Terrazzo Restoration

To an extent terrazzo can be restored to near perfect condition as long as the chosen restorer knows the intricacies of the ins and outs of what has to be prepared and done to the old terrazzo flooring.  In many instances too, terrazzo floors that can be restored are usually turned down by companies because these companies lack the needed experience and knowledge to find and fix the problems. Equally so, some of the terrazzo floor restoration projects that are taken on by companies get in over their heads or they do not fully understand the problems they are faced when they try restoring the old terrazzo. The years of experience and expert craftsmanship and dedication of the tradesmen are truthfully a must in restoring terrazzo to its near perfect condition like the day it was turned over to the owner.  

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Nowadays almost everyone is starting to acknowledge that terrazzo is one of the greenest and easiest floors to keep and have been known to last for centuries.  As it is, it is justly established that there is no tile, carpet or vinyl system available today that can make the same claim. Old terrazzo tiles were mostly made from Portland cement as sealer with marble chips as aggregates. These worn-out floors may have been stained, have hundreds of chip holes from old carpet tack strip or still be covered with tiles and yet these terrazzo floors can still look better today than when they looked sixty years ago. Today those chip holes can easily be filled, old stains that have been in the floors for years can be removed and tear out almost any covering to get to the floor. What is left behind after the terrazzo floor is fully restored is a beautiful, continuous, long lasting shine. There are many ways to restore terrazzo. And, none of them understandably include shortcuts, without sacrificing something. If a terrazzo floor could be restored in three steps one could save a lot of money. You should always remember that price and value are not the same. Some restorers start to as low as forty grit diamonds and go up to as high as three thousand grit diamonds to get the shine. Three thousand grit diamond grinding tools insure the shiniest terrazzo floors possible. Over the years many diamond polishing systems are tested to come up with the best shine imaginable. The current diamond grinding tools get the most out of the diamonds. You can always check out the great shine. A three step polishing on an old Portland cement terrazzo floor will not readily get a high quality polished floor.  Quality does not come with shortcuts. Remember that a terrazzo restoration cost that does not take into account value may well be a rip-off. A terrazzo floor restoration done right will have a high shine, no topical finish or topical sealer and last for years and years before needing any polishing.

So can terrazzo be restored? Of course it can be restored just like new even! As long as one goes to the right company who knows and loves what it is doing!

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    It’s essential to understand the value of a professional terrazzo restoration service and how it can help preserve the beauty and longevity of terrazzo floors, which are indeed a unique and valuable feature in any home.

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