The Salient Facts About Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is known to be accidentally discovered by some Venetian artists when they realized they can use the scraps and offcuts of marble and other stones and combine them with cement to create a composite material that was as aesthetically pleasing and could match its contemporaries’ positive attributes. Since then, it has established itself as a constant component of numerous architectural infrastructures all over the world.

The Advantages of Utilizing Terrazzo Tiles

 The use of terrazzo tile has a number of noteworthy benefits. First of all, there are terrazzo tile installations that have been installed many years ago that have endured the test of time and use which is proof positive of its unmatched durability. And because of terrazzo’s strong compressive strength, it can easily bear up against heavy foot traffic as well as light vehicles like bicycles, scooters and baby strollers giving it this unique advantage. Which brings us to another benefit of terrazzo tile, which is that it can be applied to both inside and external locations.

The terrazzo tile is also a great option for people who want to utilize only environmentally friendly, sustainable materials that have little to no carbon footprint. Terrazzo tile is a favorite among architects and designers who promote a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to construction since it is manufactured the way it is by utilizing scraps of surplus materials.

Terrazzo Tiles and its Wide Range of Applications

Terrazzo has advanced considerably in terms of the range of uses and applications since it was first employed as flooring. Terrazzo is used for many different things these days, including wall paneling, countertops, kitchen backsplashes, interior and external furniture like tables and benchtops, and even large-scale art works or small-scale décor. This is especially true with terrazzo tiles, which may be customized for purpose and desire by being cut, shaped, and sized. This also emphasizes another benefit of terrazzo tile: it may be used in any size residence or commercial space. This degree of versatility is another factor in the popularity of terrazzo tile as a building and design material over the years.

Maintaining Terrazzo Tile

One of the best and most straightforward methods of upkeep and care can be easily done with terrazzo tiles and terrazzo in general. Always remember to maintain the surfaces of your terrazzo tile floors clean. Simply wipe them off with a damp mop every other day, and be sure to only use a neutral cleaner to avoid corroding the terrazzo with any acids. Additionally, be sure to quickly clean up any spills, especially those involving colored substances like red wine, soda, and juices that could leave stains.

The Cost of Using Terrazzo Tiles

There have been numerous arguments over whether terrazzo is expensive or one of the more affordable building materials available today. While it is true that terrazzo is more expensive than some of the more cost-effective options, the longevity of its lifespan is significantly much longer than others, so with good care and maintenance, the need to spend on repairs and reinstallation is reduced, more than making up for the initial cost.