Everything You Need to Know About Polished Terrazzo

Polished terrazzo is created by combining aggregate materials with a cement base, including but not limited to marble, quartz, and glass. It may be poured in place or precast and then erected on site. Then, to safeguard and keep its glossy appearance, a layer of sealer is applied. Polished terrazzo is not just useful as flooring but may be used in a variety of ways. For installations with a lot of traffic, an anti-slip coating is frequently used.  It is the go-to material of choice for designers, architects and contractors looking for a long-lasting flooring material that can be used in even the most difficult applications and environments. A protective layer of sealer is applied to protect and maintain its polished look. Polished terrazzo can be used in many different applications, especially when a high traffic volume is expected.

Proper Maintenance 

As a material, polished terrazzo is very simple to maintain and care for. You only need to be aware of what to do, what to use, and how frequently it has to be cleaned. 

  • Make sure to use a moist mop to eliminate any collected dust and debris before continuing. After completing this, lightly wipe the area once more with a damp mop soaked in warm water mixed with a neutral cleaning agent. 
  • It’s crucial to remember that polished terrazzo should only be cleaned using neutral cleaning agents. This is due to polished terrazzo’s porous nature, which makes it vulnerable to damage from any form of acidic solution.
  • Allow the floor or surfaces to dry overnight once the solution and dirt have been removed. The surfaces can be polished using a buffer machine once you are certain that they are entirely dry. As an alternative, you may simply use a dry, clean, and non-abrasive cloth to scratch the surface.
  • Remember that these are merely the procedures to follow in order to clean and maintain your polished terrazzo. To make sure you are doing everything correctly, it is advised to speak with your terrazzo professionals if you want to rebuff and reseal it yourself. However, to avoid any kind of harm to the floors or surfaces, it is preferable to have qualified terrazzo experts perform any resealing or rebuffing.
  • If properly maintained, polished terrazzo floors and surfaces can last a lifetime; nevertheless, it is better to have this work done by terrazzo specialists if you need your floors or surfaces to be restored or repaired. Avoid attempting to restore or repair terrazzo yourself, especially if you have no prior expertise doing it. Only skilled terrazzo specialists are able to use specific processes and tools designed for these tasks.

Polished terrazzo is a beautiful way of bringing color and texture to your space. Whether you’re looking to add something unique to your home or business, or simply want to give an area a special look, polished terrazzo floor tiles are an ideal choice.  It is the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses alike.  Not only does it offer the visual appeal of an old-fashioned polished marble floor, but it also provides a natural, material feel in any environment.