Improving Outdoor Safety with Terrazzo Pavers

Consider going to a neighbouring park for some outdoor fun, only to be caught in a sudden downpour and forced to flee to the nearest shelter since you forgot to carry an umbrella. Because the terrain will be muddy, uneven, and possibly slippery, you opt to stick to the park’s pathways. Imagine if the route was studded with little holes or slick areas from the unexpected rain. That is a disaster waiting to happen. Slipping and tripping accidents can be greatly reduced by using terrazzo pavers for outdoor paths and sidewalks.

What are Terrazzo Pavers?

Terrazzo pavers are created by combining hard stones such as granite, river pebble, quartz, and basalt with a cement binder. During construction, the pavers are sharpened and shotblasted to provide the tiles an anti-slip texture which makes terrazzo pavers the ideal building material choice to use primarily for paving exterior surfaces.  They are durable, weather-resistant, available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and even textures.  Because of these attributes, terrazzo pavers have been one of the top choices for many building projects.  Driveways, patios, and pathways can all be made with terrazzo pavers. These paving blocks can also be used to build retaining walls, raised beds, and other yard features. The aesthetic attractiveness of outdoor spaces can also be improved by using terrazzo pavers to highlight good aspects and conceal small building imperfections.  

Increasing Safety and Property Values with Terrazzo Pavers

Nothing decreases a property’s value more than an unkempt, run down and poorly maintained façade but who has the time to clean and renovate a driveway on a daily basis, right?  However, with terrazzo pavers, maintenance is a breeze.  Furthermore, terrazzo pavers are known to be weather resistant and can therefore keep its aesthetic appearance longer than any other building material available today.  

Property value nonetheless is not just about appearances.  It is also about durability and longevity.  Terrazzo pavers tick these check boxes as well because using quality materials on your property equates to less repairs and less cost.  Moreover, safety is also a factor when it comes to a property’s overall value.  When there are tears, breaks and cracks on the surfaces of a property, the safety of its residents is a critical concern.  But with terrazzo pavers, safety issues are well addressed.  Especially when used for pathways, driveways and outdoor steps, terrazzo pavers have proven again and again to be the best and safest choice.  The risk of slipping and tripping are greatly reduced as terrazzo pavers can be made to have anti-slip textures and are incredibly sturdy that it is almost impossible to get chipped and cracked with normal use.

Maintaining Terrazzo Pavers

An important aspect to remember when it comes to maintaining terrazzo pavers is consistency.  While there is no need to clean a surface made from terrazzo pavers, setting aside a weekly schedule to clean them is ideal.  Also, do consult with terrazzo experts on which cleaning solutions are suitable to use to avoid using harmful products on terrazzo pavers.