Some Differences between Terrazzo and Marble

When deciding for the right floor choice to choose from between terrazzo and marble there are some features of terrazzo which surpass the qualities of marble. Marble is a great choice but terrazzo offers some options not readily appreciated against that from marble.

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Here are some five distinct qualities terrazzo outweighs marble as a flooring system.

Terrazzo provides more colour options on the table. Terrazzo’s colour possibilities are limitless and its design capabilities are without compare. Terrazzo comes with a great selection of aggregates and finishes to match the colour and pattern that is desired by architects, interior designers and homeowners alike. On the other hand, marble is limited basically to its natural stone colour and shade.

Terrazzo is thinner and stronger. Terrazzo is by far a stronger material than marble. While marble tiles can range from 3/8″ to 1/2″ in thickness. Terrazzo can go as thin as 1/4″ making it the thinner material for designs. Due to its well accepted toughness, terrazzo can last up to 75 years with negligible repairs. With marble tiles, you worry about chipping at the edges. And, once it breaks, it is close to impossible to properly repair marble floorings. As a consequence of this, restoring marble floors is not cost effective.

Terrazzo is More Flexible. Terrazzo as pre cast elements can be pre formed in a factory to any shape and size imaginable allowing you to get the most out of your design intentions while Marble is inflexible when it comes to design which sad to say limits your use of this material to certain shapes to say the least.

Terrazzo is the Eco-Friendly Option. Since terrazzo is made from recycled materials it is an eco-friendly and green construction material for floorings. Today’s new architects and designers are using terrazzo because it is certified environment friendly material. It is made mostly from recycled materials such as glass chips, pebbles, quartz and marble chips thereby helping preserve the Earth’s natural resources. It is also VOC-free, which helps improve the air quality around us. While on the other end of the line, Marble is a limited natural resource that requires a lot of energy to produce. True, marble is quite a beautiful flooring choice yet terrazzo can achieve comparable results while providing a sustainable environment.

Terrazzo is More Easier to Maintain. Terrazzo is resistant to bacteria and most chemicals while Marble is susceptible to staining making it harder to clean and maintain. To remove the stains in your marble floor you will probably have to invest in a proper cleaning solution to remove the stains. For your terrazzo floors it’s as simple as a mop and a bucket of warm water and your precious terrazzo is clean as new.

The differences between the two flooring materials here will show terrazzo’s strength against using marble as your flooring choice, but then again the final say as to which of the two materials you want to use is still up to your preference and design intentions. Go ahead and take your pick, after all you have the final choice and say.

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