Terrazzo Floors – An Ancient Art Form, Improved and Modernized

Terrazzo – An Ancient Art Form, Improved and Modernized

Terrazzo – An Ancient Art Form, Improved and Modernized

In this day and age of gadgets and mobile devices, we sometimes miss out on what’s going on around us.  We forget to just stop and look around, to admire, to take in, to revel in the beauty that surrounds us.  Walking around inside a mall for instance, have you stopped and just looked at the floor?  Milling around inside a museum, did you take a minute to look closely at the floors, the staircases, the benches in front of the art?  The next time you go out to the park, take a moment to look at the ground.  Did you see it?  Did you see the beauty and breathtaking splendour that are terrazzo floors?

Terrazzo floors are an art form started by humble craftsmen out of humble materials thousands of years ago.  They took something that was considered rubbish and turned it into wondrous works of art.  All around Venice, Italy you can see terrazzo floors painstakingly handcrafted all those years ago, still surviving, still splendid in all its ornate beauty.  Up to this day, ancient terrazzo floors are drawing the admiration and praise from everyday people to art connoisseurs.  As the years have passed, the art of making terrazzo floors has been improved upon, sometimes by descendants of ancient terrazzo craftsmen.

Terrazzo floors were originally created in situ, meaning poured into place, which could mean that there are areas back then where terrazzo floors could not be installed because of the difficulty to reach.  Today, terrazzo the material and terrazzo floors can be pre-cast and expertly installed almost anywhere, on any surface and sometimes even on vertical overlays.

As more technology to improve and modernize the creation of terrazzo floors get discovered, it is a given that the world will have more to enjoy of the beauty and brilliance of terrazzo floors.  So take the time to admire these works of art.  Don’t just walk on them, let terrazzo floors take your breath away.

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