Design tops it all with Terrazzo

In every large or small terrazzo installation, the distinct design as seen through the eyes of those who will appreciate and experience the structure is of utmost importance. The intricate details carried through the imaginative designs make Terrazzo Marble stand out further while complementing the existing installations around it.


First of all let’s make it clear right from the start, modern terrazzo design is practically limitless! And, when we say limitless, it IS UNLIMITED! Unlike the olden times, Terrazzo has transformed with the minds of its users and is no longer used just for floor tiles. In fact terrazzo-inspired designs have once again come to the fore of modern design! With the boom of modern influence in every nook and cranny, the humble terrazzo has been utilized to more than its expected potential by creative individuals, and with beautifully unexpected results. Let us explore the basics of terrazzo tile and see what we’re missing!

Originally terrazzo only consisted of leftover marble shards suspended in clay during the 15th century and was used by the early marble craftsmen who built the terraces (from where the name terrazzo originated) of Venice. Most of the terrazzo floors still exist until today! Now terrazzo flooring has evolved to include a wide range of materials that are mixed with an assorted and limitless cumulative combination of colours from its various aggregates (A mixture of cement or epoxy terrazzo, marble aggregates, various colors of recycled and virgin glass can now be fully utilized, including but not limited to recycled mirror glass, bottle glass, plate glass and recycled porcelain and pigments that it is mixed in with). To top it all off, one can now even mix and match any color preference that is specially made to your taste! Think of all the combinations, be a 21st century Picasso!

The uppermost portion of the terrazzo material is then ground, polished and sealed for a smooth finish. Terrazzo flooring is proven strong and resistant to even the most unwelcomed scratches, making it the perfect choice for high foot traffic areas such as malls, shopping centres, airports, railway stations, restaurants and office lobbies. This high resistance to scrapes and abrasions are what makes terrazzo a formidable choice in building materials but who thought it could be more than just a handy and consistent resource for construction. From there on terrazzo has evolved and distinguished itself as a great building material for floors, wall panels, countertops, walkways, steps and risers, swimming pool areas, outdoor public furniture, bathroom and toilet partitions plus a lot more applications in interior decoration and architectural design. It has made its way out High rise buildings, ritzy hotels, modern business offices and contemporary homes and other structures have now used terrazzo extensively.

Balance the art of practicality and presence in your home or office with terrazzo tiles. From mere décor, terrazzo has become a ductile addition to the overall ambiance of any place. Turn any plain looking façade or ornament into irreplaceable fixtures.

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