Taking the Importance of Safety One Step at a Time

There is a saying that accidents are inevitable and while that may be true, accidents are also preventable and avoidable especially when proper safety measures are taken and properly put in place.  Take staircases for example, currently it is the second leading cause of accident-related injuries and mishaps.  In Australia, it is often one of the top causes of workplace injuries.  One way to prevent stairs-related accidents is to ensure that staircases are built properly using high quality building materials, in this case, the terrazzo staircase.

Avoiding Accidents with Terrazzo Staircases

To effectively prevent stair-related accidents from happening, it is imperative to know what causes these accidents in the first place.  Three of the most common accidents that occur in staircases are falling, slipping and tripping. 

  • Slipping occurs when there is no proper traction between the footwear and the surface of the stairs.  One huge benefit of installing a terrazzo staircase is it decreases the occurrence of slipping when it is installed with an anti-slip finish.  It is also important to note that when maintaining an anti-slip terrazzo staircase, the use of wax and all-purpose cleaners should be avoided. 
  • Tripping occurs when a person’s footwear is caught on an exposed or damaged portion of the stairs.  With a terrazzo staircase, with proper maintenance and upkeep, the probability of tripping over damaged spots is significantly minimized. 
  • Falling due to missteps and other factors is also easily preventable.  A terrazzo staircase when installed properly following construction and building codes to maintain high standards will definitely minimize if not completely remove the possibility of making missteps when using staircases.

More Benefits of a Terrazzo Staircase

Aside from the fact that a terrazzo staircase can significantly lower the risk of staircase-related incidents it also has quite a few other impressive benefits.  As mentioned, a terrazzo staircase can be built in-situ or onsite, or it can be precast and then delivered to be assembled in location. Depending on the design, the location and other factors, designers and builders have two options on how a terrazzo staircase is installed.  Knowing which one is the best option for your build ensures that quality standards are met and safety is at the topmost concern.  This is especially critical in areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic and outdoor locations where weather can play a crucial role in the safety of using staircases.

Another benefit of choosing a terrazzo staircase is because it’s such a design-flexible material, and can be done both in-situ and precast, designers can easily fit a terrazzo staircase’s aesthetic into a location’s existing design for that cohesive, pleasing look.  Moreover, since there is practically no limit when it comes to terrazzo staircase designs this makes it easier to ensure it complements its surroundings and overall aesthetic of the build location.

To learn more about terrazzo staircases, steps and risers, visit Terrazzo Australian Marble’s webpage and browse through the different design options and builds on their gallery.