Executing Geometric Designs for Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo

Architectural designs for toilet and bathroom areas are becoming varied and sophisticated as more options are introduced through the availability of different materials and accessibility of inspirations. Minimalism and clear, edgy styles are being preferred by many designers as urban homes and lifestyle centers develop across the region.  

Geometric design for walls and floors is a classic take on “creativity and sophistication”. Instead of plain and flat colors, geometric shapes and patterns provide depth and levels to space. Here are different kinds of geometric patterns which can, then, be combined with the colors and styles of precast terrazzo.

  1. Simple rectangular patterns for a straightforward style
Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Designed by INT2 Architecture.

This design appeals to the minimalist and straightforward style that’s perfect for urban spaces. While this style looks plain and unassuming, the texture of precast terrazzo tiles will surely add texture to the rectangles. 

2. Triangular Patterns for calculated creativity

Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Interior design by Christopher Polly. Photography by Brett Boardman Photography

Deviating from the plain and usual can be a bit scary for many first-time designers with demanding clients.  One simple and calculated move would be to explore triangles as a pattern. Triangles may seem simple to execute but the varying sizes of the three sides can be the deviation from the ordinary. Different colors from terrazzo can add playfulness to the design. 

3. Hexagonal patterns for the eccentric and daring

Toilet and Bathrooms with Precast Terrazzo
Designed by Emilie Bédard and Maria Rosa Di Ioia. Photography by Adrien Williams.

Deviating from the standard squares and rectangles would mean more challenges in terms of execution and even maintenance. The combination of complex design and execution makes hexagonal patterns more eccentric and daring. Precast Terrazzo can add more personality to this creative take on wall or floor patterns. With the right color combination and correct implementation, this design brings sophistication and function together. 

There are several other geometric patterns that may be explored with precast terrazzo. It’s best to get advice from leading Terrazzo providers in Australia to get the best options for your design requirements. 

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