Terrazzo Precast – The Multifaceted Solution to Timeless Design

Quite a number of articles have been written about the many facets of terrazzo e.g. its sustainability, strength, how it’s long-lasting and easy to maintain and limitless design possibilities.  Many architects and designers also espouse terrazzo as one of the best options when it comes to flooring systems.  However, terrazzo isn’t just for floors. With terrazzo precast, a multitude of architectural builds and installations can be achieved.

What is Terrazzo Precast

Precast terrazzo is terrazzo that is manufactured offsite. This process is very advantageous in a lot of ways.  First off, making terrazzo precast is not dependent on any outdoor factors such as the weather and working conditions.  Secondly, especially for larger installations, using terrazzo precast allows builders and designers to work on different, smaller sections separately before putting these pieces together onsite.  One other advantage of working with terrazzo precast is the amount of time saved during construction as terrazzo precast can be manufactured ahead of the build time.  Time delays due to inclement weather and other external factors would not affect the construction of terrazzo precast. 

The Possibilities are Endless

With terrazzo precast, the design possibilities is plentiful.  Terrazzo precast can be used for a multitude of applications such as stairs and risers, benchtops, coving, columns, wall panels and many more including outdoor public furniture for parks, malls and other public areas.  

  • Countertops – using terrazzo precast for countertops gives the designer a range of design options. Also, terrazzo is heat resistant which makes it the perfect material for use in kitchen countertops and even backsplashes that are within range of heat sources such as stoves and ovens.  And best of all, countertops made from terrazzo precast are easy to keep clean and sanitary which is perfect for food preparation and the likes.
  • Public Furniture – terrazzo precast is the perfect material for public furniture not only because of its ability to withstand the higher wear and tear from the elements but also because of its design flexibility.  Deisgners can go from modern minimalism to unique, statement pieces with full functionality.  Furthermore, since terrazzo precast is manufactured within a controlled environment, designed pieces don’t have to be rolled out until it’s time for them to be installed.
  • Steps and Risers – an important thing to consider when building steps and risers is the safety of those who will be using said installations.  Terrazzo precast can be manufacture with a non-slippery finish and installed with the addition of abrasive strips for that extra protection against slipping.
  • Columns – columns are great design accents whether done in residential spaces or public areas.  By using terrazzo precast for columns, variation in design and build can be easily done regardless if the area where it is to be installed is ready or also still under construction.  Smaller pieces of the full installation can be done offiste and then transported and put together at any time.  Additionally, these columns can be designed to either blend in with the existing color palette or function as an accent piece that enhances the overall aesthetic of the area.