Elevate Your Kitchen with Terrazzo Countertops

The kitchen is quite often referred the heart of the home and rightfully so.  It is where families come together to prepare meals, tell each other about their day at work or school and where they often head first when they get home.  Of course, we want our kitchens to be welcoming, warm, and cozy on top of being practical, functional and safe.  One design element of kitchens is the countertop.  Aside from the cooking appliances, the countertop is probably one of the most used kitchen installations.  Right now, terrazzo countertops are popping up in kitchens across the country.

Advantages of Using Terrazzo Countertops

Right at the top of the list of advantages is health and hygiene.  Terrazzo countertops are non-porous which makes it impossible for dirt and bacteria to seep through and cause food contamination during preparation.  Secondly, terrazzo countertops are able to withstand high heat which is what you’re looking for especially around areas near stoves, ovens and other cooking appliances.  This heat-resistant quality also makes it safe to set down hot containers on like kettles, pots and pans without having to worry about damaging the integrity of your terrazzo countertops.

Another advantage of having terrazzo countertops in your kitchen is ease of maintenance.  You don’t need fancy and expensive cleaning solutions to clean up.  Just warm water, a soft rag and a neutral cleaner and that’s it.  Give your terrazzo countertops a thorough wipe down twice a week for maintenance.  It is however important to note that terrazzo as a whole does not react well with acidic solutions and liquids such as wine, citrus fruits and harsh cleaning solutions.  Should you spill a glass of wine on your countertop, quickly wipe it away so as not to cause any staining or lasting damage.

Now we’re all aware just how durable and highly sustainable terrazzo is, right?  And if you come from a family who loves to cook, you would want countertops that can literally take a regular beating from frequent usage.  

One more advantage to having terrazzo countertops is the limitless ways you could have your terrazzo material designed.  If you’re thinking of replacing your current countertop with terrazzo countertops, you could easily tie it in with your kitchen’s existing color scheme or you could even make it stand out and be the focal point of your kitchen.  A beautifully well-built terrazzo countertop could even help increase the value of your home. These days, homes that have “green” features and installations are known to fetch a higher selling price compared to homes that do not have eco-friendly and sustainable features.  Aside from that, terrazzo never goes out of style.  It always comes back on trend as new and improved ways of installation and construction are frequently being discovered to upgrade current industry standards of quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the heart of your home better, brighter and more welcoming with terrazzo countertops.  Visit Terrazzo Australian Marble to find out more about anything and everything terrazzo-related.