How to Take Proper Care of Polished Terrazzo

As a building material, terrazzo is widely accepted to be one of the top most preferred materials by architects and designers alike because of its ability to last for quite a long time and the infinite design possibilities.  Through the years, terrazzo has proven to outlast flash design and architectural trends that have come and gone without leaving any major impact unlike polished terrazzo which has become a timeless classic.  However, as with all things, proper care is needed to ensure that your polished terrazzo floors and surfaces to keep their polished patina intact.

What is Polished Terrazzo

Polished terrazzo is made up of aggregate materials such as but not limited marble, quartz, glass mixed in with a cement base.  It can be pre-cast and installed on location or poured in-situ. A protective layer of sealer is then applied to protect and maintain its polished look.  Polished terrazzo can be used in many different applications and not just limited to flooring.  Often times, an anti-slip finish is applied for installations that get high traffic volume.

Maintenance and Care

Polished terrazzo is quite easily maintained and cared for.  You just have to know what to do, what to use and how consistently it should be cleaned.  Before anything else, make sure that accumulated dust and dirt is removed with a damp mop.  Once this is done, lightly go over the surface again with a damp mop that has been dipped in warm water mixed with a neutral cleaning solution.  It is important to note that only neutral cleaning solutions can be used on polished terrazzo.  The reason for this is the fact that polished terrazzo is a porous material and any kind of acidic solution could compromise its integrity.  Once the solution and the dirt have been removed, allow the floor or the surfaces to dry overnight.  When you’re sure that the surfaces are completely dry, then you can use a buffer machine to bring out the shine.  Or you can just go through the surface with a clean and dry, non-abrasive cloth.  Bear in mind that this is just the steps to take to clean and maintain your polished terrazzo.  If you wish to rebuff and reseal it yourself, it is advisable to contact your terrazzo technicians to ensure that you are doing everything the right way.  However, it is better to have proper terrazzo experts to do any resealing or rebuffing to prevent any kind of damage to the floors or surfaces.

Restoration and Repair

Terrazzo floors and surfaces can last for a lifetime if properly cared for however, if your polished terrazzo floors or surfaces need to be restored or repaired, it is best to have it done by those who have experience in working with terrazzo.  Do not attempt to go the do-it-yourself route especially if you have zero experience with restoring or repairing terrazzo.  There are procedures and equipment that are meant for such actions that can only be done by trained terrazzo technicians.