Terrazzo Slab: Different Materials for Slabs

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In the previous article, we discussed tips on how to create sturdy yet elegant slabs. In this post, our experts in Terrazzo will enlighten you on the different materials used for slabs. Our aim is to educate home builders and commercial building owners on these materials and how you could leverage it for your projects.

Slabs differ based on texture, color and design finishes. It can also be classified through the different cuts and dimensions. Each of these are used to different types of environments and themes.

The Different Colors of Terrazzo Slabs

Terrazzo is made up of Portland cement, sand, marble and mineral chips. Each of these have different color pigments and textures. To learn more about different colors available, click here. Continue reading “Terrazzo Slab: Different Materials for Slabs”

Terrazzo Slab: How to Build Sturdy yet Elegant Slabs for Homes & Buildings

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Finding the right slab for your homes and buildings is critical to the functionality and design of the whole structure. Slabs compose almost 50% of your building. These comprises your flooring and ceiling. In this article, we will walk you through how to build sturdy yet elegant Terrazzo slabs for your construction projects.

What are the different kinds of slabs?
Slabs can be composed of wood, stone or concrete. Usage of these types depend on the theme, climate and requirements of the owner.

Terrazzo Slabs versus Other Slabs

Terrazzo slabs are made up of Portland Cement, sand, marble chips and mineral chips. Making it very durable against all weather conditions. This makes it a tough material for outdoor flooring of parks, garage and the likes.

If we compare terrazzo slabs and concrete/stone slab, both of them are tough and durable. However, Terrazzo slabs have textures and colors which the other slabs cannot offer.  You can choose the right design for your theme from our colour center.

Samples from the Colour Center

Tips to making sturdier yet elegant slabs

  • Explore how the finish will be applied on-site- there are three types of finishes for creating standard Terrazzo inspired slabs: Sealed Polished Finish, Machine Polished Finish and Honed Anti Slip Finish. Each of these finishes has its pros and cons. It pays to know which applies better for your building requirements.

Sealed polish finish is ideal for commercial retail structures. The floor is ground on site and a protective shiny sealer is applied making it shiny like the day it was handed over. Continue reading “Terrazzo Slab: How to Build Sturdy yet Elegant Slabs for Homes & Buildings”