Terrazzo Tiles : Your Best Choice of Flooring System

Most commercial and public establishments nowadays use terrazzo tiles as their primary flooring system. It is extremely durable that can weather out any harsh outdoor elements. It has a superior design flexibility that makes surroundings go wow. In this article, we will share inspirations on why airports, railway stations, shopping center and other commercial flooring choose terrazzo tiles.

terrazzo australia marble


If you roam around the globe, you will notice that top airports use terrazzo tiles as the commercial flooring system. These airports require a premium feel to make travellers more comfortable. Many of these airports mixed conventional terrazzo tiles and the high-end terrazzo insitu for their design. Here are some inspirations of these world-class terminals.

The priority of these terminals is to make the travellers feel relaxed and have fun inside the airport. They need the design flexibility of terrazzo tiles to align with their theme. Terrazzo insitu is used to achieve this design objectives.

Railway Stations

Railway stations also depend on terrazzo to help them achieve the desired atmosphere for the commuters. Very much the same with airports, they want to create a comfortable environment for the travellers. Here are some inspirations of terrazzo tiles being used at railway stations.
Terrazzo Australian Marble – Pushing Forward with Technology and Terrazzo in Sydney
When planning to implement terrazzo tiles, it is best to do a risk assessment if the area/platform is prone to getting wet. If there is a risk, we strongly recommend you use anti-slip terrazzo tiles for this.

Shopping Center

Like airports and railway stations, a shopping center has high foot traffic. Choosing the right flooring system is essential for this. Designers and architect use terrazzo because it can handle the load and can give the design flexibility needed. Here are samples of shopping center who use terrazzo tiles as their flooring system:

Do/Donts on Using Terrazzo Tiles for Commercial Flooring

Do a survey on the environmental risks within the commercial establishment. Railways and other areas of the airport are prone to moisture. For these cases, consider using anti-slip terrazzo tiles to address this. These types of tiles can prevent accidents for your clients and patrons

Do an analysis on the design requirements. If you need simple designs, you can use the standard terrazzo tiles. If you need a more sophisticated look like emblems and other design pattern, consider using terrazzo insitu for this.

Don’t scrimp off on costs when applying terrazzo. There are some people who find these flooring systems expensive. Yes, you can save on the short term by using other tiles but on the long run you will save more on maintenance. Terrazzo are built tough. You don’t need to clean it frequently. Based from our experience, commercial establishments enjoy their tiles for more than 7 years.

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