The Practicality of Poured Terrazzo Flooring

There is a misconception that terrazzo is much too costly to use as a building material especially for residential spaces.  However, what most people fail to consider are all the beneficial and practical characteristics of terrazzo that clearly justify its cost.  Properly poured terrazzo flooring is significantly more durable, sustainable and cost-effective compared to most flooring options in the market today.  Let’s look at this point by point:

Cost Effectiveness and Longevity

Do you know that terrazzo can be poured over most surfaces?  This is one way most builders cut down on demolition and labor costs when using poured terrazzo flooring and is extremely advantageous for those who are only looking to change their floors or do minor additions to an already existing structure.

Poured terrazzo flooring can last for a very long time with proper maintenance and upkeep.  In fact, there are some cases of building historians who have discovered almost perfect terrazzo floors in otherwise ruined architecture.  Imagine how much money can be saved over time because your poured terrazzo flooring has retained its strength and luster as if it was just newly-installed.

Minimal Upkeep

When it comes to maintenance, poured terrazzo flooring probably has the simplest and most straightforward way.  All you will need is a mop, warm water and a PH-neutral cleaning solution.  No heavy cleaning machines or expensive cleaning solutions needed. To maintain its lustrous finish, just mildly buff with a soft cloth to remove surface dust and dirt.  To clean off any stains caused by spilled drinks, quickly clean it up with warm soapy water and buff dry.  For persistent stains, there are quite a number of tried and tested tips that are offered by certified terrazzo technicians to correctly address different kinds. 

Health and Safety Concerns

When applied with an anti-slip finish, poured terrazzo flooring is the safest flooring solution for both residential and commercial spaces.  As a matter of fact, most hospitals, educational institutions, airports and malls use poured terrazzo flooring to guarantee the safety of those who walk on them.  Moreover, because there is no need to ever use wax on poured terrazzo flooring to maintain its shine, the probability of slippage over slick surfaces is greatly reduced.

A True Marriage of Function and Design

Often when considering flooring options, there is always the need to choose between function and design or cost over aesthetic.  Such is not the case with poured terrazzo flooring. Because terrazzo’s design can be easily matched with its surroundings without sacrificing strength, sustainability and function.  All in all, despite its slightly higher cost, poured terrazzo flooring is still one of the best if not the best flooring options today.  To put it simply, it is worth the cost as you are getting definitely more than it is worth.  Gone are the worries of constant repair and renovation, or costly and complicated maintenance.  As long as it is done correctly by properly trained terrazzo technicians poured terrazzo flooring is the best flooring system option.