Elevating Outdoor Spaces with Exterior Terrazzo

It is a well-established fact that terrazzo has been a preferred building material for use in indoor spaces with multiple applications and designs since it was first used in the 1890’s.  Since then, the terrazzo style has graced many residential and commercial indoor spaces and has withstood the test of time particularly as it pertains to the coming and going of trends.  Let’s talk however about how exterior terrazzo is also establishing dominance in the landscape of architectural design.

Elegance Meets Durability

Exterior terrazzo seamlessly fuses together the refined sophistication of interior terrazzo and the strength and durability of concrete pavers.  Design possibilities for exterior spaces have grown significantly because of terrazzo’s unique characteristics.  Any exterior space can go from utilitarian to opulent elegance without having to sacrifice durability, sustainability and ease of maintenance.  If you’re thinking of building an outdoor lounge, perhaps a garden oasis or even an outdoor kitchen slash dining area, using exterior terrazzo would not just elevate your outdoor space but would also ensure that it is able to bear up against even the harshest of climates and weather conditions.

Built To Last

Exterior terrazzo when properly installed will outlast most of its counterparts.  This is achieved by using the proper techniques and choosing the correct finishes.  Why is this so important?  Improperly sealed and finished terrazzo won’t be able to last long under harsh or even normal outdoor exposure.  Not only that but maintenance won’t be as easy and as economical if exterior terrazzo is done haphazardly.  It is critical to use hard aggregates such as granite, quartz, river pebble when mixing it with a quality cement binder to guarantee strength and longevity.  This combined with proper and consistent maintenance will definitely result in a sturdy, easily cleaned and beautifully-designed exterior terrazzo space.  Additionally, exterior terrazzo can be used for more than just flooring or walkways.  It can be utilized in a variety of applications both in interior and exterior spaces such as outdoor benches, stairs, patios and even pools.  There is virtually no limit to what can be achieved architecturally with exterior terrazzo.

Terrazzo Care

As with all building materials, proper and consistent care is critical to ensure their toughness and resilience.  With exterior terrazzo it is critical to remember not to use any kind of acid-based cleaning solution as well as any cleaning tools that are abrasive such as scouring pads, steel wool brushes and the likes.  Materials and cleaning equipment like these are harmful to terrazzo and can compromise the integrity of the sealed finish.  Instead, use a neutral cleaning solution and a cloth mop to gently wipe away dust and dirt build-up.  Minimal maintenance can be done once a week and a more thorough one every few months.  It is advisable to consult terrazzo technicians before trying to do anything major to your exterior terrazzo.  This is to prevent any kind of damage that would require bigger, more costly repairs.  Moreover, properly-cared for exterior terrazzo will retain its luster for longer periods of time.