Terrazzo in Office Spaces: Redefining Design + Employee Engagement

Employees today spend as much time or even more at work than they do at home. Offices become almost a second home, if not the first, for many workers. The impact of office design on employees engagement, moods, attitudes, and health has become a focus of discussion between the HR and Admin department, engaging architects, interior designers and engineers outside the organization. As organizations become more competitive in keeping their talents and people, office design becomes one of the “perks” that keep employees looking forward to going to work on a daily basis.

So how can integrating Terrazzo in your office design contribute to employee engagement and HR efforts to improve work environment?

1. Setting the Overall Mood

The total space provided for employees set the tone for their mood. Not considering all other factors that are in play such as office culture, structure, issues and resolutions, office design can influence mood. Design doesn’t stop in the pantry or the production area. Design can stretch to the toilets or even the hidden server rooms. For example, exchanging the standard toilet dividers with Terrazzo Toilet Partitions can add a sense of comfort and privacy. Or adding green and light blue accents in the lobby Terrazzo Flooring can present a calm and peaceful environment.

2. Reinforcing Cleanliness

Replacing carpets with Terrazzo flooring also improves cleanliness in the office space. Cleaning spaces become easier with Terrazzo flooring. This makes it easier for the Maintenance team to implement easier cleaning measures on a regular basis, unlike having to vacuum the carpet consistently, and wash the carpet with all the other furniture and office fixture on top of it. Having Terrazzo flooring significantly reinforces cleanliness in the office space.

3. Reducing Noise levels

High traffic arreas can produce noise levels that can disrupt work of employees. Accoustics in the office can amplify or reduce noise, depending on the materials used. Choosing terrazzo for walls and partitions instead of plyboard or plywood can make office sections quieter and less prone to outside noise. It is important for workers to work in environments where they can get the right amount of “white noise” as needed. Quieter environments are of course more ideal, but depending on the nature of the business, accoustics and sounds can also add to the feel of the space. Most businesses require quiet spaces for optimal productivity for office workers.


To know more about Terrazzo and how to integrate this material in your office design, talk to top terrazzo suppliers such as Terrazzo Australian Marble. Improving office design becomes easier with expert recommendations.

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