The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo

If functional durability, the drama of colour and exquisiteness of design play a major part in your various building and construction projects then Terrazzo Marble is one of your greatest allies in helping you achieve the impressiveness one desire at the most affordable costs. At Terrazzo Australian Marble, we can provide you all that you need:  from the newest design concepts, to numerous products, to cost effective installation processes, and even the manpower and equipment needed to bring about the results you want for your venture.

terrazzo australia marble

When integrating terrazzo into your architectural and interior designs, an inclusive structure is achieved through a more interconnected and modernized form.  Depending on the kind of technique used, and the unique use of Terrazzo Tiles, Pre casts (for easy on site installation), External Pavers for use in pool areas and walkways or patios of the premises, and partitions for your bathrooms and toilets. All these Terrazzo marble creations come with the widest choice of astonishing and beautiful colours that can tie together a glitzy specialty  Shop’s, cozy Restaurant’s, swanky Hotel’s lobby, a modern home’s living room or receiving room or a modern-day building’s appearance altogether.  When using terrazzo in your projects one can give a more prominent rise to various design elements in the structure or interior and make them prominently stick out.  You can also naturally choose a more every day plain and simple minimalist design and let its unpretentiousness stand out on its own.

Options, options, and more options! Truly the possibilities are limitless! This may well be one of your best decisions ever of using terrazzo in your architectural and interior decoration projects considering that using terrazzo in a project is more or less affordable yet it provides a lasting impression and permanence to where and when it is utilised. The many faceted choices Terrazzo Marble provides is as extensive and vibrant as your own imagination, you literally have the world in the palm of your hands with your choice of designs which you can conceptualize by yourself or with your favorite architect and interior designer.

Beautiful yet ageless that is truly long-lasting and flexible in design. The matchlessness and the boundless potentials of terrazzo are yet to be fully appreciated by interior designers, architects, building owners and homeowners.

The number of collective options and combinations for terrazzo usage are staggering. There are the traditional marble and granite chips of all colors and sizes. Then, when using epoxy terrazzo, various colors of recycled and virgin glass can now be fully utilized, including but not limited to recycled mirror glass, bottle glass, plate glass and recycled porcelain. Even now various advancements and materials are being developed and tested by Terrazzo Australian Marble.

In the last 50 years or so Terrazzo has been installed in some of the most challenging environments in Australia. Airports and shops have seen the benefits of terrazzo with years of trouble free maintenance. With Terrazzo’ innate elegance, functionality and durability surely it is your wise choice when it comes to your building development projects and interior design requirements.

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