Polished Terrazzo – Walking on Works of Art

When walking into an indoor space whether residential or commercial, our eyes immediately track onto the first striking object or surface in our line of sight.  It could be the works of art hanging on the walls, the light fixtures, the furniture or the work of art under your feet or more specifically – a polished terrazzo floor.

A polished terrazzo floor is a beautiful and striking facet that could enhance any space it is added to.  This is especially true when it comes to commercial spaces like museums, shopping centers and even office buildings.  A polished terrazzo floor would be the best flooring option to use in these kinds of spaces as it can serve not just as a design focal point but it can also complete the space’s design cohesiveness. 

On top of the polished terrazzo floor’s striking aesthetic, it also ensures durability and longevity.  In fact, there are still quite a number of terrazzo floors from the earlier centuries that are still intact to this day attesting to both terrazzo’s sturdiness and beauty.

Types of Polished Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite material made from remnants of natural stone like marble, quartz and other aggregate materials then mixed with concrete or epoxy resin.  It was first “discovered” and used by Venetian workers back in the 16th hundreds.  Since then, terrazzo has been consistently used by builders and designers as a preferred building material.  With the arrival of better and more advanced technology, the manufacturing, installation and finishing of polished terrazzo has become easier and more precise.  This translates to a long-lasting flooring system that is a feast on the eyes and a breeze to maintain.  

Currently there are three types of finishes for polished terrazzo – sealed polished finish, machine polished finish and honed anti-slip finish.  Sealing polished terrazzo is very integral due to the fact that terrazzo is naturally porous and therefore prone to staining.  Sealing polished terrazzo also contributes to its longevity and durability.

Sealed Polished Terrazzo Finish

This is the standard and most expert-recommended finish for polished terrazzo for use in most commercial retail spaces.   

Machine Polished Terrazzo Finish

This type of finish is ideally used for both indoor and outdoor areas or spaces that have minimal foot traffic.  This is achieved by grounding and machine-polishing the terrazzo in situ or onsite after which a penetrating sealer is applied.

Honed Anti-Slip Terrazzo Finish

To achieve this, a non-slip additive is added during production.  It is important to remember that for terrazzo to maintain its anti-slip finish, all-purpose cleaning agents and wax should not be used in cleaning and maintenance.  

How to Properly Maintain Polished Terrazzo

Polished terrazzo is comparatively easy to maintain.  Just remember to first run a non-abrasive broom, brush or dry mop across the surface to get rid of any dirt or debris and then use a neutral-based cleaning solution mixed with warm water afterward. Allow it to air dry and avoid walking through the polished terrazzo whilst it is being dried.