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Terrazzo Restoration and Repair – Overall Tips and Pointers

Terrazzo Restoration and Repair – Overall Tips and Pointers

Whether you’ve bought a home that already has terrazzo floors or had terrazzo floors installed when you had your home built, some restoration and repair might need to be done down the road.  If you’re not going to go the DIY route by having professional terrazzo craftsmen do the restoration or repair, there are still things you need to do prior to the actual process.

Since terrazzo is easily the most durable and environmentally friendly flooring system in the market today, it has become the prime material of choice for builders, designers and homeowners.  It is therefore important to know more than just the basics when it comes to terrazzo maintenance, repair, stain removal and restoration.  We’ve already discussed proper maintenance and cleaning methods on a previous blog post and we’ve also touched on the topic of restoration as well as how to remove stains the right way.  What we’re going to go over is a kind of compilation of the important pointers you need to remember before going through a restoration or stain removal process.

First off, whilst there are individuals who are quite adept at DIY, we still recommend having any kind of restoration, major stain removal or crack repair be done by the experts.  Why?  Because doing so ensures that your terrazzo floors will last longer, will stay flawless and remain as a potential positive reselling feature of your home.   Secondly, prior to a restoration or repair job, ensure that the actual area and its surrounding areas are thoroughly cleared of furniture, fabric installations such as curtains, area rugs or carpets and electrical outlets if any should be covered with plastic to prevent any dust residue from possible grinding and polishing from getting into them.  Protect everything else with a plastic cover, especially furniture that is in the pathway going in and out of the area that’s being restored or repaired.

Normally, when you have your terrazzo floors restored or repaired, there would be an initial visit to determine the scope of repair or restoration that needs to be done.  During this initial visit, it is important that you raise any and all questions and concerns you have.  This way, you will also have a general idea of what’s going to happen during and after restoration or repair.

With terrazzo floors, restoration and repairs don’t need to happen often because of the material’s inherent durability and with new methods and improvements to the method, maintenance has become even easier and simpler.

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