Creating an Oasis at Home with Terrazzo

While a lot of people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home and often splurge the most for its construction or renovation, there are some who consider the bathroom their oasis at home.  Often, some homeowners look to spas and classic bath houses for inspiration when designing their bathrooms – from floors to fixtures, color schemes to which materials to use in the build like Terrazzo.

Terrazzo is the perfect material to use in constructing bathrooms or elevated home spas because of its durability, design flexibility and aesthetic. Let’s break it down further.   


One of the main focuses in building bathrooms is the floor.  Bathroom floors have to be non-slip to prevent accidents from happening especially in the shower area.  A terrazzo shower base with a honed anti slip finish is the perfect choice of material for this for a few reasons:

  • Naturally non-porous.  It is extremely important that bathroom floors are built with non-porous materials such as terrazzo to ensure that it remains resistant to stains and corrosive chemicals that could slowly deteriorate its quality.
  • Non-slip.  A terrazzo shower base greatly decreases the risk of slippage in the bathroom.  
  • Easy Maintenance.  When choosing a flooring material for your bathrooms, it is important to consider maintainability.  Cleaning and maintaining a terrazzo shower base require little to no effort as it is, as previously mentioned, non-porous. 


What’s better than a terrazzo shower base?  A terrazzo countertop.  Countertops get the most “traffic” in bathrooms and often house a number of products for beauty, oral care and daily cleaning products.  Which is why they should be easy to clean and maintain as well.  Additionally, using one material for a specific space makes it more cohesive and not to mention, aesthetically pleasing.  And because terrazzo can be customized, the design options are practically limitless.


Ready to build your oasis at home?  Let Terrazzo Australian Marble help you create the bathroom of your dreams with their highly customizable terrazzo flooring options.  Their honed anti-slip finish is poured and polished in situ.  Visit their Colour Centre to browse through a wide range of colour options and samples.  Make the smarter, more aesthetically pleasing choice for your terrazzo shower base and terrazzo bathroom countertops with one of the most trusted names in the business.  For more inquiries you can visit their page and explore the many benefits and advantages of using terrazzo for your home builds and creations whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom or everywhere else.