Terrazzo Flooring System – The Best Building Decision You’ll Ever Make

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of why a terrazzo flooring system is the best way to go for your residential or commercial builds, let’s first talk about what terrazzo is, its facets and its characteristics.  Terrazzo is a composite material made from mixing together remnants of marble, quartz, granite and sometimes even glass chips with cement or epoxy resin.  It can be poured in situ or onsite and can also come in the form of tiles.  

Terrazzo is most known for its durability and sustainability.  Many architectural historians have found what is believed to be terrazzo flooring in some Turkish infrastructure dating as far back as 10,000 years.  Beyond its long-lasting strength, one other notable characteristic of terrazzo is its almost unlimited design options.  Due to its composition of different materials, it can easily be customizable to ensure a cohesive and flawless design that will fit seamlessly with an already existing design aesthetic or become the foundation onto which a design scheme will be built around.

Advantages of a Terrazzo Flooring System

As previously stated, terrazzo is quite the long-lasting and durable material however it is so much more than that.  If properly installed, a terrazzo flooring system could withstand even the heaviest of foot traffic and remain as good as it did on Day 1, with very minimal maintenance needed.  This is one of the reasons why terrazzo is often the first choice for public infrastructure such as malls, airports and hospitals.  Terrazzo handles the wear and tear of everyday comings and goings that pass through these public places.  

In residential infrastructures, a terrazzo flooring system ensures a classic, elegant design without needing to splurge on expensive but inferior materials.  Additionally, with terrazzo, you can go from a minimalist aesthetic into a richer and more extravagant design bursting with colors and patterns or land somewhere in the middle with vibrant colors in subtle patterns. 

It is also worth noting that when it comes to flooring, the terrazzo flooring system is probably one of the easiest to maintain.  Again, when done right, and regularly, your terrazzo floors can remain as impeccable as the day it was first installed.  In high traffic areas, it is recommended that a consistently scheduled mopping with warm water and a mild, neutral cleaning solution can do wonders to maintain the integrity of terrazzo floors.  In addition, a terrazzo flooring system should be buffed and polished properly every few weeks using the proper equipment and cleaning materials.

To sum up, a terrazzo flooring system is the best choice for public and residential installations both indoors and outdoors because of its sustainability, long-lasting durability, flexibility in design plus it is easy to maintain and over-all the most cost-effective flooring system available in the market today.  Learn more about terrazzo flooring systems over at Terrazzo Australian Marble’s webpage.  Be sure to click through its extensive gallery of design options and installations and find out more about what makes terrazzo flooring system the system to beat.