Differences between Mosaic & Terrazzo Floorings

There are a number of options to choose from when you talk about flooring materials. The ones that you might immediately think of would probably be marble, porcelain, woord, or ceramic and that’s fine. But in this article, we’ll be comparing two flooring materials that have started to find their way back into the limelight – mosaic and terrazzo floorings.

What you need to know about Mosaic

Mosaic is a flooring style in which the roughly cut square pieces of marble stone, glass or marble are set into a flat binding surface. Mosaic flooring is an ancient and elegant art form; the creation of mosaic floor tile patterns is a discipline which stretches back to the early days of antiquity.

It often consists of small pieces of marble or pozzolana dana arranged in a different pattern with cement. Often used in bathrooms and kitchen due to its resistance to chemicals, it also offers you opportunity in creating personalized designs.

What you need to know about Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a flooring style that dates back to Italy. In simple terms, the flooring style involves mixing chips of marble, glass or natural stone into a binding mixture, usually cement.

It is often used in verandas, courtyards, galleries and areas with heavy traffic. However, one can still use it as their indoor flooring or even as accents on their customized furniture.

Differences of Mosaic and Terrazzo

  1. Pattern

While terrazzo was derived from mosaic, the main difference between them lies in the pattern. Mosaic involves placing individual pieces in a decorative pattern of choice and then filling in the empty areas. By contrast, in terrazzo, we have smaller pieces thrown haphazardly into a base to prepare an even surface.

  1. Surface

Mosaic is rough and bumpy due to pieces being set by hand and later filled around while terrazzo is smooth and levelled as it is mixed first then laid.

  1. Cost

The cost for mosaic will depend on the patterns and colors so by having complex patterns for a large area would cost you more. However, terrazzo is one of the most cost-effective flooring materials in the market now especially if you choose to apply it at a larger scale. But there are additional costs for changing materials or adding of colors and materials.

Either of these flooring materials would be great for whatever you’re designing. A number of flooring suppliers can even help you with it. However, if you decide to use terrazzo tiles for your next project, one of the suppliers that you can get in touch with is Terrazzo Australian Marble. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve established our brand in Sydney, Australia. You may contact us by calling 1300 903 082 or visit https://terrazzo.net.au/contact/.