The Reality of Doing Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo flooring is without a doubt one of the most resilient, long-lasting, and aesthetically top tier types of flooring available – no grout, a high shine, and a stunning appearance. Easily the focal point of any home regardless of the design aesthetic.  When properly and consistently maintained, these terrazzo floors will last a significant amount of time.  This is why restorations for a terrazzo flooring system are few and far in between.  However, it is wise to note that there are a few guidelines for a properly done terrazzo floor restoration to avoid further damaging or marring the existing floor.

Breaking Down Restoration Myths

The use of terrazzo for floors has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years with some of these original terrazzo floors still existing today.  This is a testament of how long lasting and sustainable terrazzo is.  Keep in mind that back then terrazzo maintenance is hit and miss but as the times have progressed so have our knowledge about proper terrazzo floor restoration.  Unfortunately, there are still a few myths that need to be dispelled when it comes to restoring terrazzo floors.  

The most popular misconception is that there is no need to preserve a terrazzo floor and that it is preferable to simply cover or demolish them in order to lay an alternative flooring system. While terrazzo is a long-lasting flooring system, it is nevertheless susceptible to scratches and stains over time, as well as becoming duller and dirtier. This is not to say that it cannot be salvaged and restored to its former glory.

Another myth regarding terrazzo floor restoration is that it is an expensive operation; nevertheless, when properly maintained and routinely cleaned, there is no need to spend a lot of money on minor repair and restoration. The cost of restoring a terrazzo floor is determined on its existing state. So, if you’ve been attentive in cleaning your terrazzo floors, having them restored to their original sheen should only cost you a few hundred dollars.

DIY is better over professional services is another misconception that needs to be demolished.  As with any kind of repair or restoration project, it should be strictly emphasized that you should only go the DIY route when you absolutely know what to do and have the proper knowledge and tools.  Going into a terrazzo floor restoration without the proper knowhow and equipment could result in having to spend more to fix the problems that will most likely arise.  

Every Good Thing is Worth the Trouble

Terrazzo is a durable flooring comprised of marble chips blended with a binding adhesive that is commonly used in supermarkets, commercial buildings, airports, industrial structures, and homes. Many terrazzo floors will become scuffed or stained with time, causing the floor to become porous and the surface to appear dull and dusty.

Having your terrazzo floors professionally restored or repaired is worth it especially when it means you’ll have the satisfaction of extending your floors’ lifespan.