The Ins and Outs of Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo as a whole is known for its durability, longevity and easy maintenance however it is also prone to damage from long term wear and tear as well as neglect.  When this happens, the best and more economical course of action would be to do a restoration instead of having the entire floor changed.

Terrazzo floor restoration can either be professionally done to ensure that there is a very low risk of making things worse or irreparable.  However, there are also quite a number of highly skilled homeowners who often go the do-it-yourself or DIY route.  There are a few things to consider before starting a terrazzo floor restoration: extent of damage, cost and environmental conditions.

Extent of Damage

If you choose to go the DIY route, make sure that before taking on the task of restoring terrazzo floors, a proper and thorough assessment of the surface has to be done to determine if restoration is even viable. Check for cracks and minute holes as these need to be patched up before starting the restoration process.  Not doing so will render the restoration ineffective and a complete waste of time and resources.  However, if you choose to have your terrazzo floor restoration done professionally, a complete assessment of the restoration area will be done before any repairs are started.


Admittedly, having your terrazzo floors professionally restored would cost higher compared to doing it yourself but the pros significantly outweigh the cons.  First off, the risk of making mistakes run lower. Secondly, professional restorers have the proper equipment and industrial-grade materials at their disposal.  Additionally, they will have a higher chance of “matching” the color of the existing terrazzo floors should they need to patch up holes or cracks.  Third and probably most important advantage regarding cost: if the professionals do make a mistake during any point of the restoration, it is of no additional cost to you to correct said mistake.

Benefits of Restoration

Keeping your terrazzo floors as well maintained and pristine has quite a few benefits. One, it ensures a higher resale value for your home as terrazzo is a highly-valued building material and is often considered a true driving factor in a building’s resale price.  Second, a well-restored terrazzo flooring or surface is easier to maintain compared to any other material out there.  Having it properly restored by professionals ensures that maintenance doesn’t have to be as frequently done.

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