Elevating Interior Design with Precast Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been around hundreds of years and has been a solid choice of builders and designers since it was first used.  Over the years, the technology to manufacture terrazzo has improved leaps and bounds which made this composite material establish its dominance in the architectural and design landscape.  Precast terrazzo, due to its design flexibility, for instance has become a definite design preference by homeowners, commercial space proprietors and many more.

Terrazzo can be installed two ways – in situ and precast.  In situ terrazzo is when the material is poured and polished on site.  This technique is well-suited for larger, more spacious areas as there is more room to maneuver the equipment needed in the installation.  Precast terrazzo is produced in an enclosed environment which will be then transported and assembled in its intended location.  This technique is often used for smaller spaces such as condominiums, small boutiques etc.  Both techniques produce equally aesthetic results but the precast terrazzo has a slightly wider range of design options as it can be used in more applications that is not limited to floorings and bigger installations.

More Than Just Floors

One of the main advantages of using precast terrazzo is it gives the designer the freedom to play around with the overall look, make necessary adjustments and make changes before installation.  Moreover, because precast terrazzo is manufactured offsite, it is significantly easier to dictate color, thickness, size and style prior to transporting it to its intended location.  This is also why precast terrazzo can be used for more than just floors.  Currently, precast terrazzo is one of the top choices for countertops, kitchen backsplash, steps and risers, bathroom installations and many more.  However, there are more advantages to using precast terrazzo than just flexibility of design.

By choosing to use precast terrazzo build completion time becomes relatively shorter without having to cut corners or sacrifice quality.  Furthermore, because precast terrazzo is built in a controlled and enclosed environment, there is less of a need to have more labor onsite than what is absolutely needed.  One other advantage of using precast terrazzo is never having to worry about going through with installation due to weather or environmental issues.  Further, when installing precast terrazzo, the assurance and guarantee of uniformity and quality aesthetic is a given.  

The Beauty of Permanence

There is a misconception that in design, permanence is a not the end goal and constant change is encouraged and often celebrated.  This is so far from the truth where permanence or longevity is in itself an art form.  Terrazzo has been around for centuries and is still being used and celebrated today.  This is because in terrazzo, there is beauty in permanence.  Durability and resilience go side by side with aesthetic and style.  Precast terrazzo checks all of those boxes which is why it has always stayed in trend. So, if you’re looking to build your dream home, or finally start those remodeling plans, consider using precast terrazzo and elevate your design.