Terrazzo Tiles – Why It’s The Most Preferred Flooring System

Terrazzo, which was fortuitously discovered by Venetian artisans around the 1600s, was first utilized as flooring during the Renaissance mostly for churches and other buildings. Granite and marble remnants left over from other builds are mixed with resin or concrete to create terrazzo flooring. You are left with a strong floor that resembles a Venetian mosaic once the concrete or resin has dried and hardened.

Noteworthy Aesthetic
Nothing compares to terrazzo tiles if you want your floors and surfaces to have a high-end, opulent appearance. Choosing to use terrazzo tiles, will not only make your floors look highly-appealing, but it will also make them noteworthy.  

However, keep in mind that since terrazzo is created by combining several components or varying colors and composition, you can select practically any pattern to use on your building project. As a result, when installing terrazzo tiles, builders can add almost an unending line of options and even incorporate certain design elements such as decorative patterns, seals, emblems, and other designs.

Longevity and Sustainability
Terrazzo tiles, like its contemporaries, are still susceptible to chipping, just like other stone floors. However, terrazzo is one of the most resilient and durable flooring you can install, so you don’t need to be concerned. Terrazzo tiles are resistant to water and stain damage as long as they have been properly installed and consistently maintained. Floors made from terrazzo tiles may also be refinished and polished to seem brand new, despite aging and wear and tear. Given how little upkeep terrazzo requires, it more than makes up for the initial cost. 

Worth Every Dollar
Terrazzo floors may have a higher initial cost than other types of flooring this is because you not only combine two of the most expensive elements, but you also set it with concrete or resin. Unlike marble, granite, or concrete, terrazzo floors must be professionally laid, which raises the cost of installation. Terrazzo, however, is still showing to be a wise investment that will save you money over time because it is highly resilient and does not need any kind of special maintenance. In addition, maintenance and upkeep for terrazzo tiles is simpler than that of other types of flooring. Simply make sure to sweep and mop frequently. The only maintenance required to maintain a terrazzo floor is this.

Terrazzo tiles can be set up and installed on your own. However, you will require the skillful guidance of a professional to install them if you want to make sure that your terrazzo tires are correctly and properly set in place. For those who are choosing to install terrazzo tiles, it is highly recommended to have it professionally done to ensure its longevity and durability.

Installing terrazzo tiles has many advantages and disadvantages, but for individuals who wish to include durability and design into their floors, terrazzo tiles is the most recommended flooring system. This type of flooring is highly favorable due to its incredible durability, limitless and unique color options, and easy maintenance. They are also perfect for interiors whether they go with a minimalist design or go a more opulent route.