The Resilient Beauty of Terrazzo Tiles

It has already been established that terrazzo is one of the top tier choices when it comes to flooring materials both in residential and commercial establishments.  Quite a huge number of public spaces that have higher than normal foot traffic use terrazzo tiles such as airports, promenades, shopping centers and so much more.  This is because when it comes to durability and sustainability, terrazzo tiles have the edge over other building materials. However, not much has been said about terrazzo tiles being one of the top designers’ choices when it comes to its aesthetic and overall look.

Composite Work of Art

Because terrazzo is a composite material made from remnants of marble, quartz, granite and glass along with a cementitious binder, the design possibilities are almost limitless.  Furthermore, each terrazzo tile has minute differences from one another that result in an almost one-of-a-kind aesthetic experience. And despite being used in spaces where design isn’t the focal point, terrazzo tiles still deliver on the beauty and overall distinctive qualities.  

Terrazzo tiles have different size formats and finishes for different applications. For establishments like hospitals, clinics and those where safety is a priority, terrazzo tiles with a honed anti-slip finish would be the perfect flooring material to use.  

For commercial areas where the priority is durability and the capacity to withstand very heavy foot traffic such as airports, educational institutions and office buildings, the recommended finish to use is the sealed polished finish.  A protective, shiny sealer is applied during installation to ensure that the properly maintained floors would not just look like it was just installed but would also be able handle heavier foot traffic without losing its luster and shine.

Machine polished finish terrazzo tiles would be the ideal flooring choice for establishments or areas with lighter foot traffic such as smaller commercial shops or smaller specialty boutiques.   

Maintenance and Sustainability

Another advantage of choosing terrazzo tiles is the comparative ease and frequency in which it needs to be maintained.  This is due to the fact that terrazzo tiles, when properly sealed are resistant to mold and also because the seal makes it non-porous, dirt and stains are often superficial and very easy to remove.  In addition to this, terrazzo tiles have an outstanding resistance to chemicals which results in lower maintenance costs.

Sustainability wise, because they do not need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals and the fact that it is a sturdy and durable material, terrazzo tiles are more often than not, the “greener” choice for builders and designers alike.  Terrazzo tiles, when properly maintained, can last a lifetime with very minimal need for replacement or repair. This is also why despite terrazzo tiles being a bit pricier than some of its counterparts, its sustainability and ease of maintenance more than makes up for the price difference.

In conclusion, there are numerous, legitimate reasons why terrazzo tiles continue to dominate the flooring market.  They meet virtually every requirement and surpass most quality standards that are currently in place today.