Terrazzo Vanity Tops By Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo toilet partitions are very popular nowadays. A lot of construction projects have applied this material due to its durability, exquisiteness and versatility. In this article, Terrazzo Australia Marble will discuss a special type of terrazzo partition, the San Marco stone.

San Marco Stone Partition

The San Marco stone is considered to be the best in class when it comes to kitchen benchtops and commercial areas. Terrazzo Australian Marble has introduced the San Marco Stone partition range to extend this remarkable product to the partition market. The San Marco Stone is perfect for vanities and urinal screens.

Example of San Marco Stone Partition
Example of San Marco Stone Partition

Why San Marco Stone stands out from the rest?

Terrazzo Australia Marble prides itself with providing the finest material for construction projects. San Marco stone partitions are considered its best product yet. Here are the reasons why

* Exquisite design– you can have a lot of colors you can choose from. Whether you are planning to create a modern interior or urban interior, there are wide arrays of texture selections you can use for your interior design. Continue reading “Terrazzo Vanity Tops By Terrazzo Australian Marble”

Toilet and Shower Partitions – A New Age in Washroom Partitioning

Terrazzo toilet partitions are perhaps the hottest materials nowadays. The partition is considered more cost effective compared to other alternatives. In this article we will discuss why your should consider terrazzo toilet partitions for your next construction projects.

Top 5 Best Qualities of Terrazzo Toilet Partitions

* Exquisite Design– the design of the partitions are considered premium. They are used by most hotels and up-scale homes. They are similar with marbles thus making the atmosphere more elegant. Terrazzo toilet partitions can have different colors and textures.

Dependent on your preference, you can choose from a wide variety of color palette. Textures can vary some have more scattered pigments and stones. Others have a good mix of small and large pigments. Here are examples of colors and textures you can choose for Terrazzo


Colors terrazzo

neutral terrazzo

* Design Flexibility – unlike other stone alternatives, terrazzo toilet partitions can be crafted into shapes and patterns. It is extremely flexible. Combining the different colors can create interesting geometric patterns such as emblems and even artworks. Upscale establishments such as hotels and resorts highly prefer this material because of this quality.

* DurabilityTerrazzo toilet partitions are composed of Portland cement, pigments, marbles and stones. These make the material extremely durable. It is very hard to break or scratch. The tiles can endure water. It leaves less stains or grout over time compared with ceramics. The material can withstand harsh elements such as extreme cold and heat. This quality ensures that owners can enjoy huge cost savings in the long run when it comes to maintenance. Continue reading “Toilet and Shower Partitions – A New Age in Washroom Partitioning”

Terrazzo Toilet Partitions By Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo toilet partitions are the most sought after material nowadays. Almost all bathroom projects consider this material due to its beauty, toughness and easy maintenance. In this article, Terrazzo Australia will be sharing its experience using these partitions. We will discuss why many Australians are using our systems for their projects.

San Marco Stone Partition

This is the most popular line of terrazzo toilet partitions being offered by Terrazzo Australia. San Marco Stone is perfect for vanities and urinal screens to complement to any partition installation. Many of our partner architects and engineer regard this as a very remarkable product for their works.

Example of San Marco Stone Partition
Example of San Marco Stone Partition

What Makes This Terrazzo Toilet Partitions Special?

* Durability– The terrazzo toilet partition is around 30mm thick. This makes the San Marco Stone extremely strong and durable. Throughout the 7 years we deployed that this has been deployed to the market, we haven’t replaced any panel at all.

* Clean – The material used is completely smooth. It has almost a glass-like surface that no mould and bacteria can grow on.

* Waterproof – this terrazzo toilet partition thrives in moisture. It doesn’t leave grout or stains when water is applied to the partition. This makes the material easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

* Vandal proof– if you are operating a public toilet, you will love this particular property of San Marco partition. Stains from Pentel pens or paints can be easily removed. You can use any suitable solvent (use solvents that are not acidic and have a PH value of 5). It leaves no residue when being cleaned. Continue reading “Terrazzo Toilet Partitions By Terrazzo Australian Marble”