Exploring the Pros and Cons of Terrazzo and Marble

For a while now, the discussions around the conundrum of which is better to use between terrazzo and marble has been going on for quite a while between builders and designers.  Each one with their own set of preferences depending on which property or facet is in question.  There really isn’t a hard and fast choice as both materials have their own pros and cons and knowing the ways in which they are similar and ways in which they are different could help make your choice an informed one.

Similarities and Differences

The first significant difference of terrazzo and marble is the fact that marble is a hundred percent a naturally-occurring material and terrazzo is a man-made composite made up of remnants from other materials bonded together with cement or epoxy.  However, whilst both terrazzo and marble are two of the top choices for quality flooring, countertops and other infrastructure, when it comes to durability and strength, terrazzo has the clear advantage. Here is a comparison table of the pros and cons of terrazzo and marble:

DESIGNBecause it is natural material, there is only so much you can do with marble to make it stand apart from every other marble build or installation
The design options for terrazzo are virtually limitless because of its composite nature. Colors and patterns can be customized as well.
COSTWhile there are some ways to reduce the cost of marble, it is still one of the more expensive flooring options in the market today
Because it is a composite material, terrazzo is relatively more cost efficient especially if durability and strength is taken into consideration
DURABILITYHighly durable and long lastingBetween terrazzo and marble, the former is definitely stronger and more durable in comparison
MAINTENANCEMarble is highly susceptible to stains and is therefore harder to maintain compared to terrazzoMostly, all you need to clean and maintain terrazzo is a bucket of warm water and a neutral cleaning solution
SUSTAINABILITYBecause it is a natural material, the processes in which to “harvest” or extract and use marble are often found damaging to the environmentEssentially made up of recycled materials, terrazzo is by far the eco-friendlier choice

In summary, for the question of which building material between terrazzo and marble is the better choice, the obvious answer is definitely terrazzo.  Not only does it outperform marble in almost every facet, it is important to note that terrazzo is timeless and considered a design classic.  It will keep coming back in style and prove its durability time and again.  To view the many ways that terrazzo can be used as a building material, go check out Terrazzo Australian Marble’s website and browse through their gallery terrazzo builds.  You can also further read up on its other facets on the articles posted on their blog.  Learn more about terrazzo from the experts.

Build with sustainability, durability and limitless design in mind and choose terrazzo over marble.