Lifestyle Upgrade: Adding Class, Security, and Comfort to your Home

Classy, secure and comfortable this is what most owners are looking for their homes. They want their ambiance of their place to be very appealing. They want their place to be secure for their families. They want everything without the heavy price tag of maintenance.

In this article, we will discuss some trends on achieving this CSS. We will share best practices so you can get the best of these worlds for your homes.


Ways to make your home classy

  • Less is More– a common trend with top interior designs is that having less is more beautiful. Whether it’s contemporary, urban or modern interior design, all of these emphasize on clean and bare designs. The problem of having too much furniture is that it distracts people. This distraction can become noisy and degrades the beauty of your property
  • Invest on Amazing Light Fixture– light plays an important role in making your property elegant. Light highlights the beauty of your rooms. When choosing lights to make sure they give the right amount of luminance. Consider using subtle accent lights to highlight edges and corners of your homes. Position lights to highlight or add a shadow on different aspects of your home.
  • Brass and Iron- Metals play a big role in making your home look classy. Over the years, brushed metal has dominated the interior design. Now retro metals are making the scene. Consider using brass for seats, light fixtures, and sinks. This blends well with white and blue walls. Black iron gives a country retro look. It works well with grey, white and even black walls/floors.
  • Use Terrazzo– Of all the flooring materials, terrazzo stone marble is hands down the most prestigious material. The design of terrazzo screams luxury at all levels. Upscale residences and business have tapped this tiles.

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Inspirations for Commercial Spaces using Terrazzo Stone Marble

Terrazzo is considered one of the best materials for flooring, slabs and benchtops. It is extremely durable and requires less maintenance. Most upscale establishments have utilized this terrazzo stone marble.

In this article, we will discuss how these establishments utilize terrazzo. We will also delve into details on how terrazzo can help bring more value for your future projects.

Advantages of Terrazzo Marble for Commercial Spaces

* Superior design– Terrazzo stone marble provides more design flexibility for architects and builders. It can be highly customized to have different shapes and textures that other materials such as bricks, stones/ceramic tiles cannot provide.

Most high-end residence and commercial spaces utilize this material to bring a more premium feel to their environment. If sandstones provide a natural feel, terrazzo provides prestige and elegance.

* Emblems design– unlike other materials such as concrete tiles and ceramic tiles, terrazzo can be shaped to create sophisticated emblems. These emblems can help make establishments stand out, bringing top of mind experiences to customers


terrazzo marble stone
An example of terrazzo marble stone emblem in Coleman Highschool. Photo courtesy of

Another example of terrazzo emblem for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the US. Photo courtesy:  Allegheny’s installations

terrazzo stone emblem
Homegrown example of emblem design made by Terrazzo Australia

Homegrown example of emblem design made by Terrazzo Australia

* Easy maintenance– the polishing of terrazzo makes maintenance easier for the long haul. You can simply mop the floor to clean stains. It does not retain the stain since most finishes are smooth and glossy. Unlike ceramic tiles, terrazzo marble stones do not have grout.

* Durability– terrazzo marble stones are very robust and durable. The gleam can last for decades. It is as if it was polished when it came from the factory.

Terrazzo marble stones are very durable that they are used even outdoors. They can withstand most extreme climate.

Inspirations for Commercial Establishments

Here are some inspirations which you can apply for your projects. We curated the best we have seen so far from around the world

Terrazzo Used as Flooring

terrazzo loby design

Stunning implementation of terrazzo on the lobby. The architect applied multiple shapes to assemble an artistic cylinder. Colored textures and white terrazzo were used to build the shape and design. Photo courtesy: Pompei Inc

greece pillars

If the glory of Greece was revived again, this would be one of its pillars. Terrazzo stone marble was used to shape the circles and accents. The star emblem was created with blue and white terrazzo stone. Observe how the design perfectly shapes well with the columns. Photo courtesy: Startilecentre

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History of Terrazzo Stone

Terrazzo stone is one of the most sought after materials for architecture. It adds flavor and art to buildings, homes and other establishments. This article we will be discussing the history of terrazzo stone and how it shaped modern architecture as we know it.

Where the Terrazzo Word Came from?
Archaeologists have adopted the term terrazzo to describe the floors of early neolitic buildings, 9,000–8,000 BC in Western Asia(Turkey). It was constructed of burnt lime and clay, colored red with ochreand polished. The embedded crushed limestone gives it a slightly mottled appearance.

The use of fire to produce burnt lime, which was also used for the hafting of implements. It predates production of fired pottery by almost a thousand years.   Continue reading “History of Terrazzo Stone”

Architecture Using Terrazzo Stone

Terrazzo Stone is one of the most sought after materials for modern architecture. This material is very durable and offers exquisite designs for homes, buildings, walkways, etc. A lot of components can be assembled leveraging this material.

What are the Different Applications for Terrazzo Stone?

* Pavers -Terrazzo stones are built to last. They can withstand extreme climates (heat, cold, rain, etc). Therefore, this material can be used as pavers for walkways, pedestrian lanes and other outdoor amenities.

Terrazzo stones can also be used as pool copings. This material can be brushed to have more traction. This is very helpful if the area is prone to being wet and people might slip on it.

Pavers are made with various hard aggregates such as granite, river pebble, quartz and basalt combined with a cement binder. The pavers are honed in a factory and shot blast to give the tiles an anti-slip texture. Each tile is individually chamfered for that prestigious look

paver implementation on Finger Wharf
Example of paver implementation on Finger Wharf

* Benchtops – This material can be used as concrete countertops. It is an amazing addition to your kitchen and outdoor living area. The colors and textures of terrazzo can provide design elements for modern homes and urban lifestyle architecture.
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