lamp posts. Terrazzo flooring that matches these hues easily upgrade the surroundings and feel of the block. Flooring integrates any space into its bigger surrounding, connecting small spaces and expanding areas thematically.   Continue reading “Upgrading Urban Space with Terrazzo”

Blend Style and Permanence with Terrazzo

The latest in terrazzo flooring evolution easily blend style and resilience plus easy maintenance in every single property development it is applied to; reason enough why it is the most preferred flooring by the best architects and interior designers today. Terrazzo makes picking a design scheme and colour for your flooring and similarly for your precast elements extra easy!

terrazzo flooring

The kind of flooring one chooses to install on the area to be constructed already says a lot about the building or business enterprise in terms of magnificence and perception. Let us face the reality that elegance and splendor are not simply measured merely through grandiose and grand designs but also through simple yet unassuming building ideas which can offer functionality as well. To come up with different design elements within a living space is easy and stress-free with a renowned terrazzo flooring system on hand due to its unique ability to pick up on innumerable colour combinations to complement any design theme. Continue reading “Blend Style and Permanence with Terrazzo”

The Makings of a Perfect Terrazzo

If you want to own a perfect terrazzo whether it is a flooring system or any pre cast terrazzo element you have to start by looking for a good and reputable and highly experienced company with the right approach with working on terrazzo and one that literally knows their way in the “ins and outs” and all around terrazzo production from start to finish and through the ultimate care and restoration needed through the years. Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited fits the bill to the hilt with more than 40 years of experience in the marble and terrazzo business, owning and operating five marble quarries in western New South Wales and a factory that manufactures its terrazzo pre cast elements with the most modern equipment such as tile presses, top of the line 5 axis CNC processing machines, CNC edge polishers and saws which enable the company to have the ability to produce terrazzo materials and elements of exacting standards.

terrazzo australia marble

Now, with the company to undertake the project taken cared of, you now have to think honestly with the monetary part, your estimated budget (or a ball park figure of it) and an expected time frame for the completion of the undertaking. Then and only then will you have to discuss the design and plan that you envision and the colour scheme together with your architect or interior designer and the manufacturer or maker of the terrazzo and also most especially with your family if you are thinking of using terrazzo floor or pre cast elements for a house or if it’s a business venture with your business partner naturally. Once a design has been preferred and agreed upon, the aggregate mix and binding material and finish has to be carefully selected and dealt with as well because technical specifications play a lot on where and how you want your terrazzo to be located. For sure you will be informed forthright that there are different binding materials and finishes which are the best suited in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic and the best for avant-garde colour choices where Terrazzo Australian Marble can achieve more colours that can be custom made for your particular taste. There are terrazzo paver finishes that are excellent for external use and come with anti-slip properties for safety. Then again there are finishes that are environmentally-friendly and hygienic for those areas that need to be extra clean and sanitary such as pool areas, restaurant kitchens, hospitals and in Research and Development laboratories and facilities. As for precast elements, terrazzo can extensively be used to come up with beautiful hard wearing construction materials. The terrazzo pre cast applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and Public Furniture in parks and walkways. These terrazzo precast elements are uniquely versatile and the design intentions are practically limitless. Continue reading “The Makings of a Perfect Terrazzo”