Terrazzo Stair Treads – Safety with Style

Terrazzo is well known and widely used for flooring.  In the last few years however, there has been a growing increase in its use for quite a number of different applications.  One such example is the stair tread.  A stair tread is simply put, the part of the stairs that you walk or tread on.  Stair treads can be made with different materials depending on preference and other factors.  Recently many builders and designers have increasingly started to recommend terrazzo stair treads for both residential and commercial space use.  

Why Use Terrazzo Stair Treads?

Why terrazzo? Why not marble or hard wood or carpet?  There are quite a number of reasons why terrazzo is the stronger choice for stair treads.  One of the most significant is durability.  Terrazzo stair treads have proven very capable of withstanding the constant pressure of foot traffic.  Moreover, terrazzo stair treads are not easily scuffed or scratched and can be easily maintained as opposed to hardwood, vinyl, carpet and other materials.  Maintenance is as easy as using a neutral-based cleaner and mixing it with warm water, and then running that damp mop over the terrazzo stair treads to wipe away all kinds of dirt and debris that has accumulated during the day.  

Another reason why the use terrazzo stair treads are gaining popularity is the actual installation and build process.  Because some terrazzo stair treads are precast, the time that it takes to transport and install them to the build location is still relatively shorter than the time needed to install other kinds of materials.  This is also the reason why it is easier to customize the stair treads design elements particularly color.  And because terrazzo is a composite material made up of remnants of other natural stones such as marble, quartz, some glass and other materials mixed with cement, the design possibilities are virtually endless. 

Safety First

One key safety component of a terrazzo stair tread is its anti-slip finish.  This finish alongside other safety additions can guarantee a high safety quality to your stairs.  With the terrazzo stair tread there is absolutely no need to choose between safety and aesthetic because it is possible to have both.  Especially in commercial spaces, safety is a priority but style and aesthetic are important too especially if the staircase will not only serve as a means to get from one place to another but also as a focal design point.  To further increase the guarantee of safety, most terrazzo stair tread manufacturers adhere to a strict guideline when it comes to quality control.  

Design Styles

There are many kinds of staircase systems, such as self-supporting stairs, wedge-shaped stairs, treads and risers and many more.  As a whole, terrazzo can be used for all these design build types. One of the most popularly preferred style are treads and risers especially in commercial spaces such as malls, hospitals and other spaces with higher-than-average foot traffic.  Terrazzo stair treads are also becoming a preferred choice for residential spaces with more than two stories.