Poured Terrazzo – The Surprisingly Practical Flooring Solution

The usage of terrazzo as a building material, particularly for residential areas, is misunderstood as being prohibitively expensive. But what the majority of people neglect to take into account are all the useful and advantageous qualities of terrazzo that amply justify its price. Compared to the majority of flooring solutions on the market today, properly poured terrazzo flooring is substantially more durable, sustainable, and affordable. 

The Cost-Worthiness of Using Poured Terrazzo

If maintained properly, poured terrazzo flooring can endure a very long period. In certain instances, architectural historians have found nearly flawless terrazzo floors in otherwise damaged buildings. Consider the amount of money you could save over time if your poured terrazzo flooring maintained its brilliance and strength as if it had only recently been laid.

Add to that, do you realize that most surfaces may be covered with poured terrazzo? For people who merely want to modify their floors or make little improvements to an existing structure, this is one way most builders save demolition and labor costs when using poured terrazzo flooring. 

When Form and Function Find the Right Balance

There is frequently a need to compromise between function and design or cost over aesthetic when looking at flooring options. With flooring made of poured terrazzo, this is not the case. Due of the ease with which the design of terrazzo may be adapted to its surroundings without compromising strength, sustainability, or functionality. Overall, poured terrazzo flooring is still one of the best, if not the best, flooring option available today, despite having a slightly higher price tag. Simply told, it is worth the price because you surely receive more for your money. Gone are the concerns about expensive and time-consuming maintenance, ongoing restoration, and repair. Poured terrazzo flooring is the greatest alternative for flooring systems, provided it is done correctly by terrazzo specialists who have undergone the necessary training.

Safety is Priority 

Poured terrazzo flooring is the safest flooring option for both home and commercial settings when it is coated with an anti-slip finish. In fact, poured terrazzo flooring is used in the majority of hospitals, schools, airports, and shopping centers to ensure the safety of those who walk on them. Additionally, because poured terrazzo flooring never needs to be waxed to keep its sheen, the likelihood of slipping over slippery areas is significantly decreased.

Maintaining Your Poured Terrazzo Floors

Poured terrazzo flooring most likely has the easiest and clearest method for upkeep. A mop, warm water, and a PH-neutral cleaning solution are all you need. There is no need for bulky cleaning equipment or pricey cleaning supplies. Simply lightly buff with a soft cloth to remove surface dust and grime to preserve the finish’s beautiful appearance. Spilled drink stains should be cleaned up right away with warm, soapy water and buffed dry. Licensed terrazzo experts can provide a number of tried-and-true suggestions for removing various types of persistent stains.