Terrazzo for Commercial Buildings in Sydney

Commercial buildings usually give businesses the flexibility of designing shops individually. But there will still be the general areas such as the hallways, lounge, and restrooms that require personality to distinguish the building as a whole from the rest of the properties around Sydney. Because these general areas are mostly spaces that will not have many elements, perhaps some furniture pieces and plant pots at the very least, it is important to maximize the flooring to define the space and give it personality. Designers can get stuck with limited resources and budget to design these utility spaces, but with Terrazzo’s flexibility for creativity, it becomes a much easier task to accomplish.

terrazzo australian marble

Colors are limitless

The design possibilities with terrazzo for commercial buildings are endless. Because of the number of color combinations which can be achieved by combining different aggregates, designers are literally given freedom to explore and incorporate art into an every day space. It is important for designers to understand the different materials and aggregates that can be combined. With different hardness and colors, these aggregates can create outstanding colors to add personality to common areas of the commercial building.

Installation made easy by experts

Building owners, project owners, and contractors can work smoothly and easily with terrazzo experts during the conceptualization up to the installation phase. Having expert advice on how commercial building spaces can be maximized comes in handy especially for spaces which aren’t part of the busy side of Sydney. The building is almost always identified by how it looks and what makes it distinct from other buildings in the area. Terrazzo experts can guide builders on how to make common spaces the outstanding piece to remember for visitors.

After-care is conveniently available

One of the most important considerations for high-traffic commercial spaces is maintenance and after-care for flooring. Terrazzo floors are feared to chip away and crack because of its complex make and strucutre. But such concerns shouldn’t be a matter of discussion at all because of the after-care services that’s usually provided by terrazzo companies. Understanding proper care and maintenance practices will help prolong the state of terrazzo floors, but expert care will always be available and provided by good terrazzo providers in Sydney.

Talk to our team today to learn how your commercial building project can maximize Terrazzo for flooring and partitions

Terrazzo – Designing and Constructing High Foot Traffic Travel Facilities

terrazzo australian marble

Traveling continues to get a good portion of the disposable budget of households in Sydney. This means more travelers are getting on the road, buying more stuff, visiting more places than ever before. Airports and train stations are taking the brunt of higher foot traffic. Maintenance and construction teams now, more than ever, have to work more closely to ensure travel facilities are functional, safe, and traveler-friendly, 24/7. What, then, are the essential elements that need to be covered by designers and construction teams when building or renovating high foot traffic travel facilities?

1. No-slip, easy to maintain floors

terrazzo australian marble

High foot traffic means higher risk of accidents. The constant state of flooring of high foot traffic facilities can spell disaster, if not maintained accordingly. From small puddles of liquid, to uneven surfaces, these irregularities can cause slips and injuries. Choosing easy to maintain, no-slip floors, like Terrazzo flooring, for such travel facilities can significantly cut down the risk of accidents happening.

2. Signage and wayfinding

terrazzo australian marble

Ensuring there are clear signage and wayfinding fixtures can make travel facilities more accessible and navigable. Travelers are always in a hurry to shift from one area to another. Spending unnecessarily longer times trying to figure out where to go is something most travelers wish to avoid. Having clear, visible, and easy to understand signages will surely cut down wasted time for travelers.

3. Neat furniture pieces and seats

Furniture design continues to give face to any space. From simple no-cushion chairs in bus stops, to cozy lounge chairs in airports, having neat and sturdy furniture pieces and seats is an essential that needs to be considered for high-traffic facilities.

The importance of design and maintenance need to be married and integrated during the early stages of conceptualization and construction. To know more about terrazzo flooring options for high foot traffic facilities, talk to our team today.

Interior Design for Service Business by the Sea

Social media continues to drive awareness and bring in traffic for businesses across Sydney. Whether it’s a quaint cafe tucked in a quiet inner street, or a fancy restaurant by the sea, businesses, specifically service businesses, are understanding the impact of having visually-appealing interiors to their social media presence.

insitu terrazzo

For businesses by the sea, it is ideal to get the right elements together to bring out the desired ambiance for the business while maximizing the beauty of its surroundings. From Terrazzo flooring with white and light blue aggregates, to varnished wood and marble tables, here are some tips that can help get the right aesthetics to achieve a social-media-worthy interiors for the business.

1. Use the colors of surrounding areas as the base color.

Pick out the most prominent hues of the surrounding areas. Whether its the greens of some trees leading to the ocean, or the deep navy blue of the sea immediately facing the front pavements, or just a cooler tone of white, it is ideal to select a good base that would cover most of the interiors. Hotels or restaurants, especially those larger establishments, would benefit from a softer color base to achieve a minimalist yet elegant finish.

2. Experiment with natural materials which can be associated with the sea.

Rocks, ropes, sand, wood, and other elements that can be immediately associated with the sea can add as great accents to the flat tones of the interior paint. Restaurants could opt to have wooden furniture over plastic ones to have a more natural look. Down to the smaller elements such as cork coasters and cotton placemats, experimenting with natural elements to connect the interiors with the outdoors can benefit service business by the sea.

3. Incorporate modern elements.

While natural and easy is a logical theme for the restaurants and cafes by the sea, one cannot go wrong in incorporating more modern elements such as metal bars or terrazzo tiles into the overall design. These modern elements balance and even provide constrast to the solid natural connection made between the indoor and outdoors.

terrazzo australian marble

There are so many other approaches to making business by the sea as enticing and noteworthy as possible. For flooring and partition requirements, consider terrazzo flooring and terrazzo partitions and check out how these can be incorporated in your next design project for businesses in front of the sea.

Making Well-Designed Community Facilities Starting with the Outdoors

National Portrait Gallery Canberra – Supply and installed external paving.
National Portrait Gallery Canberra – Supply and installed external paving.

Designers and contractors for community areas are normally constrained with maximizing the budget for the interiors and structural build. Community structures and buildings, such as government offices, local clinics and pharmacies, hospitals and education centers are often created with functionality as priority. Usually, these services occupy ready-built facilities where they do not have influence on the structure and design of the surrounding areas or even on the make of the building itself. So how can designers who are building structures specifically for the purpose of these community facilities, create well-designed buildings, starting with the outdoors?

1. Build clear and safe walkways with access for persons with disabilities

Inclusive growth has become a standard for development. Creating clear and safe walkways with access for persons with disabilities is a sure and easy consideration in making well-designed and highly-accessible outdoor areas leading to the community facility. Using terrazzo pavers for the walkways leading to the entrance and exits creates a clean and stylish finish which is easy to maintain as well. Adding accents such as benches and terrazzo pots for greens and plants can add to the overall aesthetics of the surrounding area.

2. Install additional lighting fixtures aside from the existing lamp posts

Another consideration to make the exteriors of community facilities more inviting is installing additional lighting in addition to existing state-provided lamp posts. This can clearly establish the ambiance by marking the surrounding block leading to the facility, while ensuring that the pavements are well-lit and safe even at night.

3. Invest in signage and wayfinding
In busy areas, having visible and clear signage’s to guide visitors and clients to the facility can often be missed by developers. This can either be an investment made by the developer or the future tenants of the community facility. Either way, it would be ideal to have clear signs not just within the immediate surrounding areas but even a few blocks pointing to the facility.

Terrazzo Pavers

In creating well-designed community facilities, developers and designers should have a holistic view of the area to provide lasting value to the tenants and visitors. For flooring requirements, talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble to get the appropriate solutions for pavements and outdoor structures. 

Shopping Malls – Improving Shopper Experience to Survive the Online Shopping Era

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Terrazzo Flooring for Shopping Malls

City-dwellers are preferring the experience of online shopping now more than ever. With the convenience brought about by free deliveries, and the savings from constant discounts and promo codes from online stores, shopping malls are now slowly being perceived as simple grocery stores and hardware shops. The trips to shopping malls are now reduced to necessary visits to get the essentials. But the brick-and-mortar shops continue to be an essential distribution channels for many industries. How, then, can shopping malls improve the shopper experience so that even shopping for the essentials become a pleasant experience?

1. High ceiling for an outdoor experience while indoor

Old buildings and shopping centers tend to have the standard ceiling height. Restructuring old buildings can be a challenge and raising the ceiling from its original height can be a renovation nightmare. But why would it be worth going through this restructuring? Bringing the feeling of being outdoor even inside a closed structure creates a more relaxed and easy shopping experience. Living in cities can sometimes feel too cramped and tight. High ceilings in shopping malls can give a sense of open air, reducing the feeling of being closed in with other mall-goers.

2. Wide and clean walkways for comfortable strolls

Another consideration for shopping malls would be to have spacious and clear shopping mall walkways. Shopping mall flooring could be made of different materials: marble tiles, terrazzo tiles, or granite tiles. Choosing the right colors to have clean, neat-looking walkways is vital for high-traffic areas of the mall. Terrazzo comes in as the top material of choice when color flexibility is considered, given that one can literally choose from a wide range of colors for the base resin and aggregates for terrazzo. The idea is to have wide aisles which are easy to keep clean, to make the shopper experience consistently easy and comfortable.

3. Signage and wayfinding to aide ease of shopping

A common challenge for mall goers is the difficulty of locating the different areas and facilities of the mall. This is where signage and wayfinding play a crucial role. Having signages in highly visible areas, in legible fonts and right colors is a job that needs to be done with shoppers in mind. Like software and online services which have to be designed with user experience in mind, putting the signs and wayfinding markers as part of the design requires deep understanding of shopper demographics and behaviors.

terrazzo australian marble

There are more ways to improve shopping experience, retaining shopping malls as key distribution channels. When thinking of flooring, understanding marble or terrazzo tiles and how these can be incorporated in the renovation, talk to our Terrazzo experts to get the right recommendation and execution.